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Ryan Kwanten Gets Naked on True Blood


Ryan Kwanten plays Jason Stackhouse in the HBO series True Blood, and if you haven’t seen him in action you are totally missing out! This hottie originally hails from Sydney, Australia where he sharpened his acting skills before he moved out to Los Angeles and joined the big boys.

What’s great about Ryan’s character in the show is that he plays an oversexed Southern boy, which means that many of his scenes require him to be naked and fucking a girl. He’s been on top, the bottom, choking girls and in every other compromising position you can imagine. He’s also worn a mask and danced around in his underwear in the show and from what we can tell acting isn’t his only huge talent. We imagine that he’s uncut like his fellow countryman Hugh Jackman. Both guys appear in various states of undress over at Male Celebrities, which is the only place to go if you need to see some celebrity dick, a sex tape, or anything else that your heart desires!

Mason Wyler and Justin Ryder Flip Flop





Mason Wyler has to be one of the horniest sluts on the planet. His mouth has never met a dick he couldn’t swallow hole – ditto for his ass. Going to his site to watch the latest updates is akin to going to a summer blockbuster movie. You know there’s going to be lots of explosions, sweating, swearing, and at the end of it someone always gets screwed.

Mason’s latest notch on his very full bedpost (seriously, it looks like wicker) is Justin Ryder. Justin is a boy with hairy ass legs and a nice long cock, which Mason quickly gobbles down. Usually when guys deep throat they have to take it a little slower, but Mason’s gag reflexes went away a long time ago. The two flip-flop swap until they finally figure out that they can get into the 69 and enjoy it at the same time.

The most shocking part of the video is when Justin climbs on top of Mason and slides his ass on top of Mason’s uncut dick. To see a greasy, open for business, slutty, power-bottom like Mason top is rather arousing. Don’t worry he’s still as voracious a bottom as ever and ends up accidentally backing up onto Justin’s cock. Yeah, right, accident.

[flv: 480 368]

Brent Corrigan’s Big Easy






It’s apropos that Brent’s latest flick is titled Big Easy because that pretty much describes him in a nutshell. The controversial twink/man (he really has filled out and grown up quite a bit) seems like he has really hit a stride in his latest film both topping and bottoming.

In the film Brent and five of his buddies take off to New Orleans for a week of non-stop sex as the cameras follow them around recording everything. Unlike most reality shows, here you get to see all the hot sweaty sex that these boys engage in. Brent and Ryan Buckley hook-up in the first scene and swap blowjobs in the 69 position before Brent finally bends him over and impales him with his clipped stick. Not only does Ryan turn the tables on Brent, but he picks him up and fucks him while holding him until he slams him back down onto the bed. The two end up cumming all over Brent’s stomach.

The final scene features Aiden Tyler, Ryan Buckley, Brent Corrigan and Jake Green in an all out fuck fest where no hole gets left unexplored!

Corbin Fisher’s Tanner Cums Clean




Tanner’s a young lad of 21 who is very confident with his looks and his body, which is why he was so eager to show it off over at Corbin Fisher. Corbin has actually confided that it took a while to schedule Tanner for a shoot because he had been busy with other things. From the sounds of his interview that other thing is probably hooking up with girls. Like most dudes his age, this 5’8” stud has sex on the brain 24/7.

What we like about Tanner is that he isn’t afraid to point out all the things that make him such a hottie. “People tell me I have defined legs,” he points out while he’s stark naked. Had he not mentioned this we might have never taken our eyes off of his low hanging balls – he does have good legs, btw.

Sometimes dudes with low hangers for some reason seem to have smaller cocks, but Tanner’s 7.5” cut beauty doesn’t need any help in the size department. This dude sports a hard on in no time flat, and shoots a formidable load all over a Corbin Fisher towel. Does anyone know if Corbin sells those towels after they’ve been soiled? Because we sure would like to get our hands on it.

[flv:×360.flv 480 368]

Cocky Boys Fucking Frenzy




There are some matches that are just meant to happen. Take Jesse and Marc, for instance. These two start off by making out for a bit before Marc gets on his knees and begins to suck Jesse’s big fat dick. It’s clear that Jesse has a little bit of a freak streak from the looks of his nipples. Marc really has his work cut out for him trying to properly suck such a big cock, but he’s quite good at what he does.

Once Jesse returns the favor, he’s ready to move on to other things: good old fashion ass eatin’ and some hole fingerin’ are both on the menu. Marc gets so worked up he ends up throwing Jesse on his back and climbing aboard the fat dick express. He slips his ass onto Jesse’s huge cock and rides him like a cowboy at a sex rodeo. After a little doggie-style action, Marc climbs on top of Jesse again, but this time he opts for the reverse cowboy. The eager bottom slams himself up and down on that cock as if this will be the last time he’ll ever get to bottom. Marc finally has to spray his load while Jesse is still deep inside of him pounding away until he too has to shoot his own load all over Marc.

[flv: 480 368]

Cum Eating Twink





Liam Woods is not shy about his body. The newest porn star to hit the web sent in his own homemade video to the people over at You Love Jack who put it up on their site immediately. In his first foray into porn, Liam teases the camera a bit by making sure he gets nice and hard without showing anything. His dick looks humongous under his black shorts, and it’s so confining he finally has to pull it out. Once his cock is freed, you really start to appreciate its true size.

You can tell that Liam is one of those guys who really loves to masturbate. He takes his time stroking himself making sure he works every inch of his shaft before he turns around and shows us a surprise. Liam starts by showing us his hairy pink hole before he finally inserts a finger inside of himself. He does this for a while and even manages to stretch himself out a little. By this time he is so fucking horny that he has to get back to work on his cock until he ends up shooting a huge load. Not being one to let it go to waste he licks the cum off his own finger. Mmm, delicious!

[flv: 480 368]

Webcam Barebacking Twinks


Double your pleasure with Christian and Juan over at Flirt 4 Free! Not only do these cute twinks love to perform in front of the camera, but they also love to do it together. It’s like a session of endless possibilities where you get to be the director and they get to be the dirty porn models who will do anything for the part. There’s nothing that these guys won’t do for you if asked. In fact, they made a short list of the sexual acts they love performing on the webcam including kissing, rimming, sucking, fucking bareback, cumming in each other’s buttholes, eating said cum out of each other’s buttholes, playing with dildos, ropes, candles, handcuffs, wrestling…. Whew, it almost would have been easier to ask them if there was anything they wouldn’t be willing to do.

Lucky Daniels Gets Lucky





I’m really not quite sure where to even begin with these two. Topher DiMaggio is ridiculously lean and smooth, and Lucky Daniels looks amazing. Of course, Lucky has looked amazing since he first appeared on Randy’s site two years ago, and is as sexually insatiable as ever.

For this video Randy says that he didn’t have to work hard at all. Lucky and Topher got along so well that if anything he had to keep an eye on them because they kept making out before the camera even began to roll. Randy was afraid that the two would end up sneaking off somewhere private and exhaust themselves before the day had even started.

When the cameras began to roll, the two were immediately all over each other. Topher went straight to his knees and pulled Lucky’s huge woody out of his underwear. After some much needed sucking, Topher positioned himself behind Lucky and pounded him the way he had probably been imagining all afternoon. Lucky let out a long stream of moans as Topher changed positions over and over again until he finally had to drop his load all over himself. Topher’s orgasm was so intense that you’ll swear you’ll be able to feel it through the camera!

Broke and Horny Dude Jacks Off




Andreas is a straight college student who found himself in need of a little extra money. Fortunately, the Broke and Horny site was there to throw some cash his way. Of course, nothing in life is free, so Andreas had to give them back something in return, which is how he found himself naked in front of the camera.

Andreas has one of those beautiful dicks that grow to be quite large. We were rather pleased to see just how close the camera gets to his veiny eight inch uncut cock. After he gets himself worked up, this wavy haired stud decides to get on his stomach and show off his hairy ass. He waves it to the camera knowing that the guys watching at home are probably wondering just how tight his hole is. There’s just no getting around the fact that this is one smoking stud who knows exactly what to do to get the guys worked up!

[flv: 480 368]

Bareback Packers 3





Sparta Video has really found quite a hit with the Bareback Packer series. The third installment features ten horny Czech’s who love their sex natural and hard. We don’t know what the hell they’re feeding these guys, but it seems like Eastern Europe is turning into the new mid-west. These boys look like they’ve been getting corn fed!

The first scene features a blond stud and his dark-haired buddy who seem to have difficulties keeping their hands to themselves. While they kiss, you see their hands slowly wander to each other’s hard-ons and begin to tug roughly. We’ve all been there and you know the moment a dude grabs your cock through your jeans feels absolutely intoxicating. The two pull out their huge uncut boners and swap blowjobs before the blond bends his buddy over and loosens up his hole with his fingers before plunging deep inside of him.

The sex is pretty hot even though there isn’t any creampie or seeding action – a staple of the bareback genre these days. One major plus viewers will appreciate is that two out of the five scenes feature hot three-way action between some really hot boys!

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