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Haze Him: Milk Gone Bad





We know there are a lot of uses for milk, but this is the first time we’ve seen it used in a sexual manner… At least with straight frat boys. At Haze Him, rush is in full swing and the eager pledges are ready to do anything to get into a fraternity. The frat boys are also ready to put them through some sexy games to prove that they can take it all… Even taking a big fat dick in their virgin asses. Nothing stops these boned up boys from humiliating their friends. Not even a banquet!

Nobody likes drinking bad milk, so when these pledges bring the head of the Florida Fraternity some funky milk during dinner all hell breaks loose. If you ever wondered what a human serpent looked like you’re about to find out. Much of it involves hairy balls touching faces in sheer humiliation, but that’s not all there is. Along with the seemingly harmless pranks, there is some dick sucking and hardcore fucking to do. Nobody makes fun of these fraternity brothers. They get their revenge, though. Prepare yourself for some naked humiliation at the hands of these sadistic boys!

[flv: 501 365]

Richard & Cayden @ Randy Blue





Richard Pierce and Cayden Ross are a couple of horny muscle jocks who crave hot sex and cum. In this clip from Randy Blue, we see them go at it with such fervent energy that it makes for great gay porn! It’s animalistic sex at its best. They start out clothed, but in seconds, they’re stripped down and they’re swallowing one another’s cocks. After a quick blowjob, Cayden flips Richard over so he can get at his tight sphincter. He digs his tongue deep in that ass making Richard moan with pleasure. Seeing these hot muscle studs with their bodies wrapped around each other is pure, horny perfection.

With the oral action behind them, they plunge forward with some very hot anal sex. Richard is ready to be penetrated, so Cayden takes his thick, meaty cock and slams it deep into Richard’s hole. Richard begs and begs for the thrusting to continue and Cayden is more than happy to oblige. Tattooed muscles ripple with the undulating action taking place. Finally, Cayden rides him hard and deep and then just before he empties his balls, he pulls his cock out and showers Richard with loads and loads of hot, creamy jizz!

[flv: 455 345]

Piss Mates (Bareback)





A night out with friends and the Dirty Fuckers cameras can turn out to be very lucky for a horny, eager cocksucker. Sven is a newcomer to porn and he’s enjoying a night out on the town with some of his best buddies. After a wild night of drinking, he gets a boner from looking at all of his hot friends. It doesn’t go unnoticed by his horny mates, so soon he’s on his knees sucking them off right at the bar. Thanks to all of their beer drinking, his buddies need to take a piss. But instead of heading to the bathrooms, they just let Sven guzzle their piss straight from the tap!

Sven is good at sucking cock, never missing a beat as his mates pull him back and forth from dick to dick like the the hot  piece of ass that he is. Sven never gets fucked in this video, but he does get a succession of cumshots blasted down his throat and splattered across his young face, until it’s dripping down his chin and neck. He also ends up with a big piss stain all over his clothes. This was definitely a night to remember!

[flv: 510 365]

Dawson & Ethan’s Tag Team





They say that two heads are better than one. In this hot clip, Corbin Fisher proves that the axiom is true – literally. But Dawson and Ethan weren’t talking about brain power. Trey’s never been double penetrated before, but in this clip, he’s game for it! Dawson and Ethan get Trey ready for the attempt by kissing him all over his body from both sides. Trey’s boner pops out of his shorts immediately as Dawson kisses his dick and then sucks it. Ethan licks each of Trey’s nipples in turn, then pulls his own cock out, as well. Trey sucks Ethan’s cock and then Dawson stands over them, letting Ethan suck him.

There’s so much to see in this clip. For one, Trey’s never eaten a guy’s ass before, but he takes to it like a duck to water. A total natural bottom, Trey proves to be the perfect fuck buddy for the horny Dawson and Ethan. Trey stops for a moment when the pleasure becomes too intense. He catches his breath, moans, and then buries his face in Dawson’s Dawson’s muscled ass. Then at last it’s time for Trey’s ass to get stretched open!!

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