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things i hate to do…

From Flirt4Free

They are piling up to an unacceptable mountain of filth and part of you is like, maybe I should just throw them all away and get new dishes? No. That’d be crazy, right? But they have grown mold colonies and you don’t want to even get close, let alone touch and scrub these things you once ate food off of. Better to just get this over with than to let it keep growing until it becomes sentient and starts mocking you from across the kitchen.

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one night with uncle

From Flirt4Free

We were still drunk , of course. I laughed. He approached and feinted as if to catch something on the table on which I was leaning . His towel fell to the floor and saw his erect cock, with purple and shiny head. I did not think much. I bent down and started to suck, I liked it from the first moment, loved and kept sucking my friend sat on the bed to watch a movie I imagined such a cock sucking, and then they put me in the ass, and while I was still nursing…

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