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Bel Ami’s Out At Last 6




Bel Ami’s Out at Last 6 Web Site Stories is the latest in the popular series that compiles its web site scenes onto one DVD. The great thing about this compilation is that most of the scenes were only offered to online members, so if you’ve missed out on all the hot shenanigans, now you can catch up.

In one scene we find Ethan Clarke and Alex Orioli being interview in bed. Ethan throws off the covers and shows that the two are already rock hard underneath. A few tender kisses later, and Ethan has his rosy colored lips wrapped around Alex’s manhood. The two end up 69ing before Ethan crawls behind Alex, and slides himself inside. Where Alex really looks comfortable is on top, and by that we mean riding Ethan like a cowboy. The two fuck until they both jack off side-by-side until they let out loud satisfied moans.

Renato Amoroso gets paired up with Tim Hamilton who begins by licking Renato’s nipples and pulling out his dick. Once Renato is hard, we can really begin to appreciate just what a beautiful thick cock he has. After Renato gets blown by Tim he bends down and does a little sucking of his own. Tim even helps him out by holding on to the back of his head and guiding it up and down his throbbing tool before plowing Renato with his own formidable cock.

With over two-and-a-half hours of non-stop action and some of the hottest boys Bel Ami has to offer including Neil Ferris, Rick Fontana, Danny Saradon, and many more, you’re bound to revisit this flick over and over again.

Warning: Gay Twink Overload





There’s always a party going on over at Boy Fun Collection. The folks on this site have filled it up with nothing but young twinks as far as the eye can see. Most of the boys are featured in hot solo action for you to enjoy. One thing we just cannot get enough of is how these saucy lads tease us before they ultimately end up dropping their underwear – when they’re wearing them, that is!

We really want to know where the hell it is that they find all these legal teens to rub one out on camera. It’s like they’re growing on trees somewhere, and they are plucking them off when they are ripe for the cumming. With so many boys already on the site, and more added weekly you’ll be on a twink overload.

One of the best features about is that they separate the guys into the categories you would like to get off to. You’ll find everything from Ethnic and Amateurs to Athletes and Action. That’s right, there’s also plenty of rimming, sucking, fucking and everything else these boys get into for you to enjoy.

Each video comes with a couple hundred pictures, and there are about 1,475+ full-length movies ready to download as well as over 600,000 pics! There’s just no better twink site out there.

Cum Eating Dudes




The worst thing about jacking off is having to clean up all that cum after you’re done, but the dudes over at Jizz Addiction have something completely different in mind. These dudes have no problem eating their own cum. Some of the more talented ones are able to aim their piss holes right into their opens mouths shooting out streams that always hit their target. The ones who aren’t able to do this will find alternatives. One guy in particular catches all the jizz on his hand and rubs it slowly on his crack. Using his own sperm as lube the boy actually ends up seeding himself! Another guy just scoops everything up that has landed all over his body and laps it up as if he had chocolate sauce on his fingers. Now that’s what we like to call recycling!

[flv: 480 368]

Flirt 4 Free’s Model of the Week

blade-flirt-4-free’s favorite Model of the Week contest throws the spotlight on the guys who know how to leave a customer satisfied. Just recently, Blade E. answered a couple of questions for his fans.

What is your favorite thing to do in a private show?
When I shoot a load of my cum on my face.

What do your fans say they like most about you?
They like my cock, my blue eyes, and beautiful face.

What’s your biggest turn on?
The power to give you 100 percent pleasure.

For customers who have never visited your room, what can they expect?
I am the best twink, the most horny, and the best guy in your bed. Come and play with a wet ass and big cock.

Anything else you’d like to add for your fans on Flirt4Free?
I am here to enjoy your desires, you can fulfill your fantasies this week, with the most sweetest and tender twink. I am a sex machine.

Emo Dudes Undressed





Say what you will about the Emo movement, but these kids are everywhere. It’s not surprising that a website chronicles these hotties with the lanky twink bodies, long hair, and piercings. has a nice variety of gay Emo guys undressing and jacking off for the camera. Don’t think that because they have small frames and wear skinny jeans they’re not packing where it counts because they totally are!

Some of the guys on this site just want to show off their cut, or uncut dicks as is the case with some, for the entire world to see. These are just regular guys that have grown up in the era of the Internet and have no problem exposing themselves for all to see. Of course, some go much further than this. In one case, one cute Emo boy whips out a dildo with a pattern that looks a little like a ladybug. The Emo kid tugs on his uncut dick while he rubs the tip back and forth across his tight hole before plunging in. There’s also plenty of sucking and fucking between emo kids to keep their admirers satisfied.

Sean Cody’s Newest Star





Today’s lesson is brought to you by the number ten. As in inches. As in hung as hell. A-N-D-R-E is a good old Southern Boy who has a ridiculous amount of meat between his legs. Okay, we know we’re always going on about big dicks, but this is the real thing. Andre measure five inches flaccid and a whopping ten inches when he’s got an erection.

What the hell are they eating down there in the South? How the hell can an appendage get that big? Can you imagine hooking up with the freckled hottie and seeing him unleash that thing? I think I would fucking faint. He’d probably have to slap me across the face with his massive meat in order to wake me the fuck up.

Anyway, Andre is the latest Gent to make his way over to Sean Cody. I know I’ve said this before, but Sean must have a radar for finding guys like Andre. If I were to see him walking down the street I don’t think I would ever even begin to imagine just how much meat he’s carrying around between his legs. The most impressive thing is that Andre doean’t do the whole Internet dick size (adding two inches to what he already has) because he measures that shit for all to see. I think I just found my new obsession.

Now Hiring: Desktops Strippers




There’s no doubt that there are many places around the U.S. that have very stuffy rules when it comes to strip clubs. We just don’t understand why there are “Gentlemen’s Clubs” all over the place and very few male strip bars – and go-go dancers don’t count! Perhaps if we lived in another city things would be different, but every gay man has the right to walk into a club and stare at dick if he wants to.

Unfortunately, a male strip bar doesn’t seem like it’ll be happening any time soon, so we’re going to have to settle for the next best thing. sends boys to your desktop who shake their moneymakers for your enjoyment. The great thing about them is that the boys strip all the way down to their birthday suits, and you get to enjoy watching their flaccid members bouncing all about.

With unlimited free daily updates, no adware or spyware, and a new guy living and dancing right on your desktop, you’ll never be bored again. Just check out the video of Fabio below to see what we mean.

[flv: 480 368]

English Lads Fuck





Jason Connor and Ryan Williams make quite the pair indeed. These mates look like they just went on a series of dates and are having a shag for the first time. They sincerely look like they can’t wait to have each other undressed. At one point the two are feeling each other up through their jeans, but not being content with just feeling it through the pants Ryan reaches his hand into Jason’s pants and cops a good feel.

These boys might be on the twinkier side of the spectrum, but boy are they hung. We couldn’t believe our eyes when their trouser snakes came popping out. Ryan immediately got to work on Jason’s uncut dick, and from the look on his face he was obviously surprised that it was still growing.

There’s only one place for a big cock like Jason’s, and that place is deep inside a nice, tight ass. Ryan really has to practice his breathing as Jason slips in his schlong inside and begins to pump away, but by the end he’s riding that shit like there’s no tomorrow. We just love a story with a happy ending!

Helix Studio’s Breaking the Rules






Hot, young twinks are what this movie is all about. The ever-effervescent Tommy Anders shows up in two different scenes in which he unleashes his huge throbbing tool on two guys who have no idea what they have gotten themselves into. For a young guy, Tommy has really learned how to use all his inches to great effect. He slams the poor boys’ asses until they can’t take it anymore, and then he slips out of them and uses their bodies as his own personal cum rag leaving a big load on both of them.

Tommy isn’t the only one who is doing some damage with his cock. Michael Lee appears in the film as well and really takes control as he plunges his fat cock into a guy’s waiting mouth. What’s exciting about Michael is that even though he might be young he’s a pro when it comes to fucking. There’s no way you can keep from sporting wood when you see him plunging into a boy’s ass relentlessly. His body is all sinewy toned muscles that flex and release with every thrust until he drops a big load.

At an appealing 102 minutes in length Breaking the Rules will put smiles on the faces of twink lovers everywhere.

[flv: 480 368]

Shane and Kayden Play Watersports





The guys over at Boys Pissing are never thirsty – just ask Shane Allen and Kayden Daniels who appear in one of the latest updates. These two guys are chilling out poolside when things get a little hot and heavy. As soon as the shorts are off you just know they are going to be doing a lot more than just sucking each other’s dicks.

Shane is no stranger to this site and has done plenty of piss drinking in his time, so he just sits back and relaxes as Kayden takes his long stream of hot fluid all over his face and down his throat. These boys must drink a lot of fluids before they shoot a video because his stream of piss seems to go on forever!

The two swap positions and Kayden lets out a long stream over piss-hungry Shane. He really enjoys bathing in Kayden’s urine and looks like he could do it all day! After Kayden drains his bladder all over Shane’s lithe body, Shane ends up wrapping his mouth around Kayden’s cock, and sucking out any remaining liquid that didn’t make it out of the shaft.

You can watch the two in action over at, but if you want to see Shane in action you can click on the video below where he appears with Jeremiah. Enjoy!

[flv: 480 368]

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