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Leon Astor: Green Tea

So as some of you might know, I’m a huge Star Trek Fan. Captain Picard is one of my personal heroes. So naturally like him, I drink the gentlemens drink, Earl Grey Tea. The Caffine really gets me going, you know, lots of energy. Latley though I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea. The stuff makes me chill, relaxed. Put on some nice trance music and I’m in, It’s probably why I have seemed so buzzed during my shows!I’m loving it, They say it has a ton of beneficial effects, like weight control, antioxidants etc.Squeeze a bit of lemon in for some alkaline as well.So I follow this up with some meditation. You know like 30 minutes of just relaxing with my eyes closed. Letting my mind wonder wherever it may go. I always drift off into some fantasy, full of beautiful imagery and color.The whole process prepares me for the day, like nothing can bring me down.I’ve been listening to this mixed up stuff, It’s just an hour long mix of techno and world music, smooshed together by some guy on youtube. IT takes me away man, like on a journey through my mind.If I was any more relaxed I would go comatose haha.

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Lack of manners in today’s society.

Just a quick note about the absence of manners in today’s society. Cam models in general have a very demanding and difficult job. People looking in don’t realize the percentage of persons who like to bark orders in two word sentences and then get pissy if you don’t hop to. Most, if not all of these people don’t tip or take a model into private. Models are here to perform a service for their clientele. People pay for services to be rendered. What is the motivation to give away a free show, peek, or otherwise? Why do people assume the model is present solely for their use and abuse. To look at me in person, I often wonder if people would dare speak to me in a derogatory tone. Regardless, if and when I do get the pleasure to meet you in my room with all sincerity, I hope you will show some respect. I respect all until they provide a reason for me not to. All are welcome in my room as my friends, some closer than others! Closing this blog, when speaking to any model, please remember that a please and thank you will go a long way. We are here to have fun and make memories.

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