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Lucas and Sean Fuck Caleb








A threesome can be a touchy thing to execute. It’s an odd-numbered party that can leave one left out and wanting in on the action. Thankfully, Lucas, Sean and Caleb of Corbin Fisher know exactly the right amount of attention that should be paid to each of their fuck partners. Lucky Caleb can’t wait to get started. He begins by taking each cock in his mouth and slicking it up. He wants to make sure it’s lubed up before it goes right into his twitching hole. Sean doesn’t have to be told twice. He plugs Caleb’s hole with his stiff woody while Lucas gets sucked off.

Given that Caleb loves the way cock feels in his ass, it was a no-brainer to cast him in this delicious threesome. The other two don’t waste time exploring all his holes and inserting their pre-cumming tools into them. But when the real butt pounding begins, Caleb swallows those cocks like a pro and he manages to satisfy both of his friends equally because they both shoot off their creamy, white jizz within seconds of each other all over Caleb’s tight abs. Now that’s how a threesome is accomplished!

Eric Pryor





Masturbation techniques are like snowflakes – no two are ever alike. That may explain why guys like to jerk off together – to pick up new techniques. Eric Pryor over at Randy Blue is one hot stud that has his own style and his own way of getting off. When approached to do a shoot for the site, he agreed to it, but he didn’t go in like most guys. He took his time getting comfortable. He spends a lot of time playing sports, he has the body to prove it, and he explores every inch of it when he jerks off.

There is a delicate sensuality to his style. While other guys may come in and jerk it off just to drop a load, Eric takes his time. He slides his fingers over every ridge of his shaft while playing with his tip. His speed picks up and slows down, carefully preparing for just the right orgasm. With his other hand, he explores the rest of his body, spending extra time on those spots that bring him pleasure. He’s quite a little show off, too. He makes sure we get a look at his sweet hole before shooting off his load all over his chest.

[flv: 480 368]

Jake and Rusty





Jake has an itch that needs to be scratched and nothing will take his mind away from it until he’s satisfied that itch. During their workout, Jake notices that Rusty, his workout partner, has a noticeable boner tenting out of his spandex shorts. That protruding piece of man-cock is exactly the right instrument to scratch the itch that’s making Jake’s ass twitch. Watching Jake’s ripped, muscular body flex and bulge gets his testosterone jumping for some action. By now, Jake has a mind to change his workout routine from cranking iron to pumping a big, stiff rod into his horny hole.

Little does Jake know that Rusty has been eyeing Jake’s tight hole all along, and Rusty likes nothing better than a post-workout fuck to cool him down. Jake wants to make sure Rusty’s dick is as throbbing as the rest of his body, so he goes down on his knees and sucks him off before getting that stiff cock stuffed into his ass on the workout bench. If there’s one thing tight bros do, it’s work out together. From the looks of the sex going on in this backyard gym, Jake and Rusty are getting some pumping action going to build up those muscles!

[flv: 480 368]

You Love Jack’s Tommy Defendi





This working stiff comes from a hands-on background so you know that he’s naturally good with his hands as he demonstrates in this You Love Jack clip. Tommy loves nothing more than relaxing after a hard day of labor and the way to loosen up is to sit back and start working his man tool. Even before he gets home, his package starts to bulge; yearning to escape the tight confines of his jeans. Once it is let loose – watch out! This monster cock is huge! It’s no wonder Tommy needs to let it out once in a while.

His masterful hands wrap around his thick shaft and start to bring him to the edge. But Tommy has more tricks up his sleeves. Besides giving his hose a tug, he likes to explore the pleasures of his sweet, tight fuck hole. Like a true man’s man, he doesn’t fear the stigma of anal penetration as his fingers dig deep inside his hole. You can tell he loves it, too. The way he plays with the camera as he shows us his finger-fucking skills reveals pure ecstasy as his cock finally lets out a powerful shot of jizz straight into his mouth!

[flv: 480 368]

Hung and Horny


Drawing from their large stable of horny studs, Eurocreme has assembled their biggest collection of big cocks to date. You will find an unprecedented array of the stiffest, thickest cocks you’ve ever seen. With huge stars such as Matt Hughes (with his 11-inch fuck wand) and the very popular and versatile Mason Wyler heating up the screen, you know you’ll be in good hands as you sit back and enjoy this choice piece of over-sized meat. Hughes is known for wielding his nearly foot-long cock in front of open mouths and Mason is known for taking on a gang of top fuckers in the past. Although they don’t appear together in this video, you’ll find that they each put on a great show in their respective scenes.

Besides the plentiful shots of these handsome dicks plowing through some willing, tight asses, Huge and Horny also features plenty of facial cum shots to end the scenes. Steven Prior and Rich Hunter start off the video with a delicious oral/anal combo that leaves Hunter covered in goo. But the biggest draws are the two separate three-way scenes featuring Hughes and Wyler. The title of this video is dead-on in describing the hot action you’ll find on screen. Huge cocks definitely make these boys horny.

Bryan Fucks Vince








The last time we saw Bryan and Vince from Corbin Fisher, Vince was busy digging his man-tool deep into Bryan’s tight, little pucker during a hardcore bi threeway. This time around, though, Bryan gets a turn at exploring Vince’s fuck hole in a steamy two-way fuck. One of the joys of being versatile is that you get to experience both ends. You learn to hone your sex skills by giving your bottoming partner exactly what they need while also enjoying the benefits of taking a big, fat shlong up your own ass.

Bryan starts the action by going down on Vince’s hardened cock. Vince face-fucks him with some forceful thrusts while Bryan’s own cock points straight up. By this time, Bryan is ready to fuck. He pushes his cock into Vince’s ass. “Oh yeah! Fuck my ass!”, Vince moans. Bryan gives him a pounding that’s much more forceful than the one he gave Bryan the last time they got together. The situation turns sticky when Vince starts to bounce on top of Bryan’s cock and blows his load all over Bryan’s abs. Bryan keeps fucking Vince more, working his way up to his own orgasm as he starts to spray his own load all over Vince’s ass.

Kris Evans and Eric





Breaking into the porn business can be a daunting experience. But at Bel Ami, they make sure your first time is as enjoyable as… Well, blowing a load. For that reason, they have created the “Breaking In” series. It is a series that guides their new models into the hardcore scenes they’ll be filming in the near future and the clips are just as hot as the rest of their videos. In this clip, Kris Evans is back for another round. His first video was a jerk off scene followed closely by his first blowjob. This third time is, indeed, a charm.

It’s his first time he fucks another guy on film. His sexy partner in this scene is Eric Bouna. The two instantly hit it off – they know each other well. But now, they’re really getting to know each other better. Kris works on Eric’s tight body as he prepares to fuck him for the first time. Eric is all too willing to allow that cock head into his butt ring. Kris pumps his cock like a pro and Eric gets excited as he feels the shaft massage his anal walls. When he cums, the ropes of creamy jizz fly high and land on his abs.

[flv: 480 368]

Pierre Fitch and Cliff Beltane





A workout partner is a good thing to have when you’re trying to build muscle. He promotes the competitive drive that keeps you focused on the goal… And he can hold your bag when you’re laying in on a one-two punch. In this Video Boys clip, Pierre Fitch is kind enough to show Cliff Beltane a few boxing techniques but Cliff doesn’t look too interested in the sport. You’ll notice that they shift gears in the middle of their sparring to a sport that’s more gratifying to Cliff. You see, Cliff has been eyeing Pierre’s thick piece of Canadian cock. The way he sees it, he’d rather have his ass punched by Pierre’s shaft.

The gloves have come off but the pounding has just begun. Cliff feels more evenly matched in the sport of fucking and Pierre proves to be just as adept at thrusting his man tool into Cliff’s ass as he is at throwing punches at a bag. Boxing matches can last a few rounds but this fuck session need only go a few inches – nine inches, to be exact. Pierre lays into Cliff’s big stick before he lets him climb on his own love shaft.

[flv: 480 368]






When Russ Connors went out for a night of drinking and partying, he never imagined he would end up with a big black dildo shoved up his bum. Such are the hazards of being cute, horny, and a little naive. The guys at Boynapped were out looking for a victim and they couldn’t resist this chance to find out how much torture this cutie could endure, but Russ was able to hold his own – although holding your own can be a challenge when your hands are tied. This turned out to be a night he’ll never forget.

Russ finds himself enjoying a drink before he’s quickly gagged, tied up and severely penetrated by a big black dildo. At first, it looks like it will never go into that sweet, little hole but Russ relaxes his sphincter and it slips in with no problems. Sebastion Kain is the lucky guy that gets to inflict all this torture on Russ. He masterfully shoves the rubber toy into his ass until it’s nice and open before he mounts Russ and shoots a massive load of sticky cum on his face. This is definitely a night Russ didn’t see cumming.

[flv: 480 368]

Dakota and Henderson





Dakota and Henderson are two cute models from Boy Fun Collection. This shoot got them together in a steamy session of young love. They start out groping and kissing through their clothes before moving on to some very kinky naked fun. They’re the perfect fit for this site, as they love showing off their young stamina and ability to blow huge loads of cum from their ever-stiffening boy cocks! Watch them explore their smooth, slender bodies and get a taste of their own juices in this hot clip.

Eagerness doesn’t begin to describe the manner in which they connect with each other. Dakota, with his baby-face and blond hair goes down on Henderson’s long cock as soon as the clothes come off. The expert way in which he devours cock leads us to believe this is not his first time. Henderson takes this as an open invitation to fuck the hell out of Dakota’s tight, twink ass. The action gets even hotter when Dakota takes control and bends Henderson over and starts to pump his stiff dick into his hole. More sucking resumes before they both shoot their boy loads.

[flv: 480 368]

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