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The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done

The craziest thing ive ever done was when i was 18 and i was in the city at a friends party, i began the crazy night by taking shots of vodka,rum,tequila and whiskey(whiskey is my kryptonite) then i procceded to make a complete fool of myself by trying my hand at dance central, i have no rythym when im sober so drunk im 100 times worse lol after about an hour of “dancing” i was starting to loose my buzz and was really hungry so i decided to take a bottle of rum with me and go on a little adventure to find a restaurant that was open, half way to the restaurant i finished the bottle of rum and thought it was a good idea to take my clothes off to make a bread trail back to my friends house because i didnt know the area that well, by the time i got to the restaurant i had only my boxers on and luckily it was 3am so noone was really at the restaurant so i went in and ordered a few burgers and a ton of fries and the cashier was a girl and she could tell i was shit faced but she was nice about it and giggled a little bit at my drunken state, when i got my food i said thank you too the cashier for being amazing and i left a $20 tip lol, as i was walking back i found some of my clothing but didnt know i didnt find all of it so when i got back to my friends all i was wearing was my jeans one sock and one shoe the rest of the night is a blurr but when i woke up the next day i couldnt remember why i was missing clothes so my friends told me what i had done the night before and they were laughing the whole time, they also showed me a picture they took of me when i had come back and i had a burger in one hand and a garden knome in the other and my face was covered in burger sauce lol still dont know where the fuck i got the garden knome from but it has a new home at my friends house lol so thats the craziest thing ive done so far…lol morale of this story is dont mix alcohols and dont leave your clothes as bread crumbs when you go on a drunken adventure. ps still havent found my missing clothing lol

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Randy Amor: Things to Do in Summer Season.

Make a slip n slide in your gardenYes it\’s chi///ldish, but it\’s also great fun. Use the video for Ben Howard\’s \’Keep Your Head Up\’ for inspiration although good luck finding the space to make one quite this epic. Pick up some tarpaulin, or even just some strong bin bags, lather them up with soapy water and hey presto- your very own summer slip n slide! Zoo LatesLondon Zoo plays host to the city\’s wildest night out. The zoo is home to over 750 unique species and you can watch live feeding demonstrations with the tigers and penguins. This 18+ night involves plenty of on-site bars, street vendors, a silent disco and an adult-sized ball pond!See a West End showThe big show of the year has been Les Misrables, following the success of the blockbuster movie, alongside new satire hit The Book of Mormon and Roald Dahl\’s Matilda. While the top tickets are pricey, there are often plenty of reasonable seats available at more affordable rates, particularly if you try your luck and go to the box office the morning of the performance. Make that road trip happenSo ideally you need a car, or a mate with a car. Failing that, get a group together and make use of public buses. Who knows where you might end up? Take some camping gear with you to save money on accommodation. Alternatively, if you study in the south of England and have yet to venture far north, look up friends with student pads you could crash for a few nights. Just be sure to return the favour!

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