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Country Boy Caleb Takes A Dip





These country folk sure don’t have any manners when it comes down to fancy things in town. Caleb Black is a simple country boy and he’s more used to swimming down at the local swimming hole in his hometown than in a regular swimming pool. As he lounges outdoors, the crystal clear water calls for him to jump in, which he does in full hillbilly style – buck naked. He has probably forgotten that town people don’t usually do that, but he doesn’t know any better. The cool water caressing his skin gets his cock stirring and in a flash, he’s stroking his meat.

I’m sure they do things differently where he comes from – but the handling of his stiff country pole is the same across city limits. Even if someone catches him in the act of dirty monkey-spanking, his only saving grace from getting in trouble is the fact that Caleb is a real looker. Instead of turning him in, they’d want to join in on the action. With his country boy charms, a big cock head, smooth balls, and his untamed bush, it’s hard not to stop and stare. Who can blame such a cute boy? He doesn’t know any better.

[flv: 480 368]

Ricco Fucks Adam





Ricco and Adam are pretty much your typical Latin horny boys. Everywhere they go, they have dick on their minds and in this clip, the hormones kick in at a cruisy public shower. Nothing stops the two from getting it on while they soap up and wash the stress of the day away. Ricco starts it off by making sure Adam’s fat, uncut meat is completely clean. He pulls back the foreskin and his tongue goes to work, covering every inch of extra skin that covers Adam’s fuck tool. Temperatures skyrocket watching these Latin studs make out for a while before they continue their oral foreplay.

Adam then moves over to the bench and lies down so that Ricco can have access to his ass. Ricco immediately starts working his hole with his tongue giving Adam a delicious tongue bath. Then, Ricco takes his own throbbing cock and starts to fuck Adam with a slow deliberate rhythm that quickly gains speed as their bodies create sexual friction. They fuck in every position and, at one point, Ricco manages to blow Adam while he’s fucking him. If that’s not enough to make you shoot a big wad, we don’t know what is.

[flv: 480 368]

Jake Gets A Raise





If hot-looking Jake could stretch his dollar as well as he can stretch out a nice willing ass, he wouldn’t be in this predicament. But with the economy being what it is, a buck doesn’t go a very long way. So, Jake asks Ethan for a raise to pay for his pet cobra. Does Ethan oblige? Let’s just say that Jake gets a lot more “snakes” than he bargained for. In this episode of Twinkscape, the snake in question turns out to be the kind that burrows into twink holes. Whether Jake is able to raise the money he needs for his pet remains to be seen, but watching him earn it well worth the wait.

Horny Ethan makes makes Jake  spread his bubble butt cheeks so that his tongue can explore his damp crevice. He tongues that smooth twink butt thoroughly. This makes Jake horny and he flips Ethan over for a good, hard fuck making Ethan scream out, “Fuck me, Daddy!” Jake continues to pound that boy pussy until he makes Ethan blow his wad. In the end, Jake is so turned on by the hot session that he pulls out and gives Ethan a hot facial.

[flv: 480 368]

Bobby Long and Xavier Powell





Cute doesn’t begin to describe the two twinks featured at Video Boys this week. Bobby likes to flip-flop between boys and girls when he’s on the prowl and after a very short stint messing around with the opposite sex, he’s come back for another hot boy-on-boy set with his friend, Xavier. Together, these two stir more than just interest when they get together and start tugging at each other’s clothes. It’s enough to set off a discharge in anyone’s erogenous zone. Not that this is a bad thing, considering that Bobby has an irresistible ass and a beautiful cock that complements his boyish looks. But don’t let that apparent innocence fool you.

When he’s got a cock as big as Xavier’s somewhere near his cute face, he’s not shy about swallowing that thing down better than any seasoned cocksucker. Bobby expertly works Xavier’s body to a heated climax that it makes us wonder what it is he could ever possibly offer any woman. He licks up and down the length of Xavier’s shaft and then climbs on top of him to access his long rod. He inserts it inside his boy hole and the fucking begins. Bobby really enjoys this and even helps Xavier gain better access to his fuck chute before they shoot their loads everywhere.

[flv: 480 368]

Andrew and Justin Fuck





Ready or not here comes action! Andrew Blue is about as horny as any young guy his age. As he lounges by the pool, his eyes turn to a hot lifeguard and he feels a stirring in his crotch for some cock. Luckily, he meets up with Justin Jameson – a hot young stud that is totally into Andrew. You have to admit that these two have awesome tight bodies with perfectly shaped abs for fucking. As they lustfully go down on each other’s rock hard cocks, Andrew’s attention turns to Justin’s smooth ass. He goes down on it, rimming every single inch of butt.

Justin enjoys all the attention his ass is getting, but Andrew isn’t going to be satisfied with a mere rim job. His tongue may be slicking Justin’s pucker, but it’s only a means to and end because in a few seconds, his dick is going to be fucking the living daylights out of Justin. We can’t be sure if Andrew is still hot fort that hot lifeguard he saw earlier, but if he is, he’s taking that frustration out on Justin’s tight hole with every hard thrust of his pelvis and Justin takes the pounding like a man should.

[flv: 480 368]

Christian, Malachi, and Nicco





Sometimes you just feel like being a greedy cock whore and sometimes you don’t. Christian, Malachi and Nicco, from Randy Blue surely know that feeling and none more than Nicco Sky. He’s a tiny dude with a lot of spunk – and you can see him extract some of that spunk in this scene. When you’re as tight and compact as Nicco, it’s hard not to want a piece of his round bubble but. Good thing he’s willing to take it, too. You don’t need to ask Christian and Malachi twice. They literally devour Nicco in a frenzy of cock attacks.

There’s no hole Nicco won’t offer up. He gets one hot work out when Christian and Malachi start plugging away at his mouth and ass with those perfectly shaped poles. Nicco doesn’t just let the guys go at him, either. He actively joins in – sometimes impaling himself onto their wet cocks and other times testing the limits of his throat with one of those stiff dicks. This is one of the hottest threesomes you’ll find at Randy Blue, not only because all three guys are smoking hot, but because they genuinely enjoy using their poles and holes.

[flv: 480 368]

Gabriel and Rodrigo Flip Fuck





It’s Latino week at Cocky Boys so be sure to check out the Latin heat being generated by this scorching couple. Rodrigo and Gabriel really spice up the action when they get together and show us what kind of sexual tricks they can perform. Rodrigo starts off by licking Gabriel up and down the length of his legs, up to the crack of his ass, and then up his back. He turns his attention back to Gabriel’s ass, lubing it up with a big gob of his own saliva. It trickles down his nut sack and right into his puckered ass. Then he goes in and starts fucking the hell out of Gabriel’s hole.

Then they flip and now it’s Gabriel’s turn at bat. He fucks Rodrigo doggy style with a lot of passion, thrusting his Latin cock in and out of his ass. It’s almost as if he’s trying to teach him a lesson for the previous ass fucking he got, but it only makes them hornier than when they started. The passion builds and their bodies mash together one last time before they start spewing their Latin loads all over their bodies. If intense sexual passion is what you’re looking for, check these two out!

[flv: 480 368]

Dallas and Shane





Dallas is a 6’ 3” Texan with a hung package. His buddy Shane is a surfer from Southern California and he is also tall with a huge bulge. They’re no strangers to doing porn, but in their videos, they’re strictly tops. Today, though, one of these tall, lean, fucking machines is going to bottom for the other and it looks like Shane is the lucky winner who gets a taste of that huge Texan cock. It’s not a big deal for either one. When they start to suck face, you can tell they’re both going to enjoy this naked romp.

From the moment Shane drops to his knees to suck Dallas’ fat cock, he unzips his own pants, spits on his dick and starts to stroke it while getting face fucked. This stud is ready for action! You can tell it really is Shane’s first time getting ass fucked. He winces and breaks into a sweat as Shane invades his surfer boy hole. But he takes it like a pro as Dallas starts to dig into his moist anal cavern. Apparently, the pain goes away because by now, Shane is slamming into Dallas’ 7.5-incher with no problems.

[flv: 480 368]

Noah River and Taylor Pierce





These two very hot boys by the pool are enjoying the company of each other as they enjoy the sun’s rays. But before long, their testosterone levels shoot up and the towels that barely conceal their expanding bulges come flying off. Mouths swallow cocks whole and in short order, the pool is all but forgotten. Taylor Pierce likes having his buddy’s cock in his mouth, so he gives Noah Rivers the blow job of his life. Taylor returns the favor because he knows that, soon, he’ll have that boy meat deep inside his ass.

Noah and Taylor don’t seem to care that their naked romp is taking place outdoors where people might be looking. Either way, we’re glad they decided to take it outside. By sunlight, their bodies are flawless and they know it. Taylor can’t wait any longer and he finally gets what he’s been wanting – Noah’s boner. When Taylor finally gets dicked, it’s well worth the wait for us too. He practically devours that knob and Noah can’t contain his load as he pulls out and shoots a big one all over Taylor’s tight abs.

[flv: 480 368]

Delicious Harris from Corbin Fisher





Harris is one of those cute guys that blossomed into his sexuality a little later than most boys. He didn’t lose his virginity until he was 19 year old. Something about those repressed guys always creates a wild uninhibited side when they finally do blossom. And now that he’s 22, he’s definitely grown into a fine specimen of a lad who is not afraid to strip down and jerk off. His ripped abs, round bubble butt, and wicked smile is enough to turn heads anywhere he goes. Now that he’s lost some of that inhibition, he’s ready to show us what he can do. From the looks of his solo jack off session, you know he’s caught up with the rest of us. He’s developed a style of pulling on his meat that brings such pleasure that it shows on his face. He says he doesn’t masturbate often, he’s getting some tail from his girlfriend at least twice a week (sorry, guys he’s straight), but from the looks of his expert hands working that big cock, he’s probably not telling us everything. That’s not a bad thing.  His smoldering looks conceal something exotic. Even a straight guy has to have some mystery.

[flv: 480 368]

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