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Jean-Daniel & Dario





Even these hot Euro boys from Bel Ami get a little dirty and need some time to freshen up before getting into a scene. But when you send them to the showers two at a time, you better have your camera ready because you know they’re going to soap up and then start to fuck each other. It’s only natural, really. The hot water running down their bodies can stimulate their senses and get their dicks stiff (if they aren’t already.) The next step is to take care of that raging boner and that’s exactly what Jean Daniel and Dario do in this clip.

Jean-Daniel gets things going in the tub. He goes down on Dario’s hard flesh and swallows that cock down to the hilt. Dario reciprocates with his own cock sucking techniques until they’re both nice and clean. They get out of the crammed bathtub and continue the hardcore, oral action on the stairs. Jean-Daniel then turns Dario over and starts to shove his horny cock into his ass for a good fucking. Dario’s face lights up when he feels that thick shaft penetrate his anal walls and they both continue in frenzy of hot Euro twink fucking!

[flv: 510 365]

Mario Fucks Josh





We don’t know how Corbin Fisher does it. Their straight models eventually end up in a hot man-on-man sex scene that is too hot to sit through in one sitting. That’s not a complaint and we’re glad that this clip shows off their hottest straight stud, Mario in a kinky outdoor fuck scene with eager bottom boy Josh. The two make an awesome couple on screen. They’re both sporting hot jock bodies and hard cocks that are ready to play. Before a drop of precum can hit the floor, Mario is on Josh’s cock like it was a lollipop. The moans emitting from deep within Josh’s throat let us know that he’s enjoying the hell out of this blow job.

Josh wants in on the savory cock and he, too, reciprocates a wet blow job. By now Mario wants to sample that young, tight hole so they head indoors for a good fuck. They waste no time getting into the rhythm of fucking and before long Josh is shooting his load even as Mario continues to pump his dick into his ass. Mario pulls out and aims his cock at Josh’s face only to coat his throat, mouth and lips with his creamy seed.

Rainer G of Flirt 4 Free





There’s a wholesome look about Rainer G from Flirt 4 Free. He’s got a boyish face and a killer body that he loves to show off. He keeps his body nice and tight by working out on a regular basis. But this Taurus has a wild and kinky side that makes him a popular cam model. He has a penchant for toys and pornos and he usually loves to indulge both at the same time when he’s online. If you check him out (and you definitely should!), you’ll find him in various stages of undress – he has a thing for underwear and loves to show it off.

When he cams, you’ll usually find him jacking off his big dick and shoving his favorite toys up his tight, little bubble butt. He’ll take requests, but you’ll have to chat him up and get his juices flowing. Once he’s in the zone, he’s up for anything. To spice things up, he’ll usually wear his favorite items: a tie around his neck and nothing else; or a baseball cap that gives him a boyish look when he jerks off. Either way, you’re going to find it difficult not to fall in love!

Dylan & Tommy Carlyle





This time around, Video Boys are featuring a very cute couple for their sex clip of the week. Tommy Carlyle and Dylan have been a couple for about six months now and they are still in that blissful stage of romance where any slight touch will set off their horny dicks. The passion is still on fire between the sheets and they’re not shy about giving us a glimpse into their sexual habits. What makes this clip even hotter than usual is that they get to direct the action according to their own desires!

Young love is hot and these boys move quickly to the action. There is very little foreplay before Dylan goes right to Tommy’s plump little ass. He gives his pink hole a nice, wet rim job that produces a lot of moans of pleasure from Tommy. But then they quickly move to the fucking. Maybe it’s the camera, but these boys turn up the heat when dick connects with tight hole. They move as one as Dylan pushes his stiff rod into Tommy’s wet hole. One thing is certain: They put on a great show and deliver some very big cum loads.

[flv: 510 365]

Travis Kane & Krist Cummings





Travis is the ultimate redneck…And you know what that means: he’s not about to let some gay guy suck on his dick. But when he agrees to come down to Bait Buddies and get his fill of some hot pussy, he’s down to strip off his clothes and show us what he’s got. His wish is to find a girl who can squirt all over him when she cum, but when this girl is unable to make it to the shoot, his cute replacement turns out to be a guy named Krist. True to the philosophy he lives by that’s firmly etched on his skin, “Money Over Bitches,” he dives in to a one-on-one with another dude!

Travis is a horny dude. His spiked hair, goatee, tattoos and fat cock make him an attractive package for someone like Krist, who totally digs a masculine cock to pound his ass. But be careful what you wish for. When the guys at Bait Buddies offer Travis extra cash to fuck this kid, he’s ready to fuck him until he can’t take it any longer. Kris starts to suck Travis, but Travis wants that boy hole and he does. You have to watch this clip to see the hardcore pounding this kid receives from our straight boy Travis!

[flv: 510 365]

Jonathan & Luda





Luda and Jonathan are regulars at Video Boys. They’re also best buds who love to cruise for girls and get lucky on occasion. They’re also horny on a daily basis and will do just about anything to get their rock hard cocks off. It helps that they both have big dicks because when they grab hold of them, they really put them to work. Luda and Jonathan are also as different as light and day. Luda Wayne has a beautiful face and a smooth body. Jonathan also has the same features but his wild hair and crazy tattoos gives him a more dangerous edge.

But since they’re both straight and best buds, jerking off together is a bit awkward but they agree to give it a try. They strip off their sexy underwear to reveal two massive dicks already getting hard. They stroke off a bit, joke around and eventually, they start feeling horny. They get down to business grabbing hold of those stiff Canadian fuck tools and together, they jack off as if their life depended on it. These young studs are expert masturbators. It shows. And as they get more comfortable looking at each other naked, they relax and let their boy cum fly!

[flv: 510 365]

Hagan & Silas RAW





Hagan made quite an impression with everyone at Chaos Men with his super big dick and his timid attitude. Once his clothes came off, he relaxed a little and shows off his talented cock. It is an impressive one. His solo jerk off show was a hit and they asked him if he would be down to mess around with another guy. He was reluctant to try it, but curiosity got the best of him and so… Here he is again, ready to try the hot gay man-on-man sex scene we’ve all been waiting for.

Silas is the right bottom bitch to take on such a big cock. He’s eager to get started but the immense thickness of that shaft scares him a little. Hagan takes it easy on him by going slow, but this is gay sex, the rougher it gets, the better it is. Hagan relaxes and eases into the rhythm of the fucking and he begins to pick up speed. His unsheathed cock pushes deeper and deeper into Silas’ sweet, tight hole and before he knows it, he’s pounding the fuck out of this hot twink. Hagan ends his first gay scene by dumping his load on Silas’ fucked hole before pounding the nectar into his ass with his still-hard cock.

[flv: 510 365]

Men In Uniform Threeway





We love men in uniform! Apparently, everyone loves a man in a uniform and the folks at Sweet & Raw are giving us exactly what we crave. But it’s not just one guy in uniform – they provide no less than three! Mario Connery, Julian Kolp and Milano Smooth all don their favorite uniform and gather around for a hot bareback threeway that shows off their favorite sexual acts while dressed up in full costume. The different possibilities are almost endless and these creative twinks find new ways to get their rocks off and they even lend a hand to their horny partners.

They start off with a little kissing, a little licking, and some nipple play before their bulges begin to stretch their pants. Julian and Milano remove their pants to reveal sexy jockstraps. Mario immediately begins to suck off both cocks at once while he jacks his own dick. The passion intensifies as each one of these hot boys gets hornier and hornier. We know you’d like to find out who gets fucked and who gets a big creamy load, but you’ll have to watch this episode to get all the nasty details of their kinky bedroom threesome.

[flv: 510 365]

Dallas, Nicco & Xander





Once again, Randy Blue has delivered a scorching hot new clip. This one, really, is a no brainer. It features Dallas, Nicco and Xander – with a trio like that you can’t go wrong even if you tried. It’s eye candy for fans of RB with the stunning bodies that all three posses. But already, you know that the action will soon focus on Nicco’s hot button: his cute, adorable ass and you know that he’ll soon be on his back taking both Dallas’ and Xander’s stiff cocks up his tight hole… But not before these two tops give Nicco the attention he deserves.

Dallas quickly swallows Nicco’s big dick down his throat and Xander starts probing Nicco’s hole. In no time, Nicco is on his back but he’s servicing both cocks with his wet mouth. He’s sucking like a pig boy in the making and that’s not a joke. Ever since debuting at Randy Blue, Nicco has taken to bottoming like a duck to water and everyone at the studio wants a piece of that ass. Dallas takes the final initiative and jack hammers Nicco’s ass with his wet cock and gives him a fucking he won’t soon forget.

[flv: 510 365]

Rod Daily & Parker London





Rod Daily and Parker London are two of the hottest studs at Next Door Buddies. Their taut, ripped bodies literally beg to be worshipped. In this clip, that’s exactly what they do to each other. The situation starts out innocently enough. Parker is in the shower while his buddy Rod is in the bedroom stroking his big cock to some hot porn. You’d think Parker would be shocked to find his buddy naked on the bed with his cock in his hand, but since Parker is horny himself, he decides to join in on the fun.

After stroking together and getting hornier by the second, they decide that they’ll get more things accomplished if they lend each other a hand. They make out briefly and then start to suck one another’s stiff rods. This make out session turns out to be very erotic as Rod takes control and aims his cock at Parker’s hot hole. Giving in to it, Parker opens his legs and lets Rod slam his straight ass for all that it is worth. The sex clip is intense and culminates with a big load from both of these hot hunks!

[flv: 510 365]

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