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Hi everyone, Sad topic for my first blog post but I’m writing quickly to let you know (if you haven’t seen my Twitter feed @f4f_adamwills) that I’m not going to be online for about another week (at least) due to an injury (firefighting efforts gone awry).I hope to be back soon, but until then I’m going to try to post a few nice photos to keep you all going.–Adam

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The first day of the month, white rabbit, white rabbit, yes, and the beginning of my favorite season of the year. I am slated to work until three at today’s event. Every thing stays there until tomorrow and for tomorrow’s continuation, so I plan on being in my room by around five o’clock this afternoon for two or three hours of what I trust will be a fantastical broadcast. Cum on by and help me live your wildest, and even mildest dreams. What is your favorite kink and or fetish? What is your favorite role play? I have my jock straps and thong and see through bikinis and wrestling lycra singlet as well as my red hot to the knee soccer sox and construction boots and suspenders, tuxedo, business suit.We can play every thing from cadet and sarge to executive and his administrative assistant. How about your kinky ideas from submission to dominant. I am a versatile power top and bottom and enjoy flipping. I have leather, black leather gloves, jacket and boots. And a hot feather of sequin mask to play with you. And, let us not forget my dildo buddy with his own cock ring…heh,heh…he even let’s me use it when we are playing together.

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