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I am having a totally learning, self tutorial experience in my room these last few days, but, I think, in the end, it is only going to add to my knowledge of performing better. I had a really hot time in my all black this morning, this early, early morning and yesterday noon. I am looking forward to a later night broadcast tonight and my tentative date with my cum eating boyfriend, so I am saving up a lake for him…heh. heh.I, also, have a breaking in date with a virgin bisexual bottom this evening. He wants to see what it is like to be touched by a man. I think we will start with a relaxing, but erotic massage preceeded by a slow strip…and, maybe even a little ripping off of excess undies and t-shirt until we get to the jock strap…I am getting a raging hard on just thinking about it…I am going to start off with a pair of jeans with my black see through jock strap underneath and a tight fitting t-shirt that I can easily strip off to reveal my natural v-shaped hairlined chest that is in the form of my v-shaped torso and my nipple ring and nipples to be played with by my submissive bottom…

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Hustle and school


Life is a hustle for cute little femboys like me. Yes, I have a more dominant personality, but I enjoy the finer things in life and don’t expect things to just be handed to me without a little bit of work. That’s why I’ve really been trying to take a 360 degree magic turnaround in my life with my work ethic.I know it sounds boring, at first thought, but trust me, it is SEXY. There’s nothing as sexy in the world as money. Maybe my ass, but then again, I can get ass implants with money. I can get a gym membership and health supplements with money. That makes money necessary for things to be sexy in the most beautiful, seemingly effortless but artistic way.I don’t consider myself normal by any means. Obviously, I’m a sexy sissy boy from the Dirty South trying to make it big in my life with all my endeavors. But, I’m trying to get it how I live it. My body is beautiful and I’d love to share it with men, but only once the sexiness of the comfortable life that I’m building for myself sets in. Then, all my faithful viewers, maybe I’ll start sleeping with men and women and sharing my girlfriend and letting sexy men share my holes on my voluptuous body, but until then, I have to have my fun on here, with you :)

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