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Johan’s Journal Part 2: Eye Candy






Johan’s Journal Part 2: Eye Candy has a running time of just over two hours and twenty minutes! Seriously, we watched it from top to bottom (teehee), and were barely able to make it past the first scene featuring blond, dreamy Luke Hamill, and his hot boytoy Justin Boyd. Luke fucks the blond twink hard and furious and drops his load all over Justin’s ass while the hot bottom straddles him.

The next scene is probably one of our favorites in terms of sex dares. A bunch of the boys are in Spain on business and take a sightseeing tour on a double-decker bus. The bus is filled with tourists but that doesn’t stop Johan from daring the boys to jack-off. Surprisingly, two of them actually whip out their cocks while the others watch on. The guys go into peels of laughter when the first guy actually shoots his load all over the back of a seat. Some of the guys are in shock at what has transpired, but they’re assured that it’s just another day in the life of a Bel Ami model.

Another hot scene involves Davy Paxton and Leon Boisen. The two really get into sucking each other’s cocks so much so that Sebastian Bonnet (who is operating one of the cameras) starts sucking on Davy’s huge uncut pole. Davy ends up topping Leon’s tight hole until he has to pull out, rip off the condom and drop a load all over Leon’s stomach.

[flv: 480 368]

Brent Corrigan Gets Pounded




Anyone who enjoyed the Borne action films will definitely enjoy the porn take-off of the popular series. In the Porne Identity Brent Corrigan returns as the young sexy doctor, and Kaden Saylor reprises his role as Chason Porne. The movie furthers Chason’s quest to find his true identity with the help of Corrigan, but the two have to go through the type of sexual trials that would have regular folk clambering to help out any way they could.

All the boys that appear in this film are absolutely scrumptious. The first scene finds DJ and Devon Moss embroiled in some hot man-on-man action that leads DJ to fuck Devon’s fuzzy hole. The fucking quickly turns into a triple-stuffed sandwich as Spencer joins in and plugs DJ ‘s rear – creating the kind of train on which any hot-blooded gay man would love to hitch a ride.

Let’s face it, it’s all about Brent C. and the third scene truly delivers. Poor Brent is being held hostage by Thomas – if only all captors looked like him there would be a lot more missing people in the world! In an attempt to prove that he is willing to do anything in order to be let go Brent begins to suck on one of Thomas’ fingers. It’s a no brainer that the two end up butt–naked with Thomas’ dick going straight into Brent’s tight little hole.

The final scene features the star of the movie in an all out three-way fuck-fest with Cash and Chaz. Poor Chason has been captured and drugged by the two bad guys, but he comes to when they decide to include him in their sexual shenanigans. Fortunately, not only does Chason do what he is told, but he seems to enjoy doing it!

Flirt 4 Free’s Cable


Cable hasn’t been on Flirt 4 Free very long, but already the 5’11” Libra is in the top twenty models on the site. Of course, when you take one look at him it’s easy to see why he’s so popular with all the guys.

In a recent interview, Cable admitted that he loves having the top of his penis touched. He’s also a sucker for someone who is vocal stating that, “being able to hear [someone’s pleasure] will always get me to cum on command.” It’s no surprise given these confessions that Cable really enjoys getting his dick sucked. He explains that he loves it when someone locks eyes with him as he gets serviced. With eight inches of uncut cock we’re sure it’s just as good for the person doing it as it is for Cable.

You can see Cable and a bunch of other hot guys over at The best thing about this site is that the guys work overtime to make sure that you leave with a smile on your face. Now that’s service we can all count on!

Aussie Twink Alex




We’ve always thought that Australian guys are among some of the hottest men on the planet. Over at you’re bound to see someone you like. These boys are plucked right off of their surfboards and beaches and asked to pose for the camera. The great thing about this site is that the boys come as they are. There are no costumes, elaborate makeup, or anything else that might be considered theatrical. These boys are the real deal! If you’ve never seen an Aussie boy naked you are missing out. These dudes are almost always uncut, and have pretty hefty loads between their legs.

One Aussie boy in particular that stands out to us is Alex. Alex was relaxing on the beach when he was approached to do a scene. Fortunately, he agreed to do a solo jack off scene, and the rest as they say is history. What we like about Alex is that he’s got a smooth lean body, and a nice uncut cock. He likes to keep things trimmed down their so he has very little pubic hair, which makes his cock look ever prettier than it already does. We wonder if Alex is planning to visit the States any time soon. We sure would like to give him a tour of our bedroom the city we live in.

[flv: 480 368]

Gay Pirates Plunder Asses




Captain Jack Swallows and crew are ready to sail the seven seas and do a little fucking while they’re at it. Pirate’s Booty has been called one of the most realistic CGI cartoons, and features studs that’ll leave you wishing they were real. Along the way, the crew gets into all sorts of situations with plenty of swashbuckling and ass pillaging. These butt pirates are more than willing to throw caution to the wind as they raise their legs into the air and allow their fellow sea dogs to plunder their asses. Pirates are a superstitious lot so being possessed by a spirit who releases their inner plunderer is all just a part of the job!

[flv: 480 368]

Hung and Uncut Italian Stallion




Johnny T. is no stranger to Next Door Male, and we never tire of seeing him whip out his big schlong and give it a good jerk. His latest update finds Johnny in Northern California on a very foggy morning. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Robert Pattinson just announced he’s signed up for the fourth and final film in the Twilight Saga, but we can’t help but think this JO scene looks like something straight out of the first movie. But we digress.

Johnny looks over the pool towards the mountains when something begins a stirring deep in his shorts. From there it doesn’t take long for him to pull out his long uncut slab of meat, and get it hard by giving it a couple of strokes. It’s definitely a little chilly outside because the Italian stud has to go indoors and hop in the shower to warm up where he continues to play with himself.

The action finally comes to a head as Johnny plops down on the sofa and  prepares to unload his bullets.

[flv: 480 368]

Christian Bale Gets Naked



Christian Bale is a pretty decent actor with a killer bod who could really do more naked roles. C’mon, WTF? What’s with all the covering up lately? We haven’t seen his ass or cock in a while now, and we’re starting to go through withdrawals.

We’re hoping that Christian will shed his clothes in some sort of artsy-fartsy film that gets shown nowhere but ends up winning every award. Getting naked would be exactly the type of street cred he needs after his last two Batman films and his upcoming Terminator Salvation. No offense, we love these films, but if you do too many you lose your artistic integrity. Lord knows why, but as long as Bale strips we’re all for it!

We were also hoping his wife would release pictures of him with morning wood. That would be pretty hot too, and we wouldn’t have to sit through a boring movie! A girl can dream can’t she? Oh well, until then there’s always Male Celebrities.

Bad Puppy’s Filip Fokt




Whenever we’re feeling particularly horny and want some porn overload we go to the Badpuppy site. For those who are unfamiliar with this megasite let us explain. Bad Puppy is where you go when you want to overdose on porn. They have about 500,000 pages available for their fans, 100+ bonus sites, updated galleries, and more movies than you could possible watch.

While we were poking around we found a recent update of a cute Euroboy named Filip Fokt. Filip is the type of sexy guy you would definitely want to take home. He’s got one of those smiles that lets you know right away that he’s trouble. Filip slowly takes his time modeling and showing off his slender body before he ultimately slips off his trunks. It’s clear from his session that this young guy is not shy one bit. At one point he gets on his back and grabs his feet exposing his pink hairy hole. When he finally lubes himself up there is just no stopping this cute twink!

[flv: 480 368]

Cocky Boys Fucking Poolside




Kyle Majors really knows how to hook his boys up. A couple of weeks ago he got a call from Josh who begged to have Kyle hook him up with RC. Mr. Majors put in a quick call to RC who was more than up (ahem) for it.

The two start off in the pool chatting a bit, but Josh is a ball of hormones and can’t keep himself from commenting on RC’s beautiful body. RC just gives him a look. You know the one, it’s the look that pretty much says my body is yours – do with it what you will. With this open invitation Josh immediately swoops in for the kill and begins to kiss and lick RC all over.

Josh gives RC a good blowjob before he gets one of his own, but the real action starts when this hungry power bottom sits on RC’s dick. Pretty soon they’re fucking in every position imaginable until it all becomes too much for them and they have to drop their loads.

[flv: 480 368]

Marcus Mojo Fucks A.J. Irons






A.J. Irons is the newest member at Next Door Buddies and this muscular hottie does not disappoint. Although he might look fresh out of high school this 28 year old stud is all man. He’s got the type of body that looks as if it has been sculpted out of marble, which is good since Marcus Mojo has also bulked up as well making these two muscular beefcakes equally matched.

A.J. wakes up with a raging hard-on that doesn’t go unnoticed by Mojo who shoves his hand down his shorts and pulls out his own growing member. The two finally decide to do something about their morning wood and quickly begin to suck one another, but it just isn’t enough so they slip into the 69 position.

After some serious sucking, Marcus slips on a condom and gets ready to pound A.J.’s ass. Not only does he pound A.J. but he looks hot doing it. The two are a writhing swirl of muscles that releases and contracts as they fuck never ceasing until the two have blown their loads all over one another.

[flv: 480 368]

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