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Fucking Phillip





If you follow the sexual exploits of the student body at Corbin Fisher, you may remember that Phillip got a chance to fuck Cain in a previous video. This time around, it’s Cain’s turn to fuck the hell out of top-stud Phillip. It’s his first time bottoming and he’s a bit nervous to lay on his back and take Cain’s huge cock up his virgin ass. Cain promises to take good care of him during the process and calms him with a passionate kiss. Then they get into some hot, oral sex!

After complementing Phillip on his excellent sucking skills, Cain is ready to tap his ass. Cain surprises Phillip by sucking on his toes – something that really gets Phillip turned on and makes him forget that he’s about to be fucked. When he finally gets pounded, he whimpers with pleasure as Cain’s shaft opens up his tight hole. Cain gets Philip on his hands and knees and takes him doggy-style. Philip soon finds out that Cain fucks even deeper and harder when he does it doggy-style! Phillip finally shoots his load while Cain is fucking him. This is one lesson he’s definitely going to want to repeat!

Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert





Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert are each super porn stars in their own right. They’ve both been busily fucking their way through the hot roster of Bel Ami models, but they had never been paired up with one another. Fans have been begging to see these two stars in a scene together, so Bel Ami decided to make it happen with this new, two-part update! They are both toned, handsome, and full of stamina – so it was a perfect match that was guaranteed to result in an amazingly hot encounter.

Kris and Dolph are both known for being lustful, sensual, and full of passion. They start out kissing, which really makes their stiff dicks hungry for some action. Instead of rushing things, they enjoy some rimming and cock sucking before moving on to the main event:  fucking. When they finally get ready to go in that direction, they forgo top/bottom roles in favor of flip-flop fucking. That means you get to see it all in this very special scene from Bel Ami!

[flv: 510 365]

Arnaud Laurent





We love exhibitionists! They love to be watched and they don’t care who sees them getting off. Arnaud definitely fits that description. For him, it’s a serious fetish. He loves knowing that people are getting off on his perfect twink body. When he’s having sex, Arnaud loves to have his partner caress his body, grab his dick, and jerk him off – maybe even slipping an occasional finger into his ass to increase the pleasure. In this scene, however, he’s happy just to jack off solo as the whole world watchs.

After taking off his clothes and rubbing his hands up and down his body, he grinds his fingers deep into his smooth boy hole, then slowly pulls them out and spreads his asshole wide for all to see. It’s bright pink, begging for his wet fingers to return to his pleasure spot. Arnaud keeps looking directly at the camera, teasing it as he drives his fingers back inside with a soft moan and a harsh grunt. And in no time, there’s a big load of boy jizz flying right towards his face!

[flv: 510 365]

Jack Harrer’s Solo





We love new models at Bel Ami and this one is definitely one that’s going to be around for a while. Jack Harrer is an up-and-coming star at the studio. He is a charming twink with a huge dick. That’s not all he can do, either. He loves to shove dildos and butt plugs up his hole and he can cum multiple times on command – talk about camera-ready! In this episode also includes dildo play. Young Jack is quite a talent, so sit back and watch him play with himself in this solo video because this will probably be the only time he’ll be doing anything by himself.

He’s so natural in front of the camera and he looks hot. He’s got a lean, thin body and a huge pecker that stick out in front of him. His perpetual hard-on is given all the attention it deserves… But Jack loves playing with his ass and it’s just a matter of time before his attention focuses on his cute ass. The butt plug looks too big to handle his hole, but it slides right in! We have a feeling this isn’t the first time he’s played in his backyard!

[flv: 510 365]

Tagging Josh





These straight boys always bone us up. They claim to be straight but the moment you put a cock in front of them, they’re down on their knees and sucking it. We love it! Especially when a straight boy gets tag teamed by his buddies, just like in this video. Josh is excited because for his very fist tag, he’s “going big.” And with Connor and Cain in the house, that’s saying something. Pushing Josh down while kissing him, the shirts quickly fly off and it’s three muscular guys rubbing and kissing each other.

After some aggressive making out, the tag team begins in earnest. Josh climbs up on Connor’s dick for a reverse cowgirl fuck, with Cain’s dick in his mouth. As Connor thrusts up into Josh, Cain sucks Josh’s cock. Cain pounds Josh until he splashes a huge load on his stomach and up to his chest, which Connor licks up. Cain pounds away until he’s ready to feed Josh his big load, which he creams across Josh’s face. For a first-time tag team, Josh acted like a real pro. We’re betting that he’ll be back to try it again.

Cody & the Brother-In-Law





Look out sister! Cody Cummings is on the make and he’s got his eye on his sexy brother-in-law, the hot and hunky Nikko Alexander. Well, it’s not like the in-law didn’t instigate the whole thing. And knowing Cody, he’s not one to turn down a cock… No matter who’s it happens to be. In this hot clip, Cody is doing his thing –masturbating to porn on his laptop in the kitchen. Ok, so maybe Cody did set it all up. After all, he is such a good host that he even let Nikko take a shower. It was during this event that Cody set up his jack off session.

As planned, Nikko “catches” him in the act and decides to join in. When the cat’s away, these horny studs will play. Not only does Nikko sneak a peak of his new friend jerking off, but he takes control and gets on his knees and takes Cody’s hard-on into his mouth, sucking the hunk dry. Not bad for a supposed straight man with a wife. But those are just details. When a man’s horny, a man’s got to get off. Luckily, Cody is open to helping out a brother-in-law!

[flv: 510 365]

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