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BelAmi’s Lemonade Tastes Great

One of the newest flicks from BelAmi stars Brandon Manilow and Dolph Lambert as they drift their way through blue skies and summer days. Some new as well as some increasingly familiar faces including Troy Allen, Justin Boyd, Jean-Claude Duvall, Kevin Elola, Tobias Hayek, and Fabien Lally round out the rest of the cast.


One thing we couldn’t help but notice is that the sex scenes have been revised a little bit. No longer do these boys strip, suck, rim, fuck and cum. In order to ensure that you get the most bang (or in this case cum) for your buck, the boys are now cumming right after the blowjob. Don’t worry, though, the action picks up from there and continues all the way through the fucking until they find themselves cumming once again.


One of the hottest scenes involves Paul Valery and Ollie Safranov in a farmhouse. These guys take turns emptying out their cum into each other’s mouths before Paul gets behind Ollie and shoves his huge dick into Ollie’s tight, pulsing hole.

Later, Kevin Elola and Fabian Lally find a remote spot in a hay barn where they are able to exchange blowjobs. As Kevin jerks off Fabian, he slowly inserts his cock inside of him making the bottom moan with pleasure. This film is exactly what summer is all about: fun in the sun, relaxation, and lot’s of hot steamy sex!


Jeremiah & Shane Wet Fuckin

Jeremiah and Shane are two horny twinks who totally get into watersports. What’s unique about these two is that they both love the feel of a nice warm stream of piss on their bodies. They also love to piss on a guy in return, especially when he opens his mouth and tries to drink the golden juice!

There’s no stopping these two as they get comfy on the couch and dicks are pulled out. We’re not sure if they put something down to catch their warm streams, but we’re pretty sure they didn’t. Since we’re always pointing straight down when we piss, we’re a little surprised to see the trajectory. These dicks resemble water fountains in the way they shoot their yellow liquid!

At one point they both aim and shoot at each other bathing in each other’s hot piss. Now that’s hot! If you like the clip below, then check these two and tons more boys at Boy-Pissing! We know you won’t be disappointed!


Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Jimmy, Joey and Marcel from Boy Fun Collection make quite a trio. A while back, the three amigos discovered that they had a wild exhibitionist side to them when they found themselves having sex with each other in a public place. Ever since then, the trio has been getting together to let off a little steam. To make things even hotter they agreed to let the cameras roll while they got down and dirty!
These three muscular boys kicked things off by copping a feel before locking lips. We love to watch three guys kissing – it just looks so fucking complicated and hot! Like true Euro boys – European guys are always more sexually liberated – these three are all uncut, which makes oral sex even more enjoyable.


We’re not quite sure which name goes with which hard-on, but we don’t really care. All we know is that we would totally get on our knees and suck the guy in the picture below. We’d also grab a chunk of the guy’s faux hawk, pull his head back and bite his neck à la Edward from Twilight.


Don’t get us wrong we’d also suck the darker haired guy. For a twink he sure is hairy. Did you notice all the fuzz around his navel? Of course you did.


We’re not saying that we’re big ol’ greasy bottoms, but for the right guy we would point our feet up to heaven and let ourselves get pounded like the bitches we are, umm, in theory. And this guy would definitely be at the front of the line, theoretically speaking of course.


Bel Ami’s A+2

If you haven’t seen the Personal Trainer series from Bel Ami, you are truly missing out. The idea behind the series is that they take a Bel Ami model in training and pair him up with one of the studio’s seasoned veterans. Think of it as an apprentice/master relationship. In A+2, veterans like Sebastian Bonnet and Josh Elliot join Luke Hamill (he just graduated from trainee to trainer) and put the boys through their final paces before finally giving them a grade.
In the first scene, Yann Tiersen and Josh Elliot swap blowjobs while Luke Hamill tops Yann Tiersen. Josh and Luke really try to teach Yann what they have learned through their own experiences on film by showing him how it’s done. He might be their young Padawan learner, but it’s clear that this isn’t Yann’s first time at the rodeo.
Later, the ever goofy and extremely sexy Sebastian Bonnet tops newcomer Sean Berrett. In many ways Sebastian’s the new face of Bel Ami. In the past, Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston were the faces of the studio, and conveyed a sense of perfection and unattainability that made the studio what it has become today. Sebastian is the 21st version of the Bel Ami model. He’s still gorgeous and well packaged, but he’s a bit more relaxed and down-to-earth.
In the last scene, Alex Orioli & Luke Hamill join forces to top Eric Bouna. The lucky bottom ends up getting a feel for both of these studs that’ll have you booking a flight to the Czech Republic.

Zac Efron Undressed

It’s hard to believe that one of our favorite heartthrobs was born in 1987! God we feel old. Born in San Luis Obispo and raised in Arroyo Grande, Zac Efron has been setting hearts aflutter since his acting debut in 2002. The High School Musical alum has his eyes on a long career and understands that he’s gotta get in shape in order to maintain his leading man appeal. Fortunately for us, every time Zac decides to show off his very hot and worked out body there are paparazzi nearby to document his progress.
In the last year the star has been photographed without his shirt several times, including a day spent romping at the beach with his girlfriend. Zac knows he’s getting his picture taken and hams it up for the camera, but no amount of posing can change the fact that he’s got a hot bod.
In one of the pics, Zac appears to be adjusting himself. That or maybe he’s uncut and has sand that trapped in his foreskin. Either way we wish it were us adjusting him.
These are just some of the few pictures of hot, young celebrities you’ll have access to on There are even a few of Zac in the buff, but we figured we’d let you check it out for yourself and see all this site has to offer.

Mason Wyler Gives Great Head

No one can take a face fucking quite like Mason Wyler. In his latest sexual escapade, Mason’s waiting for Anthony to get out of the shower. Anthony is a muscular dude with awesome tats all over his body, brown olive skin, and one of the most delectable dicks we’ve seen in a while. Anthony gets right to it and drops his towel right as he walks into the room. He sits back and relaxes for a while and lets Mason get to work, but even Mason doesn’t go fast enough for the hot stud. Anthony finally takes matters into his own hands by grabbing Mason’s head and moving it up and down his dick at the speed he wants it done.

Later, Mason gives Anthony’s backside some special attention, but it really is all about Anthony’s cumshot, which leaves Mason’s face covered in Anthony’s hot. gooey jizz!

The Best of Josh Elliot

Josh Elliot’s skills are on full display in The Private Life of Josh Elliot – a movie that has collected the best scenes from his career with Bel Ami. Originally an exclusive bottom, this cocky stunner is said to have approached studio owner George Duroy and asked him directly for a chance to top. Duroy consented, and the rest – as they say – is history.
The first scene in the film also happens to be the very first time he appeared on screen. What’s great about these Bel Ami compilation DVDs is that the stars get to introduce each scene. It’s not surprising that Josh has become such a big name in the industry. Just one look at his first scene and everyone knew this talented boy was destined to be a porn star.
In one of scene, Josh tops a cute-looking surfer boy who’s just stepped out of the shower. You can really see that Josh likes pounding ass and hitting it from as many positions as he can muster before he cums. At one point he pulls out to switch positions and tells the bottom not to worry because his dick will slip right back in. On top of his sexual skills, Josh also delivers some explosive cumshots that are sure to have you reaching for the rewind button over and over again.

Blake Riley’s Wild Times

What happens when a hot father takes his son and all his jock friends camping? You would assume that they would razz each other and talk about girls, but not these dudes. All of these guys have a major hard-on for the father (played by Ken Mack) and they make sure he knows it too.
One of the horny dudes enjoying some fresh mountain air is Blake Riley. Those who aren’t familiar with Blake are really missing out. This dark-featured stud has a nice fat dick that likes to poke straight up when he sports wood. Both a top and a bottom, Blake looks good doing pretty much anything.
In one of the scenes, Blake hooks up with his buddy Cameron Marshall. Cameron resembles Brad Pitt in many ways, which is what makes the scene where Blake fucks the daylights out of him so fucking hot. The two really get off kissing, sucking and fucking each other, and Cameron struggles to keep his mouth off of Blake’s mouth and body.
One of Blake’s assets is his plump, tight ass. He obviously hits the gym to have a body like the one he has, but we can’t imagine what it must feel like to slide our cocks into such a muscled bottom. It must be tight from being worked out so much, so we imagine just a couple of pumps would make us want to shoot our load all over his beautiful face.

Zach Randall’s Hot Solo Session

[flv: 480 368]

If you remember the above clip then you’re going to love the latest offering by Zach Randall is back and hotter than ever – if such a thing is even possible. The ripped not-quite-a-twink/not-quite-a-man (how Britney!) lets out a nice warm load which soaks his designer jeans. This guy really gets off on his own piss and completely soaks himself, the bed, and probably the floor in the process.


One thing we love about Zach is his big uncut cock. He loves to play with it and it shows. You’ll notice that Zach really mixes things up and gets into positions that you rarely see when a guy is spanking his monkey. We’re guessing that this stud had quite a few interesting masturbation sessions growing up. We love this one in particular because all his muscles look even more ripped than normal. Check out those triceps!


Zach unloads a pretty big load all over his washboard stomach. On top of being hot, having a smoking body, and a big fat dick, he’s also a really big shooter! He really does have it all.


If this isn’t enough to get your rocks off, then seeing this cute guy lean over and suck his own dick – eating his own cum in the process – will definitely put you over the edge.

Josh Duhamel Bares All

In honor of the wedding that will take place this weekend between Josh Duhamel and that girl that likes to spell in every one of her goddamn songs – good ol’ what’s her name with the previous crack issues – we’re posting pictures of what that lucky bitch has to look forward to the rest of her life. Yeah, right.
We’re going to assume that before he was an actor in huge hits like Transformers, and umm… well, it was a big movie, this 36 year-old yummy stud was a professional model. That or some very rich older patron (we’re picturing a man) kept his ass as he tried to make it in the rough world of acting, and took compromising pictures to remember him by.
Lucky for us, collects these hidden gems like some people collect black market artifacts. We have to admit that Josh has a pretty nice ass for a straight guy. Isn’t that always the way? The guys who intend for nothing to happen in and around that area are as smooth as butter while those of us who get off on having our asses played with have to get a weed wacker just so the guy can find it.
We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this full frontal pic on the site. And no it hasn’t been photoshopped. That my friends is what Fugalicious will get to enjoy for the rest of her life. Yay her! Yeah, we’re bitter.

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