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Real Live Guys





One of the highlights of Real Live Guys is that this site is strictly limited to only male performers, so right off the bat you know that every model featured here is what you are into. It’s just a matter of tailoring it to your own needs and desires… And Real Live Guys has something for everyone. Models range from ages 18 to their mid 30s and features everything from twinks to jocks to bears. For a nominal lifetime membership fee you get complete access to their bios, pictures, and non-private chat rooms.

You can watch a model in a solo performance, a twosome, and even a hot threesome; It’s really up to your own preference. Pricing is moderate and allows you to stay within your budget while enjoying the best models Real Live Guys has to offer. Ratings are categorized by a Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, with Bronze reserved for the new studs and Diamond representing the most experienced models on the site. Whether you want to go into a one-on-one or peek in on a private show, there is a price range that fits your wallet and satiates your kinky mood. Give one of these studs a try and you’ll find yourself coming back for more!

Adam & Henderson at Boynapped





Sebastion has a pretty mean streak in him. He’s sadistic and horny and we can never get enough of his kinky shenanigans at the expense of some of the hottest twinks around. In this clip, he’s got Adam and Henderson duct taped together so that their naked bodies are pressed firmly against each other. We can’t help but notice that they are somewhat aroused, but that’s nothing compared to what Sebastion has in store and it involves Rambo, his trusty black dildo and a couple of ice cubes. These twinks’ asses twitch with the anticipation of things to come!

Sebastion starts out by fucking them with Rambo until they can’t take it anymore. Their asses are on fire and the only thing that can relieve their rosy, red puckers are a couple of ice cubes up the bum. He inserts them in each boy one at a time. Watch their faces contort in pain and pleasure as each cube is forced way in there! Next, he orders both of them to the floor and insists that they both get fucked with a double-ended dildo before jerking their hard dicks until streams of gooey boy cum starts to flow everywhere.

[flv: 510 365]

Str8 Hunks Liam & Neil





Liam and Neil are a couple of horny blokes with only a couple of things in common. They’re both straight, but they are complete opposites. Liam’s body is long and slender while Neil’s is compact and defined. Besides being straight, the other thing these two have in common is their lust for a hot sexual encounter. This is where they really hit it off… After all, opposites attract. In bed, they strip off their clothes and show off their hard wood. The lads are soon wanking off each other and they move so that they are both kneeling and facing each other, Neil, who has the longer cock, slaps his bone on Liam’s wood, which is definitely thicker.

Neil can’t hold back any longer and he starts to feed on that thick shaft, slurping on it like it was a fat, juicy popsicle. Liam would rather slam his cock into his buddy’s ass – a natural talent he’s so eager to show off. When he shoves that shaft in, Neil sucks in sharply. He’s not used to being fucked, but he’s longing to get shagged like he’s never been shagged before. Liam shoots his load all over the place; Neil follows with his own load – which is much thicker than Liam’s.

[flv: 510 365]

Jean-Daniel Chagall & Alex Orioli





The folks at Bel Ami state that Jean-Daniel Chagall continues to blossom into an amazing star. We couldn’t agree more! Just look at this gorgeous boy in front of the camera. He’s a natural. Beyond the beautiful good looks and amazing body is a guy with the complete package. Today’s clip features Jean-Daniel with the equally stunning Alex Orioli as they relax at home. But things turn hot when both boys find themselves attracted to each other. You don’t see these two acting out anything – it’s the real thing. They’re into each other and that makes for a great fuck scene!

Before the real action begins, these two hunks suck face to get their juices flowing. Tongues mingle together in an erotic, passionate kiss. They don’t spend too much time with foreplay because before you know it, they’re both naked on the couch sucking on each other’s uncut, European dicks. Alex, then, goes right to Jean-Daniel’s sweet pucker. He starts to pound on that ass relentlessly. Jean-Daniel loves it because he cries out and begs for more. After finding a comfortable position, Alex drives his tool straight into that hole one final time before blowing his juicy, wet cum all over the place!

[flv: 510 365]

John Holmes Does Gay Bareback Porn





The name John Holmes is synonymous with  monster cock. He’s the undisputed porn king and his persona, Johnny Wadd, is now legendary. He made a name for himself in straight porn simply for having a long schlong that measured up to 13 inches in length and his stamina for pounding pussy is stuff that today’s porn actors strive for. His fat member was something his co-stars feared and were in awe of. But what is little-known today is that John Holmes also dabbled in gay porn during his career. Most of that footage is rare, but Vintage Gay Loops has managed to get their hands on his very first ever gay porn scene!

The 1970s was a different time and condom-free sex was the norm. This clip shows John feeding his sizeable cock to an eager guy with big side burns. John’s big dick nearly eclipses that young stud’s head, but he manages to swallow as much as he can into his mouth. Then John pounds away at his tight butt before pulling out and shooting his load all over his ass. John’s not done, though. He continues to pound away, smearing all that cum all over his hole and into his chute.

[flv: 510 365]

Cain Fucks Brody





Corbin Fisher couldn’t have found two better looking studs to pair up for our horny pleasure today. Cain and Brody are easy on the eyes with their smooth, muscular bodies and tight abs. Cain loves to fuck and he does it with such passion that he catches his partners off guard. Brody definitely isn’t expecting Cain to attack his cock the way he does. He swallows the thing whole and Brody does all he can to keep Cain from making him shoot a premature load. Thankfully, Cain relents and they are able to go on with the scene.

Positioned in front of the mirror, Cain begins to pump his cock into Brody’s tight sphincter. In moments, he’s feeling good and the thrusts begin to pick up speed. Feeling brave, Cain gets rough with Brody, pulling on his hair. Brody isn’t expecting this but he finds that it turns him on and he goes with the flow. They fuck like wild animals until their balls tighten up. Cain blows his load and then pulls out and gently jerks Brody’s cock and watches him blow his own nut all over his rock-hard abs, putting an end to an intense fuck session.

Luda’s Bubble Bath





There’s something nasty and dirty about a hot boy in a tub. It’s probably all that slick soap and water that acts like a lube for any horny stud looking to get himself off. Luda Wayne definitely loves to take a bath and we love to watch him do it. He’s got a smooth, lean body with a sexy torso and a thick shaft that stirs and grows when he lathers it up and starts to stroke it. His skin glistens as his body tenses up in anticipation of the orgasm he’s about to enjoy in the bathtub.

The bubbles don’t conceal much, and we’re thankful about that – not that Luda is a shy boy. We’ve seen some of the hardcore action he’s enjoyed with other Video Boys models and it’s nice to see him in an intimate moment for a change. Luda takes the time to wash every crevice and he gives attention to each body part – especially his cock and his cute ass. And for his grand finale Luda decides to jerk himself off. He pumps his shaft until it oozes with his own creamy nectar and to top off a nice hot bath, he dips his fingers into his jizz and tastes it.

[flv: 510 365]

Vinny at Badpuppy





You can’t tell just by looking at Vinny, but he’s got a nice furry butt that’s made for eating. While he doesn’t get down and nasty with another guy in this clip, he does show off his perfect body and entices us with his hairy ass – almost like a tease, daring us to explore his tight hole. Vinny has that emo look that drives men crazy and a tight, twinkish body to match. He’s easily aroused, too! As he reads through what appears to be erotica, Vinny, wrapped in a gold lame sheet, starts to get hard. His cock stiffens with every word he reads.

It doesn’t take long for him to build up a nice batch of cum, but before he shoots it, he gently tugs at his cock and jerks himself off. In no time, he pulls off the silky sheet and runs his hands all over his hot body, which is lightly coated with hair. He turns over and shows off a plump ass. His hands grab both cheeks and he opens up his ass, revealing a very hairy boy hole. He runs his fingers through his crack, then turns over to finish off his jerk off session.

[flv: 510 365]

Florian Nemec & Julien Hussey





When Julien and Florian decide to take their dogs for a morning walk, they never thought they’d run into each other and fall in lust. It might have started out as puppy love but it ends up in a full-on pig fest. The attraction is instantly mutual and Julien invites Florian over to his pad for drinks and some hot sex. They quickly trade in their dogs for for some doggy-style loving, with Julien riding Florian’s big cock. If this isn’t puppy love, it must be pig lust as their bodies meld together into one mass of entwined, naked bodies.

Both uncut dicks are at full attention, one buried deep into a tight butt while the other one is being jerked off. They’re both in ecstasy, the drinks long forgotten and the dogs happily locked away in the other room. the uninterrupted love fest culminates with Julien getting fucked hard until he cums. Florian continues to fuck him until he can’t hold off any longer. He aims his cock at Julien’s open mouth and shoots his massive load on his face and in his mouth. With their morning wood out of the way, they can both go about their day satiated and content!

[flv: 510 365]

Aaron Fucks James





Today’s hot update introduces us to two of Corbin Fisher’s newest boys. Aaron is quite versatile (watch the clip in which he bottoms for Dawson), but in this clip he’s an exceptional top. His always-hard cock. is ready to dig into James’ perky butt. Incidentally, James’ first experience with another guy involved bottoming for a hot top stud and now, he can’t get enough dick in his 18-year-old butt. He’s also developed good sucking skills as he goes down on Aaron’s stiff cock. That’s all it takes to get Aaron pumped up and ready to fuck.

As soon as his thick shaft enters that tight butt, Aaron is in his element. As a top fucker he really pushes into him and starts to pound him in quick thrusts. It’s like he’s jacking himself off using James’ ass and it looks hot! Still a little too tight, but eager to get fucked, James squirms and moans as each thrust sends him into a world of pleasure. Aaron picks up speed as he gets closer to cumming and James undulates faster and faster to the rhythm of the thrusts. Eventually, James shoots his big load all over his abs and Aaron does the same.

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