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Armando S: Erotic Dream Part 2,enjoy Woof

Hi guys i am happy to write you again so let me go on with my story,here we go : … His cabin door, forgotten unlocked, opened slightly jutting out gradually male red head. He looked at Vic who was sleeping, then went completely silent sign making the next man, which he carefully entered, without noise. They were Andy and Max, two young German sailors, who gave in to the gym, although not officially allowed service personnel, but Vic accepted the situation, sitting with them at night after work. Thus had become somewhat friends, especially Vic was among those few on the ship who spoke good German. But it was the first time the two visited him in the car and still unannounced. Andy, Andreas Woegel was a solid and well-connected man, red and hairy, with massive muscles and body full of tattoos sailor. Max, Maximilian Heyse was a young blonde and tall, sunburnt skin and wind, with an athletic body and nice, always very neat and dapper. Both lived in the same cabin on one of the crew below deck usually reserved. Ruby Princess were on for four years and spoke on the corners it would be more than friends. Meanwhile Vic slept deeply, with legs wide apart, not knowing their unannounced visit. Slightly loose robe is partially naked body or gorgeous gymnast. Vic immersed in sleep probably dreamed something so beautiful and passionate body was stiff and stood ready to attack bathos. The two bewitched the picture, looked with thirst and pleasure at Vic’s uncovered body and especially the rise so seductive. Andy sat between his legs and took Vic sucking dick in a delicate mouth and knelt beside Max chair began to embrace him and kiss him with passion. That is all for today my loved ones,catch up tomorrow,big hugs and kisses,Armando,muah!

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Markus Drake: My First Car

I bought my first car when I was 24. I managed to save enough so I didn’t asked for my parent’s help. Little did I know a used car would mean a lot of maintenance and money spent on spare parts. But nevertheless, I soon developed a bond with my mechanical friend and we made a good team since. The car I choose is by far not the best for it’s price and certainly not as reliable as other cars her age, but has a great character. Obviously I’m talking about a BMW, e36 model.I guess the details about the car are irrelevant. The punch line is, although it’s a high demanding car, I’m happy to own it and it serves me great.I took a lot of time and patience to restore it. When I bought the car, it was in a terrible shape and I was a bit disappointed. But as repairs were under way, it started to grow on me. I guess that taught me an important thing: anyone and anything is worth redeeming. I believe the first car you own is very important and will weigh heavy on the choices you make later on. It also defines you as a person.

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