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be on in a few

I just have to finish up some school work and come on for a lil bit. Its getting cold here again, awful. I don’t mind it when its raining but cold in Florida, is awful. I am almost done here, just needed to take a break for 2 seconds and come and say hi to you guys. I came on earlier,but I don’t think I came on at a good time. I love to do party chats on saturdays,but I will try and hit up a group first and see if we can’t take it semi private.

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Armando S: My Friend in Berlin Part 2


When she sat back in her chair , he drew attention to his chest, without little hair, olive skin and smooth , flawless . He wore a white shirt , unbuttoned the first two buttons, so it was easy to note his athletic body .Without realizing it may seem that you are gone , and admire all the body parts we measure from head to toe , and without want I stopped looking at the prominence that was easily spotted, between his legs.

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Seasons Malibu