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Rod & Jason Get It On!

When Rod and Jason hooked-up through Manhunt they immediately called See, these two love having sex, and they’re so proud of their hot bodies that they want to share it with the rest of us. Not everyone is as outgoing as these two though, that is why this site also throws some Benji’s at these guys. Another way they sweeten the deal is by having the cameraman be a famous porn star. Imagine trying to have sex while Matthew Rush is filming you. Yeah, crazy huh? Most of the time the camera guy just watches, but once in a while the action is so hot that he has to whip it out and relieve some tension.
Making a porn star hard, while he records you and another guy going at it, must be the ultimate complement. Once a porn star joins in on the action, the camera bounces to whoever has a free hand.

[flv: 480 368]

This particular couple had great chemistry together. We have a feeling this won’t be the last time they hook-up with each other. Hopefully they’ll allow us to watch next time too!


Next Door Buddies Fuck

We love to see young guys fucking, especially when they are as cute as Shane Erickson and Philippe Delvaux. At 6’4” Shane towers over Philippe who clocks in at a mere 5’10”. What we love about the tall 23 year old is just how much he enjoys fucking guys younger guys like Philippe who is in the last of his teen years.
The two young guys are all about experimentation and get into some erotic fruit play that Philippe spreads all over Shane’s toned body. We guess the sight of a fruit smeared Shane was just too much for the very turned on Philippe because he immediately decides to shoves Shane’s dick down his mouth. By the look on Shane’s face, we’re betting that the 19 year old knows what he’s doing.

As a thank you for all the hot mouth-on-dick action, Shane bends Philippe over and teases the soon-to-be bottom by running his unprotected cock over Philippe’s aching hole. Shane rolls on a condom and slides himself deep inside of Philippe who couldn’t be happier. The young bottom gets a good pounding in multiple position before neither of them can take it anymore and have to nut!

Tyler Fox Sucks it Down

When Tyler Fox goes on vacation in Suck it Down the one thing on his mind isn’t sightseeing, or shopping, it’s drinking as many loads as he possibly can. Tyler wastes no time and immediately gets on his knees and starts worshipping the almighty cock. The first guy feeds him his dick until he finally cums all over his leg. As soon as he’s done cumming, Tyler wraps his lips around the guy’s shaft and stuffs it down his throat. The guy is more than surprised and lets out a low moan as he feels Tyler trying to work every drop of delicious cum out of his dick. The next scene pretty much unfolds just like the first one only this dick seems to be bigger than the last.
Tyler is a good little cock-sucker and is able to deep throat the entire thing for long periods of time. All good things must come to a happy end and Tyler is right there to catch every single last drop. What’s really impressive about the film is that it features 11 cum drenched scenes. In case you’re wondering, movies usually only have five scenes on average, so here you get more than twice as many for the same price. Now that’s a bargain!

Hung Tattooed Twink

There are times when hooking up online is just too tedious. The endless emails back and forth, the flakiness, the games, and even when you do score you run the risk of coming face to face with someone that looks nothing like the pictures they sent. The problem is that you’re horny and need some interaction. That’s when Flirt 4 Free swoops down to save your ass. There you’ll find tons of hot guys logged on and waiting to do whatever your heart desires. Stephon Stallion is one of these guys. At 6’5”, Stephon towers above most people. Appropriately, Stephon’s fantasy is to have sex with an entire basketball team in a locker room. This ambitious looking twink might be tall, but objects under his clothes are in direct proportion to his size, and he sports 9 solid inches of manhood. He says he’s open to try anything, and from what we’ve seen we have no problem believing him!

Leo Giamani Pounds David Chase


David Chase recently had his wish come true on his Birthday, and no he didn’t want a pony. David had asked for something much more complicated than that. See, like most of us, David has yearned for Leo Giamani from the moment his eyes fell upon Leo’s perfect body. Fortunately for David, Randy Blue was having a Fairy Godmother moment and agreed to set up a shoot between the two studs. What occurred next can only be described as porn magic. Both of them got really into it, and David found himself getting pounded by the man of his wet dreams. Perhaps now would be a good time to call Randy and mention I have a birthday coming up as well. Hey, a girl can always shoot for the porn stars!

More Tales 2

More Tales 2 brings together more beautiful jocks who love to get down and dirty with each other. The cast – which includes Ariel Vanean, and Justin Boyd – are all over each other as they rim, suck and fuck until they can’t hold their loads anymore.
The camera follows the guys through a zoo giving you ample time to see them interact with each other and try and guess who will be a top and who will be a bottom.


If these cute guys look startling like the hot guys featured in Bel Ami movies your eyes aren’t fooling you. AYOR is Bel Ami’s sister company, which means you can expect to see hot Eastern European guys with big schlongs and a passion for fucking.


In one scene, three guys are in bed kissing and caressing as they strip each other out of their clothes. As one guy gets sucked the other two enthusiastically suck his dick all the while managing to kiss between licks. The guys ejaculate after blowing each other, but the action isn’t over yet. These boys are instantly hard again and shoot even bigger loads than they did the first time around.


At almost two hours in length with 13 hot jocks, this is one film that is sure to leave you deeply satisfied.


Twinks on Parade!

The Goo Gabber staff tripped the light fantastic this weekend when we all went out to the gay hotspot in town. One thing we couldn’t help but notice were all the cute, young twinks. They were everywhere. This got us to thinking that there should be a national twink day. This day would be a national holiday that would be observed by twink parades, twink music and of course twink fucking. We’re not sure who to contact to get the ball rolling on our twink holiday, but for now we’ll have to settle by enjoying It’s the next best thing until we can get our holiday on the calendar. Enjoy!

[flv: 480 368]

Southern Guys Discover Joys of Gay Sex


We always hear complaints from our friends who grew up in the South that there’s nothing to do. They tell us the most exciting they did on Friday nights would be to go to a field, sit at the back of their pick-up truck, and drink beer with their buddies. However, the guys over at Southern Strokes have come up with one fun activity that’ll keep them entertained during the long, boring weekends.
We’re told that Buck had just finished a solo with his toy and was still wet from cleaning up in the shower when Preston called. Apparently, he was looking for some action to kill some free time, so a proposition was made to Buck to come back and do a session with Preston. Without hesitating the cute guy agreed, saying it sounded like it would be fun
The two guys definitely hit it off and Buck had no problems letting Preston take charge. To be honest, Preston reminded us of a bossy daddy commanding Buck to suck his dick, which he waved in Buck’s eager face.
Later, Preston uses Buck’s glass dildo to loosen up Buck’s tight ass. Apparently, he hasn’t seen much action, and when he does he needs to make sure he loosens himself up – otherwise he’s unbearably tight. We’re just going to take a wild guess and say that Preston probably had an amazing time loosening Buck up.

Creamy Facials and Cum Swapping

There’s something about youthful twinks frolicking in bed that gets us really hard. We have a feeling we’re not the only ones! The boys over at Cum Swapping Twinks love to get their faces covered in thick, rich, creamy cum and then have the one who dropped the load lick it off. Once he’s got enough in his mouth they’ll swap the cum back and forth adding their own warm saliva to the mix. If this sounds like your cup o’ creamy soup, you’re going to be extremely satisfied by what you see on this site. Sometimes, when a site focuses on one specific thing, all the other action ends up being mediocre – but not with these cum swappers. These twinks love to fuck in every position that’s been invented, and some that haven’t.

[flv: 480 368]

So if you feel the need to watch young, dirty boys with no inhibitions going at it, pop on over to Cum Swapping Twinks. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Sencer’s Dirty Secret

The guys at Flirt 4 Free are always ready to chat with you live 24/7/365. What makes this site so compelling is that most of the performers you see are just regular guys who love to show off their bodies. Don’t get us wrong – just because they aren’t porn stars doesn’t mean they aren’t built like them.
We stumbled upon Sencer on one of our more horny nights. Sencer is definitely a twink with a lot of muscle – especially the one between his legs. It’s no wonder, with such a big piece, that he said the following when asked about his best feature. “I try not to judge myself, but I think my best feature is my 9 inch cock – that and my smooth body.”
Good thing for us that Sencer has a naughty side that comes out when he’s performing. He said, “I love cam2cam in private – I love to see a hot ass while I talk naughty.” Talking naughty is actually one of the things that really turns this exotic looking twink on.
Now that we’ve discovered Sencer we plan to go back and visit him again and again. Many of these guys end up becoming friends with their customers. Who knows? Maybe we’ll even get to meet Sencer in the flesh… We can only hope!

Seasons Malibu