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Dildo Mania!





It seems that one cock is not enough in a twosome sex scene.  The action starts out small at Twinkscape, but ends with a BIG bang.  David Wolfe is paired up with Krist in this steamy scene that starts out with the pair lip-locked in an embrace followed by some cock sucking action.  But Krist decides to loosen up David’s sweet pink hole with a small dildo that gets him heated up for a nice ass banging.  David is all too willing to oblige by opening up his pucker and accepting Krist’s toy into his body.

Once David’s sweet pink ass is primed for a dildo fucking, beautiful Krist breaks out the XXL dildo.  Can David’s ass take it?  Like an expert!  This eager bottom boy with a nice round bubble ass wants it all and he’s too happy to take that dildo all the way in.  Just look at his face as he’s penetrated with almost 8 inches of pure fucking fun.  Half of the fun is watching as Krist relishes his turn at inserting that monster dildo up David’s bum with a bit of lustful glee.  After this bang up job, David won’t have any trouble taking cock up his ass again.

[flv: 480 368]

Gettin’ Intimate with Belami’s Gil Adams





Those captivating blue/grey eyes.  Those ready-to-suck-your-dick full wet lips.  That beautiful cock.  That tight delicious ass!!  It’s what sets off Bel Ami from the rest and this new model, Gil Adams, is no exception.   This Hungarian model is all of six feet and 160 pounds of pure sexual delight.  His robust manly chest tapers down to a narrow waist that invites a loving tongue to run across it from top to bottom.  Everything about him is pure sexuality–from the way he slowly takes off his clothes to the way he shows off his body–this boy knows how to tease and he’s not about to disappoint.

You won’t be able to take your eyes off his perfectly round ass.  His bedroom eyes invite you to join him but it’s his pink hole you’ll want to explore as he bends over and gives you an eye-level view of those ass mounds fit for eating out.  You can’t go wrong with a Bel Ami model.  Gil is just one example of perfection captured on film.  And if his ass is not your cup of tea, there’s always his long hard cock to gaze upon.  Go ahead and try him, he won’t bite.  Unless you want him to.

[flv: 480 368]

Randy Blue: That 70s Gay Porn Movie, Part One





Some want to forget the 70s while others remember the carefree hey days of disco, wild sex, bell-bottoms, poppers, and cruising.  Well, maybe not in that exact order, but you get the picture.  Randy Blue pays homage to that era with their current offering, That 70s Gay Porn Movie, a comedy sex romp.  Set at the Delta Lota Kappa (DIK) fraternity, these sexy wannabe frats don’t have studying on their mind.  Christian Sharp stars as Brock Wopat, a horny college pledge that wants nothing more than to be part of DIK, a chapter started by his grand father.

Getting into DIK (pun definitely intended) proves harder than he thought.  The emphasis is on ‘harder’ when hunky professor Ben Davidson (a polyester-suit-wearing Leo Giamani) feeds an eager Mike West a mouth full of his hard cock up his mouth and a monster cock dildo up his ass.  As pledges go, these boys will do just about anything to become full-fledged frat boys with all the benefits that go with it.  Part One is only the beginning for these cum-hungry students.  Check out Part Two of this hilarious 70s send-up, where sex is in the books and extra credit means extra inches of cock pleasure.

Damian and Tori-A Steamy Hook Up





Watching two guys fuck can be a very hot experience. When it’s between an expert top fucker and an extremely talented bottom boy, it’s down right scorching hot. These two talented horny studs flirted all night at the bar, but when it was time to go home, these guys weren’t ready to go to sleep. Instead they get started with some steamy foreplay as Tori explores Damian’s tattooed hard body. Watch as Damian’s cock is fully engulfed in Tori’s beautiful wet mouth. Then get ready to watch the hottest rimming you’ll ever encounter on the Internet. Damian knows his way around a nice pink boy hole before getting ready to pound the hell out of it.

Tori shows just how good a bottom he is when he puts a condom in his mouth and expertly rolls it on to Damian’s cock before he gets up and impales himself on his rock hard cock. The fucking takes on several positions as Damian flips Tori over and pounds his ass doggy style, in missionary position, and on his back. It’s not too long before their sexual chemistry heats up and Damian pulls out and shoots his cum all over Tori, who soon follows with a gusher of his own.

[flv: 480 368]

Christian Goes “Wilde” for Andrew






Having two models as hot as Andrew Blue and Christian Wilde for best buds is a fantasy come true.  Especially when the clothes fly off and the action begins.  At first, when Christian shows up with a raging hard on bulging from his pants they pretend they don’t see it.  But horny boys will be horny boys and before they know it, Andrew is swallowing Christian’s stiff shaft and showing him how well he’s mastered the act of sucking dick.  You can tell that Andrew goes “Wilde” for the fast acting tongue action and before long, he’s taking Christian’s engorged tool in his backdoor and loving every minute of it.

These two slender-built hotties don’t let up.  They lust for each other and the pleasure they share only makes them work their bodies harder and faster.  Both of their luscious dicks get a good work out in this video.  Andrew is so hot for Christian, he’s even spitting on his dick with each stroke of his mouth.  In the end, Christian ends up giving Andrew exactly what he wants and that’s a hard prick to penetrate his ass.  Nothing will stop him from getting it from his best buddy.

[flv: 480 368]

Josh And Luke Go at It





Finding the perfect match between two horny guys hasn’t been as evident as when you get a look at Luke and Josh go at it from the very start.  Their lust is apparent from the minute the clothes fly off and hands go off exploring every inch of each other’s tight young bodies.  Before long, they are lip-locked into a passionate embrace and Luke goes down for the first time on Josh’s long cock.  A little more foreplay, a little more embrace and Luke just can’t wait to sink his hard pole into Josh’s full round ass.  When he does, you can literally sense the pleasure in Josh’s face as he is forced to balance himself from the rafters against Luke’s powerful thrusts.

The intense pleasure is too much for either one of them and Josh is unable to hold back.  He blows his wad while Luke continues to drill into him, but he can’t hold off forever.  He pulls out of Josh’s ass and places his throbbing member right in front of his face.   It is surely a happy ending as Luke unloads his massive load into Josh’s pretty face, leaving his luscious full lips covered in that messy juice.

[flv: 480 368]

Sizzling Euro Boy Action






We love it when members of a particular website find a model so hot that they basically convince the powers that be to invite said model for an encore performance. In this case the hot guy in question is Euro stud Alan Carbol who makes a return visit to Bad Puppy and brings his equally hot friend Rudolf Ulrych along for some wild and crazy times.

Not only do these two swap blowjobs but they also get into a little sixty-nine action just to be thorough. If Rudolf is nervous about performing in front of the camera he doesn’t show it because he’s able to stuff Alan’s big dick all the way down his throat.

Alan ends up flipping Rudolf over and tasting his ass before diving in dick first into the bottom’s tight hole. We have to admit that Rudolf is one sexy looking bottom while he gets fucked, and we would’ve ended the scene exactly the same way that Alan did. Brava boys! That’s the way it’s done.

Christian Wilde Fucks Newbie





We love it when Next Door Buddies unveils a newbie. You can almost see the guy’s anticipation as he strips out of his clothes. Usually one of two things will happen: either the guy won’t be able to get hard at the beginning, or he’ll be rock hard from the moment he wakes up that morning all the way until he busts his nut on camera. Justin Jameson definitely belongs in the latter category and has no problem getting aroused for his hot scene with Christian Wilde.

The guys start things off in the bathroom and never end up making it to the bed. Justin is a voracious bottom that can probably take the biggest dick you could throw at him with the greatest of ease. As Christian slips inside of him, we can’t help but notice that he arches his ass slightly. We think he knows the exact position to be in when it comes to getting fucked.

These two definitely make beautiful music together, but just because it’s Justin’s first time doesn’t mean that Christian is going to hold back. If anything, the top really pounds him hard showing him what it’s like to get fucked by a true stud on camera. Somehow we have a feeling that Justin just can’t wait to get asked back.

[flv: 480 368]

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