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Bel Ami’s – Brett Tamblyn

When we’ve spoken to the people that work behind the scenes at Bel Ami they are always adamant about the fact that they scout 24/7 to bring you only the hottest men that Eastern Europe has to offer. After seeing Brett Tamblyn we are beginning to think that scouting might not be such a bad job after all. You get to look for über-hot guys all day long in the hopes that one of them will agree to get naked on camera. It’s a win-win situation all around!
When he’s not shooting steamy scenes for us to enjoy, this blue-eyed, brown-haired Adonis hits the books studying to earn his college degree. We’re not sure it can get any hotter than that. Brains, gorgeous looks that seem to be genetically engineered, a beautiful bubble butt, and a nice, thick, long cock with a nice set of low hangers.
Brett – a Virgo, for those who are curious – admits that he prefers to bottom, but he doesn’t mind topping as well. (We hear a collective sigh of relief from all those reading.) Even the most ardent bottom would have to think twice upon seeing Brett’s perfectly proportioned ass. It just looks like it should always be filled with a nice tongue, a long finger or a fat dick.
Like most college students, Brett’s hormones are on fire, and he admits that he’s had sex in a restaurant restroom because he just couldn’t wait to get home. You can watch him in action here!

First Time Straight Guys Go All the Way

It’s hard to believe that some of these dudes are having sex with another guy for the first time, but when you consider that guys are more in tune with their equipment it’s not surprising to see how quickly they take to it. We recently stumbled upon a video clip featuring Drake and Johnny. Both guys have that college jock quality that really makes them hot, but what’s even hotter is to see them naked together exploring a male body for the first time.
Sometimes only one guy will do the servicing while the other just sits back and enjoys a manly hand wrapped around his dick as his balls get teased with a bit of stubble, but not these guys. Johnny deep throats Drake’s tool taking it all the way down his virgin throat while Drake watches and gets harder and harder as the cute stud takes him all the way.
The two even get into a little 69 action, which opens the door to other things. More specifically, Drake’s fetching little backdoor opens wide to receive Johnny’s thick piece of man-meat.
If something is worth doing then it is worth doing 100%. In this case, Johnny plunges in tongue-first to rim Drake’s frisky bubble butt. Drake, for his part, can’t believe how good it feels to have a man’s hands spreading his hole open while he is being tongue-fucked.
We have a feeling that this isn’t going to be the last time Drake will be having his hole filled. Just keep checking up on him and all the other straight guys that get dickmatized at

The Boys of Bel Ami

No other company on the planet ignites our fire quite like Bel Ami. The men are obscenely hot, and well endowed. If you’ve never been to Eastern Europe, which is where most of these guys are from, than you would think that every guy on the street is drop dead gorgeous. Although we would love nothing better than for this to be true, we’ve been told that Bel Ami has scouts who are always on the lookout for the next pin-up model.
Known for their iconic figures, Lucas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik come to mind, it seems like they couldn’t possibly out-do themselves, but their current roster of models would beg to differ. Josh Elliot, Sebastian Bonnet, Brandon Manilow, and Alex Orioli are just some of the guys who are currently burning up the screen.
One of things we love about Bel Ami is that they put their models to the test by training them on camera. The veteran models will show exactly how a scene should be done – down to the placement of their pinkies! It might not sound sexy, but believe us it is.

Next Door Buddies – Taylor Aims and Cole Parker

The guys over at Next Door Buddies are always the type you could have for a fuck buddy. They’re always really cute with hot bodies and pretty big tools dangling between their legs. The thing that makes them so hot is that they’re total boys. They are really athletic and love hitting the gym and playing sports with their buddies – probably habit from their days as high school jocks.


That’s probably what makes them so damn irresistible (they are the guys we all used to drool over in study hall). The one little difference is that these dudes like to fuck boy ass. Take Taylor Aims and Cole Parker for instance. Cole and Taylor go out boating during a sunny weekend. The two make for a gazebo to enjoy some shade and smoke some cigarettes. One thing leads to another and pretty soon they are trading blowjobs.


Since these guys have pretty much grown up as equals, neither of them has a problem with fucking and getting fucked during the same session. When it’s time to get off, Taylor ends up being the cum receptacle, taking both of their loads onto his stomach. And this is just one of many equally sizzling scenes you’ll be able to enjoy at

Tommy D. Shows Off Cocksucking Skills

We’re not quite sure whether Tommy D. is straight, gay or bisexual. Not that it matters, but we’d be a little jealous if he were straight and getting so much hot dick. We’re guessing his door swings both ways because he looks happy sucking and fucking pussy, but he’s also at ease in the arms of a hot guy.


One of the guy’s he has hooked up with has one of the most perfect bodies we’ve seen in a while. The stud just settles himself down and let’s Tommy worship his body. He even sticks his ass out, ever-so-slightly, and Tommy’s dick brushes his tight hole.


Tommy proves that he’s a good cocksucker when he works the guy’s fat dick. He takes it in his mouth like a pro, and looks really into what he’s doing. The guy sits back and watches the show, which is a turn on because a straight guy will usually close his eyes and pretend it’s a girl.


We even get some 69 action where you get to see Tommy’s hole. The cool thing about Tommy’s site is that it’s a part of a set meaning that for the price of one membership you get seven sites. Now that’s a great deal!


Bel Ami’s Johan Paulik Directs!


Johan’s Journal Part 1: Sun Kissed has the famous Bel Ami model shooting the action from behind the lens. Johan knows exactly what the audience wants to see and gets tremendous close-ups of the boys’ holes and dicks – so close, in fact, that you feel like you could reach out and touch them. The movie features some of the hottest Bel Ami guys including Sebastian Bonnet, Danny Saradon, Ben Keaton, and Ethan Clarke to name a few.


In one scene Justin Boyd is busy doing a photo-shoot when Johan decides to start a little trouble. He walks up to Elias Kudrow and asks if he would like to do anyone. Elias responds that he wouldn’t be opposed to having a little fun with Justin and Johan proceeds to make it happen. The two guys have beautiful big dicks, and can barely keep their hands off each other. Elias’ mouth feels so good that Justin ends up coming right at the get go. Elias isn’t ready to finish and slides his cock inside Justin and plows him pretty hard before he has to pull out and rip the condom off just in time to shower his own abs with stream of jizz.


That’s just some of the few scenes that you’ll enjoy in this flick, but one of our favorites is when five of the Bel Ami guys are lounging around trying to figure out how to guess a guy’s cock size. They finally whip their cocks out and have a competition to see who can cum the fastest. Hint: The winners picture appears on this blog post.


Incidentally, Lukas Ridgeston is one of the guys working the camera and gets so horny during a scene between Chris Casablanca and Sebastian Bonnet his erect dick pops out of his boxers  – it’s as nice as ever!


Jeremy Roddick Meets Shane Frost

Jeremy Roddick usually won’t do a scene with an actual pro from the industry, but when tattooed hottie Shane Frost announced he would be in Montreal on some business his delicious ass proved to be too much for Jeremy. Those who have seen Jeremy naked know that he’s got a big dick, and it seems like Shane couldn’t wait to wrap his mouth around it. The sparks definitely fly between the two and Shane spends most of his time moaning in delight.


After a little 69 action, Jeremy slides his enormous cock into Shane’s eagerly throbbing hole. Shane knows how to take big dicks, but even he is left a little out of breath by Jeremy’s monster tool.


Jeremy fucks him every which way imaginable, but what Shane really wants to do is ride that big piece of meat, which he does enthusiastically. A lot of guys will lose their hard-ons while they get fucked, but Shane manages to stay pretty hard the entire time. He’s got a pretty big dick himself, and it’s totally hot watching it bounce all over the place. We just love the sound of a nice cock slapping a guy’s stomach. In the end, Jeremy cums on Shane’s face who opens wide trying to get as much cum in his mouth as he can.


Camping Twinks Have Brokeback Moment

There is nothing like two twinks fucking to really get the blood flowing especially when there is the possibility that they will be caught. The boys over at always try to find time to fit in their extracurricular activities. In this case these two twinks find themselves on a camping trip sharing a tent. Needless to say that the quarters are tight and it is almost impossible for the two not to brush up against each other.


At one point the two are talking, a lot closer than they normally would, when their eyes lock. They’re both wearing nothing but t-shirts and boxers briefs, so when they both become aroused they both notice their growing bulges. One thing leads to another and pretty soon they are kissing and rubbing each other through their underwear.


There is always that moment of hesitation on how far is too far, but these guys are horny more than anything else. Shorts get pulled down, cocks get played with, and a head slowly makes its way down south. Not hearing any protest, the twink deep-throats the stiff dick, and it gets wonderfully clear how this session will end.


There’s nothing like the sensation you have when you get fucked for the first time and you feel yourself about to shoot your load. It’s so powerful, that even if you don’t shoot very far you find yourself on par with those who could turn shooting long distance loads into an Olympic sport.


Hugh Jackman Caught on Camera Naked!

There’s a lot of great actors that come from Down Under, but no male actor is as hot as Hugh Jackman. Recently voted by People Magazine as the hottest bloke in all the land, Hugh is the perfect combination of chiseled good looks, masculinity, and gorgeous body. Seriously, what’s not to love about the boy from Oz?


It’s not surprising with all of the work he’s done in films that he has appeared naked in at least one of them. A lot of actors who aren’t modest will do nude work either to get their name out in public, or to break out of a certain type. Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe anyone?


It’s not surprising that most of these actors end up on, but what we didn’t expect is to see a little homoerotic action between Hugh Jackman and a mystery man wearing nothing but a pair of tighty whities.


Insiders tell us that Mrs. Jackman has a conniption fit every time someone suggests her husband might be gay. We suggest that instead of throwing a fit she keeps a more watchful eye on her hot, uncut husband. After all, taking your shorts off while swimming in the ocean with a male friend – no matter how innocent – is a little bit gay. To see more of Jackman’s junk and hundreds of other celebrities check out Male Celebrities.

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