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Ricky Martin Comes Out





Ricky Martin. What is left to say that hasn’t been said, whispered, or outright denied about his sexuality? We, as gay men have known for years and, unless you’ve been living under a rock these past week, the secret is finally out. Ricky Martin has officially embraced his homosexuality. Posted directly on his website, Ricky stated, “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.” This is, indeed, a fortunate thing for all gay men who have ever lusted after this Latin hottie.

But don’t expect Ricky to be Grand Marshall at Gay Pride just yet. As we all know, he became a father of twins two years ago and that only solidified his diminishing visibility in the public eye as he settled in to raise his children – not that this was the main reason for his sparse appearances. After all, you can only go so far shaking your bon bon and living “La Vida Loca.”But now he’s back and with a gay vengence! He’s embracing his gayness and ready to move forward… With a memoir. Well, if that fails to restart his career, he can always cash in on his good looks and smokin’ body! In the meantime, check out his semi-nude photos at Male Celebrities.

Andy Castle from You Love Jack





What is it about cute nerds that gets us all wound up? Is it his nerdy glasses? Probably not. It’s his big dick! Andy Castle is the quintessential nerd that is so popular at You Love Jack. His shaggy hair gives him an unkempt look, while his glasses hide his young, cute face. But there’s enough that shines through that we get a great performance from this horny, little hipster. He’s so eager to get started he doesn’t even take off his underwear. Instead, he rips a hole in the back of his black undies and finger fucks himself before inserting a clear butt plug in his ass.

You can easily tell this cutie is a total bottom. The look on his face when he has something shoved deep inside of his ass is a look of pure ecstasy. He’s also a natural in front of the camera. He fiddles with it for a few moments to make sure we get a full view of his tight twink ass. It’s almost like an invitation to come and fuck him! When he shoots, he empties out his jizz all over his blue shirt and then gobbles up the sticky substance.

[flv: 510 365]

Eli & Lansing RAW





It starts off with a not-so-innocent massage. Eli gives the briefest of massages to a very relaxed Lansing. If you know Eli, you know he’s eager to fuck that hole and Lansing is ready to take that cock in his ass because he grabs Eli’s dick and starts giving him a blowjob in anticipation of the ass fucking he’s about to get. Eli bends him over the massage table and begins a different kind of massage – a prostate massage! His hard cock digs deep into Lansing’s ass and finds his sweet spot.

Lansing is ready to fuck and Eli is more than willing to get his own hole stretched by that huge cock so Eli crawls over and sits on Lansing’s cock. He rides it for a few minutes before they start to speed things up. They are getting closer to cumming and they won’t be able to hold back much longer. They switch positions one more time and then it’s Eli who’s the first to shoot. He pulls out his cock and spooges all over Lansing’s hole. He then fucks the cum right into his hole. This sends Lansing over the edge and he shoots his load, topping off an intense massage session.

[flv: 510 365]

Cole Fucks Levi





The folks at Corbin Fisher really know how to create a lasting bond with their models. Even when one goes away for some time, they’re always welcomed back and treated to the freshest boy meat they have available. Cole is one such model that has been absent for a while but now he’s back and he’s paired up with a fresh new twink by the name of Levi. If you’ve seen Levi’s bottoming skills, you’re in for a treat when Cole tops this bottom ass and delivers a big juicy gob of frat juice all over his face!

Cole has a great dick and Levi doesn’t waste any time swallowing that thing down his throat. Cole, on the other hand, is ready to fuck and he prepares that hole with a nice rim job to get it slicked up and ready. When he starts pounding that tight hole, Levi can’t help crying out in extreme pleasure. Eventually, all the pushing against his ass and the feel of a thick shaft in his ass makes Levi shoot his load. Cole also shoots his wad, but he makes sure he aims it directly on Levi’s face. Welcome back, Cole!

Carter Nash Fucks Ryan Middleton





The best thing for an inexperienced bottom to do is to just dive right in and get things going. Worry about the pain later, but enjoy the ride right now. For our young, cute stud who just turned 18, it’s good advice that he takes to heart. Ryan is definitely a good fuck. He’s lean with a bit of muscle, possesses a truly fuckable bubble butt, easy on the eyes, and willing to take instruction. Carter doesn’t need to be told twice. He’s ready to fuck this cutie and he won’t stop till he busts his nut.

Does Carter go easy on Ryan? Hell no! Ryan says he’s only been fucked once before and that’s all Carter needs to know. He mounts him and pummels him with his giant cock, making Ryan squirm, gasp, and moan in pleasure and pain. Once his hole is nice and stretched open, Ryan begins to relax and even attempts to ride on top of Carter. He even starts to enjoy himself. He pushes back against Carter’s thrusts to get that cock deeper in his ass and then he shoots his load. Carter takes his dick out of his ass and showers his chest with his own juice!

[flv: 510 365]

Richard & Sean





Sometimes when you get two horny guys together they look so hot that you can’t wait to see them perform naked next to each other. Richard Pierce and Sean Everett take it a bit further than just performing, they really put on a genuine scene. Richard looks so sexy with those beautiful tattoos and Sean’s scruffy face looks totally masculine. The chemistry works well when they start to make out in front of the camera. Sean’s expert tongue works all of Richard’s tight, muscular body, running the length of his muscles and paying extra attention to the stiff muscles that need sexual release.

Richard on the other hand, dives right into Sean’s sweet hole, burying his hungry tongue deep inside those cheeks. He slathers a wet coat of spit all over that hole to give his cock easy and smooth access when he’s ready to fuck. Sean wants to get fucked, too. When Richard slams that rod into his ass, Sean’s face contorts into a grimace of pain and joy all at the same time. He definitely loves getting pounded and this clip doesn’t lack plenty of close-ups of that cock slamming into that tight butt.

[flv: 510 365]

Seriously Sexy 4-Way Fuck Orgy





Ariel Vanean is a popular boy at Bel Ami. It’s not just his good looks, lean body, and charming smile that wins guys over. It’s his tight, little butt that brings the boys out to play. In this video clip, we get a good, close-up look at Ariel at work. He’s teamed up with three insatiable tops who are ready to take on Ariel’s tight hole in a four-way sex scene that is out of this world! Brandon Manilow, Luke Hamill, and Alex Orioli can’t wait to plug his ass for all that it’s worth and Ariel is more than ready to service all their uncut and hard cocks.

It almost seems unfair: Three muscular dudes piling on top of Ariel, but this video shows how well Ariel is skilled at taking on a cock attack from all directions. He pulls back foreskin and slurps down each shaft as if they were lollipops. They might as well be because Ariel savors each one of them before they’re shoved into his ass. The top boys take their turn pumping their meaty cocks until they are ready to blow their loads – which they empty out into Ariel’s open mouth.

[flv: 510 365]

Ken Ricer & Ricky Finist





Romantics do it in a cozy bed with the blinds drawn and candles glowing. Exhibitionists do it in the open where others can see them fuck! Ken and Ricky are the latter. They prefer an audience even when they’re not the stars of the show. In this case, they actually become the stars of this fuck fest when they end up getting their freak on in an adult theater. They figure everyone is there to watch a fuck flick, why not give them a live show to go with it! If they do a good job, they’ll get a standing ovation.

Ken fishes inside Ricky’s pants to find a hard cock ready to play. He pulls it out and starts to suck on in while the blue movie flashes on the screen. Pretty soon, the movie is long forgotten as Ken swallows Ricky’s shaft all the way into his throat. In a few moments, Ricky’s cock is inside Ken’s tight hole, giving him a bareback ride on top of his lap. Ricky pounds his bottom bitch boy until the bottom slut cums all over his shirt. Ricky adds his own load of fresh cum all over Ken’s face.

[flv: 500 375]

Aaron Fucks Trey





Aaron has been around the block a few times at Corbin Fisher as a bottom – and what a bottom he is! This time around, though, he’s showing off his topping skills when he fucks Trey. This is one clip you won’t want to miss. Both men are gorgeous. Watching these two hot bodies have sex should come with a warning. From the moment they start to 69 and wrap their lips on one another’s rock-hard cocks, the level of intensity shoots up and threatens to spill over with hot jizz. Fortunately, these boys are pros and they really put on a great show for us!

They really enjoy the blowjobs they give each other, but we can’t wait to see them fuck. Neither can Aaron because he starts to slip his dick into Trey’s ass and pumps his dick in him non-stop. Trey loves the feeling of that shaft sliding in and out of his chute and when that cock slips out, he quickly guides it back into his ass. Soon, Trey is cumming all over the place and this sends Aaron over the edge. But not before Trey cums a second time! This one does it! Aaron pulls out and shoots his jizz all over Trey’s back!

Rod Daily, Nash Lawler, & James Jameson





What a way to be awaken from a hung-over sleep. It wouldn’t be so bad if the two sexy studs trying to wake you up were Nash Lawler and James Jameson. That’s the predicament that Rod Daily finds himself in when these two sexy studs decide they want to play with Rod. At first, Nash and James try to arouse him by slapping their semi-hard cocks on Rod’s sleepy face. But when that doesn’t work, they turn their attention to Rod’s exquisitely round bubble butt. That seems to do the trick and Rod finally wakes up and starts sucking on both dicks.

With the wild night of partying behind him, Rod can now focus on the wild three-way. He swallows James’ cock while Nash grabs Rod’s pole and shoves it into his mouth. This three-way oral daisy chain is broken when Nash and James start to take turns fucking Rod’s ass and feeding him their dicks. It’s a real sight to see these masculine and muscular men going at it. There’s not a flaccid dick to be found – and that includes yours when you watch this video clip from Next Door Buddies.

[flv: 510 365]

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