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When Corbin Fisher Met Bel Ami






It’s here at last! The first crossover clip of the Bel Ami and Corbin Fisher boys! First up are Luke Hamill and Josh. From what we hear these guys got along really well, and were joking around like they had been long-time buddies. We also heard that when it came time to shoot the scene both were incredibly nervous. We’re not really sure what these two had to worry about because the scene they do together is positively explosive.

Luke fucks Josh in some of the most unique positions we have ever seen. We can’t be certain but we suspect that Josh is dickmatized. We’re not sure if flying over to the Czech Republic for sex is considered a booty call or a vacation, but we’ll be sure to ask Josh because you know he’s going to want seconds, thirds and fourths.

At one point the two look like they are trying to out-suck each other by the way they go down on one another. Josh swallows Luke’s cock so far down his throat that it actually brings tears to his eyes. Boy’s got some skills!

If this is just the first part of what is to be an ongoing relationship we can’t wait to see the rest!

[flv: 480 368]

Lawrence Busts a Nut





Lawrence is one hella cute boy who recently showed off his goods on Boy Fun Collection. We’re always surprised when someone so young shows that he’s got plenty of experience in front of the camera. Lawrence totally gets himself hard right off the bat, but when you’re his age a stiff breeze will get you hard.

We just love how he handles his dick, which has a beauty mark right on the shaft. One thing we really like about his cock is that he’s not completely uncut, but he doesn’t have a lot of foreskin. It’s like the best of both worlds and he totally shows off his cock-head in the video. Another body part that he intimately shows to the camera is his tight boy-hole. He’s got the perfect amount of hair, which lets us know he’s not too concerned about obsessively primping.

When it comes time for the big money shot Lawrence leans back and tries to keep his face composed, but he can’t. It gets all screwed up as he covers his stomach in hot gooey cum. Boy what we wouldn’t do to get a little taste of this hot twink.

[flv: 480 368]

Bel Ami Welcomes Julien Hussey





Julien Hussey is so fucking gorgeous that we’re thinking about relocating to the Czech Republic. Julien totally looks like the type of guy we would have crushed on in school. He’s got a masculine face, twink body, and fat uncut cock between his legs. He also happens to have low-hanging balls – in case you’re wondering his right nut sack hangs lower than his left.

Although Julien has not appeared in any movies yet, the studio promises that we’ll be seeing a lot of this hottie in the upcoming months. We’re trying to picture what it is Julien likes to do in bed. We bet he loves to get rimmed. Can’t you see him with his legs thrown over his head, his eyes squinting in ecstasy as he licks his lips? He probably also loves to get pounded nice and hard. Whew!

Below is a behind-the-scenes clip from the movie Night Out. Julien isn’t in it, but we thought you’d enjoy it anyway. We have to go to the bathroom and take care of something that came up.

[flv: 480 368]

Gay Poolside Threesomes Rock




There must be something about swimming that gets guys horny. It never fails that after two guys go swimming they inevitably slip off their trunks and engage in another calorie burning activity.

Bastian and Troy are the two poolside hotties wearing barely-there swimsuits when they realize that they need to get naked and suck each other off. Aston catches the two guys and he’s clearly more than happy to join in on the fun. At first Troy gets all the attention when the other two devote all their time to sucking his huge stiff dick. But somewhere along the way they get distracted and end up making out with each other.

It almost appears as if Troy is going to end up bottoming by the way he gets on his knees and returns the favor to both guys who hover over him, but it ends up being Aston who gets plugged up by dick from both ends. We’re not sure if he’s been stuffed like this in the past, but this bottom clearly knows how to deal with all that cock. He looks like he was born to get both holes rammed at the same time, and it isn’t long before these guys have busted all over the place.

[flv: 480 368]

Horse-Hung Uncut Twink




There was something about the twinkle in Jessy’s eyes when we first saw him that gave us he impression he was up to something. What Jessy is up to is about 9 uncut inches of dick between his legs. When he pulled out his monster meat we thought we were going to faint when we saw just how big he is. Seriously, he needs three fistfuls to cover the whole thing!

When Jessy isn’t passing out from loss of blood to the head every time he pops wood, you can catch him jerking off furiously. Not only does he like to play with his throbbing billie club, but he also likes to slip a few fingers in his shaved hole to boot. Jessy is a two finger kind of guy, and he loosens himself up a bit before he finally finger-bangs himself.

Jessy’s really perfected how to get himself off, and knows when it’s time to put his legs down, for one last bit of showing off. He really angles the camera to show off all his goodies including his huge nuts. Jessy’s definitely developed a taste for his own jizz, and throws his legs up over his head once more and aims right for his mouth!

[flv: 480 368]

Channing Tatum Exposed




There have been a lot of rumors about Channing Tatum and whether or not he’s been in gay porn. We’ve scoured the Net, but haven’t come up with anything yet, but believe us when we say that as soon as we find anything you’ll be the first to know. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any nudie pics of this native Canadian stud. In fact, Channing started his career off modeling, and there are various pictures of him baring everything over at Male Celebrities. He must have been a soccer player or something because baby’s got back!

If you’ve never heard of Channing, get ready to be bombarded with images of him. Channing will be starring in the new G.I Joe: Rise of the Cobra film coming out August 7. In it he will play Duke – the main hero. Channing as you can see is drop-dead gorgeous, and has such a hot body that even my computer screen is drooling. Can’t wait to see more of this hottie in the future!

Real Life Boyfriends Fucking





Jonathan Lowe has officially retired from porn, but before he did he headed on over to Cocky Boys for one last hurray. For his big exit not only did he shoot a hot video for them, but he also brought along his real-life boyfriend Tony. And from the looks of it, we’re thinking that as he ends his career his boyfriend could just be embarking on a new one.

This is a particularly hot scene, and the two start things off with some very passionate kissing. Tony yanks Jonathan’s jock off of him and goes down on him as if he’s never sucked Jonathan’s big juicy dick before. After Jonathan returns the favor in kind, he sits his hot ass on Tony’s face.

By this point, the two are so horned up that they immediately begin to fuck. Jonathan straddles Tony, and rides his fat cock before sticking it to his boyfriend. The flip-flopping action is intense and fun to watch, but the best is saved for last. Both these guys have huge loads that they end up dropping. Jonathan creams all over Tony’s dick who ends up using the spunk as lube for his own cock. Tony’s cumshot is epic! He literally nuts so far that he actually ends up hitting the side of his head! We have a feeling that these two have many a passion-filled night ahead of them.

[flv: 480 368]

Boy Fun Collection’s Elias





Over at Boy Fun Collection you will find some of the hottest guys on the Net. There are literally hundreds of models who have all taken off their clothes for the camera – all available 24/7 for you to browse and get off to. One of the things that we really like about the site is that they offer hundreds of model pictures from each photo shoot. Nothing gets left unseen as the cameraman goes in for every single angle he can possible capture. The videos also explore what these boys look like in intimate detail – to the point that you’ll feel like you’re right in the room with them.

One of the recent models that made his way over to the site was Elias. Although he’s a little beefier than the boys that they usually feature, we have to admit that there is something really boyish about his face. Elias has a great smooth body, and a nice head at the end of his pretty dick. But what really caught our attention was his amazing ass. It’s one of the best bubble butts we have seen in a while, and we love that he’s got some hair growing around his pink hole. You just know not too many guys have been back there, which makes it even more special!

[flv: 480 368]

Bad Boys Fuck in a Car






There’s nothing like cruising the countryside in a nice convertible on a warm summer’s day. The wind in your hair, the smell of fresh air, the sound of bird’s chirping, your buddy’s growing erection in his shorts. At least that’s what we consider a proper trip down the countryside.

Axel Johnson and Brendon Meyer had the same idea in mind when they headed out for a little drive, and ended up exploring a lot more than just the wilderness. The two start by a tonguing each other before using those tongues on more sensitive body parts. Can we just say how surprised we were to see just how hung these dudes are? There must be at least about a foot-and-a-half of dick between the two of them.

Brendon ends up shoving his face so far into Axel’s butt cheeks at one point it looks like Axel’s ass is going to swallow him whole. Once Axel’s ass is nice and wet Brendon slips his enormous tool into Axel’s tight hole. We haven’t seen a stuffing like this since last Turkey day.

[flv: 480 368]

Corbin Fisher’s Elijah & Caleb






Fans of shaggy-haired hot guys are going to love Caleb and Elijah. These two straight dudes recently met over at Corbin Fisher, and socialized – and by socialized we mean fucked.

Although Caleb is straight he has admitted that he enjoys the feeling of getting fucked. Don’t think that it’s easy for him though because he’s got an incredibly tight hole. Yeah, we know, lucky Elijah. The two start things off with some really hot kissing. Although you might think they look alike they are totally not related. It’s just that their hair is so similar when wet that they look like they could be brothers. After some oral, Elijah preps Caleb’s hole with his tongue. The thing to note is that Caleb’s been on vacation for quite a long time and hasn’t had any contact with guys, so you know that shit is super tight.

The two end up working up quite a sweat, which means they have to hit the showers together. Check out the steamy action below!

[flv: 480 368]

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