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Store Room Suck & Fuck

juicy cum all over Scott’s face!

[flv: 510 365]

Kody, Ryan & Ethan





Three straight boys strapped for cash show up at Mike Hancock to jerk off side by side. There’s no mention of gay action, so it’s safe to assume that they’re going to strip down, sit on the couch and rub one out. But that’s not what happens here. Two of these guys have already stated that they won’t suck dick, but Mike has a way of getting these boys to get down on their knees and suck dick like it was the thing to do! He has Kody, Ryan and Ethan strip off their clothes and show off some manly flexes.

Then he moves them into the shower for some kinky, wet fun. Let’s just say that words are cheap, because by the end of this clip, all three are pawing each other to get at one another’s cock. One stud even goes so far as to split on one of his friend’s butt cheeks and gives him the ass rimming of his life. Apparently, this seems to do the trick, all three relax and enjoy a full-on gay threesome and it’s captured on video for all the rest of us to enjoy over and over again!

Tyler James Sucks His Dick





You Love Jack is really good at recruiting the hottest, youngest and horniest studs around – especially the kind of guys that have a unique talent. Tyler James has a unique talent that involves the use of his long snake-like dick and his mouth. He can suck his own cock with little to no effort. In this clip, he strips down and jerks off his dick for us before showing us his natural talent. At first glance, his dick looks like your average cock. But when the blood quickly rushes to his cock head, it comes to life!

He’s got a charismatic personality that comes through on camera. He flirts with it, knowing that we’re on the edge of our seats waiting for him to take off his clothes. When he does, he goes wild. He rubs his crotch, fucks his round bubble butt and even inserts a clear butt plug into his ass. But the best part is when he throws his legs over his head on the couch and starts to feast on his own pre-cumming pecker. That thing is long enough so that he can swallow it down with little strain. That’s talent you don’t see everyday!

[flv: 510 365]

Sex on the Beach




Romance on the beach is the theme of the day at Raw Films. The two studs featured in this clip are eager to get started even if they risk being seen by prying eyes – not that they have any right to privacy. With Outdoor sex, you run the risk of being caught, but these two are oblivious to their surroundings. For us, though, it’s a great backdrop to the intense sexual pleasure that they give each other on the rocky shores of this European beach. Au naturel is the running theme and that includes the bareback session that these two enjoy!

They start off with some heavy kissing on top of the rocks with the waves crashing in behind them. Then they move down to a hot, oral session in which one of these guys swallows the other’s massive shaft. With only the rocks partially concealing them from the rest of the world, they can cry out in pleasure at the sensations of getting an expert blow job. Finally, the hardcore fucking begins. It’s almost like an intense showdown between the two as the top pounds him hard and the bottom boy pushes back to get that cock inside of him as deep as he can get it.

[flv: 510 365]

DP Threesome





These three horny boys can’t wait to get started. They haven’t even taken off all their clothes and already they are lapping up balls, sucking dick and getting ready for a hot three-way! Did we mention they are at a party? Well, it started out that way, but by the time the night is nearly over, it’s just the three of them and they are exploring wet holes and swallowing hard cocks. Thomas Jefferson, Jerry Brand and Miky Krejn – the party boys – are in for a fucking they’ll never forget.

Starting out with a little teasing here and a little poking there, they start to get hard and ready for some bareback action. One lucky bottom boy gets to sample his two buddies’ hard cocks inside of him but not before they lap up his body like hungry pups. They share some rimming, taste hot ass and then ram their solid rods into the bottom stud until he can’t take it anymore. These horny tops intend to fill up their butt-boy to full capacity from both ends. We don’t know if this is his first time with two dicks up his ass at the same time, but it sure is hot to watch!

[flv: 510 365]

Bel Ami: Kyle Hayward





All you have to do is get a good look at Kyle’s face to know that he’s a tease. His amiable smile conceals a devilish side to his personality and that’s the kind of guy we like to see at Bel Ami. Kyle Hayward is a hot Hungarian that gives new meaning to the term “cruise control.” He’s cool, collected and very naughty. But he’s no girly-boy (despite the pink underwear with cartoons plastered across his ass.) He’s all man and in this photo shoot he shows us his many assets – from his firm, tight ass to his sexy tattoos. Kyle definitely isn’t shy about grabbing hold of his stiff cock and giving it a good yank.

Once he’s stripped off his tattered jeans and pulled down his sexy underwear, we get a good look at the real Kyle: defined, lean and sporting a thick woody! With only a sports car and the outdoors as a backdrop, Kyle begins to jerk his cock – much to the delight of the photographer (who takes his sweet time running the camera up and down Kyle’s sexy body, pausing to admire his hardening cock. We can’t wait to see him take one of the Bel Ami models for a ride!

[flv: 510 365]

Hot Buddy Sex





If you’re into hot jocks then you already know that Club Jeremy Hall is stocked full of the horniest jocks who like to get naked. Sometimes they like to get naked with a buddy and stroke off. And sometimes they play around. But this is the first time we’ve seen a threesome on this site! It’s truly a sight to see: three masculine studs trading off sexual favors in front of the camera! Watch these studs suck, fuck and lick their way through this way hot threeway. If you’re not totally turned on by all the testosterone they are producing, you need to have you cock head checked.

Connor, Rod and Jeremy start out chilling in the living room enjoying some beer. It was supposed to be a relaxing day, but boys will be boys and these boys wanted to play with each other. Things got out of hand quickly as the clothes came off and the sucking began. Before long, all three were eagerly engaged in a threeway train with one guy rimming the other, another sucking cock and all three getting ready to shoot their hot, masculine cum all over the place!

[flv: 510 365]

Dawson and Nicco





We’ve seen Nicco’s horny side in previous Randy Blue clips. He’s one eager sex hound and that’s one of the main reasons he’s so popular with fans and with some of the models who want to take a stab at that tight, horny hole of his. Dawson Riley is one of those models that can’t wait to get his dick inside of Nicco. So when they finally did this shoot, they couldn’t wait to get started – even before the cameras started rolling. It was actually really cute, but it was even hotter once the cameras captured these two in action.

When they started to fuck they went at it like rabbits. Dawson just loves to eat ass and he had a feast on Nicco’s tight bubble butt. The look of pure joy on his face as he digs his tongue deep into Nicco’s hole is priceless. Nicco loves every minute of it but he can’t wait to climb on Dawson’s dick and start riding it like a pony. When he finally cums, he aims it directly at the camera and almost splatters the lens with his powerful squirt! Not to be outdone, Dawson dumped a huge load of his own sticky stuff all over Nicco’s sexy chest.

[flv: 510 365]

Rod and Trent





Rod Daily is a real hunk! He’s got the perfect body – slender and tight without too much muscle definition. It’s the perfect body to worship! The hot tattoos on his body help to bring out his natural physique and you just want to see more of him. In this Next Door Buddies episode, his body gets the attention it deserves in the form of another sizzling hunk, Trent Locke. These guys are hot, hung and ready to get down and dirty in bed! They start out the action outdoors but quickly bring it inside so that we can get a close up view of their sexual habits.

Rod’s bubble ass is prominently on display in this clip and Trent isn’t oblivious to it. After much cock sucking and general body worshipping, Trent is ready to bend Rod over and start pounding that firm ass! Rod is all too eager to oblige and opens up his ass cheeks for better access. His body bulges with every thrust while Trent is in fuck heaven as he drills him to a satisfying conclusion that ends with copious amounts of stud cum that is a must see for anyone who loves to watch horny studs fuck!

[flv: 510 365]

Paolo Ameroy’s Lounge 2 Video Review


Some of the most gorgeous twinks on the planet seem to be coming out of Europe – The Czech Republic, to be exact. These euro twink are not only hot, tight and young – they’re also up for a lot of kinky bareback action. There are a few studios out there that are swallowing up these young studs and putting them in front of the cameras. East Time Productions is one of these and their Lounge series gives us a glimpse at these twinks after they have passed the audition process. It’s their first time, for many of them and the action couldn’t be any hotter!

This video offers five scenes in under an hour and a half. There is no time to waste on exposition – the video goes straight for the money! It features two solo action shots of gorgeous twinks rubbing out a good load of semen from their ever-hard cocks. The remaining scenes feature scorching hot duo scenes with the boys doing everything they can to suck out a load of juicy boy cum. The last scene is a kinky fuck session in the back of a car that is sure to be a cum-inducing scene for anyone with voyeuristic inclinations!

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