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Dean Coxx Gets Down To Business

After taking the gay porn world by storm in 2003 he went on to be recognized in 2006 at the GAYVN Awards winning for Best Amateur Video. Shortly thereafter, Dean Coxx ventured out and started his own website where you can still find him today.


Along with all the latest news on your favorite stud, you can also get a peak into his fitness regimen and see just how he came to have such a hot fucking body. The main reason to check his site out though is to see him naked and Dean does not disappoint. There you’ll find plenty of pics of him in some very uncompromising positions if you catch our drift.


We’re not sure if he plans to make a triumphant comeback to porn, but for now you can enjoy all of him here — and believe us when we say there are many inches to enjoy — and get to know a little bit more about the man you’ve longed for on so many horny nights.


Tommy D. Fucks Gives His Buddy A Good Pounding

TommyDxx’s site has been on fire lately with a bevy of boys that are all about sucking and fucking each other. Those who are familiar with Tommy’s site know that he will do just about anything to bust a nut. His buddy stopped by recently and the two immediately started rubbing each other’s cocks through their jeans.


Tommy’s buddy rippped off his pants and stuffed Tommy’s cock into his mouth sucking deeply as if it was the elixir of life. Before he could cum, Tommy pulled his cock out of his mouth, threw his buddy against the wall and devoured his cock while teasing his nipples.


I have a feeling Tommy was hoping his friend would be paying a visit by how freshly shaved his cock and balls are. It’s like he wanted nothing to get in the way between his hard cock and his friend’s tongue.


Tommy gives his pal’s ass a great tongue-lashing. I’m not sure if he had run out of lube, but by the time he was done there was no way that ass would dry up anytime soon. Tommy unrolled a condom over his cock and shoved that shit in and started pounding away.


My favorite part of the entire scene is when Tommy — ready to blow his load — pulls out at the last second, and rips the condom off right at the moment that a streaming load comes shooting out of his throbbing cock and over his friend’s back and ass. So fucking hot!


Randy Blue Delivers Hot Cock With Alex and Brandon


Alex Eden fans have probably been wondering where the Randy Blue stud has been. Well, he took a little break and now he’s back. Fans are sure to embrace his return with a one two tug, but they’ll also be excited that he’s toned down his bodybuilder’s bulk without getting rid of the muscle. On top of everything else his new buzz cut and facial scruff has Randy Blue viewers wetting their panties over the sexy stud.


We can’t forget Brandon who has been paired up with him and believe us when we tell you that this duo is smoking hot! Brandon and Alex really got into passionately making out before Alex finally dropped to his knees, pulled on the Ginch Gonch underwear band and whipped out the stone rock hard on. Brandon threw his head back in ecstasy as Alex opened his mouth and sucked long and hard on his ramrod.


After a while Brandon is more than happy to return the favor and gets down on his knees to suck on Alex’s long pole. One thing that has definitely not changed is Alex’s mojo, in fact, we think he looks hornier and harder than ever. Just look at the way his cock sticks straight up. Now that’s something we could all suck on for a while.

Jerking Off, Cocksucking, Fucking, and Pissing At


The hot Australian dudes over at Bentley Race know how to have a wild time. These dudes love to fuck like crazy but when they can’t find a partner they show their flexibility by self-servicing themselves. These particular guys give themselves some major tongue action — we bet they give the best blowjobs from all the practice they’ve had with themselves!


One thing these dudes love to do is fuck in the open air, which is probably the reason why they have no tan lines on their bodies. These two guys jump out of the car for an impromptu photo shoot before the photographer bends his friend over the car and gives him a good pounding.


If you’re into pissing and watching guys piss you’ll love watching all the hot studs that like nothing better than whipping out their dicks and taking a long piss before jerking their poles and shooting out a milky load.


There’s nothing better than watching two hot studs who love going down under. There are tons of pictures and videos of hung guys doing what we love to watch hot studs doing best. If you’re in the mood for some hot cock to get you off you should have no problem finding something to satisfy your needs!


Fratpad — Where All Straight Dudes Go To Relax

What happens when someone throws a bunch of straight guys together under one roof? The answers might surprise you! The guys over at Fratpad are young goofballs that spend most of their time shirtless and aren’t afraid to get a little experimental with each other.


What makes this site so hot is that these guys are clearly straight and have very obvious limits with how far they will go with each other. But even their boundaries don’t keep them from wanting to know about their fellow roommates. You can bet when they are naked together they’re sneaking peeks at each other’s junk.


Like most guys — whether they be gay or straight — these dudes love to jack off to some good porn, and they end up in many group circle jerks because of it. It might be a little fishy for one guy to be in the room watching the other dudes jerk their meat, but it’s really quite common at Fratpad. The dude watching will even jump in and grab another guy’s nipples just to fuck with him.


One thing we noticed about all the guys is how incredibly ripped they all are. They have a gym in the house, and drink protein shakes, but it’s still pretty impressive.


It’s seems like one of the ways that they cut down on expenses is by doing group activities together which includes bath time. If I had roommates that looked like these dudes do I would be hitting the shower at least five times a day!


Thirsty Dudes Drink Each Other’s Piss and Cum At


Piss-hungry horn-dog Mason Wyler has been dying to ride Jeremiah Johnson’s 9-inch cock for a while now. Before they can get to the fucking, these dirty boys kick things off in an unusual manner. First and foremost Jeremiah takes a hot streaming load of Mason’s piss into his mouth drinking as much of it as possible.


It must have been the power of suggestion ‘cuz no sooner has Mason finished relieving himself than Jeremiah whips out his cock and aims right into Mason’s mouth, which is open more from shock at how fast Jeremiah moved. Mason catches on quickly and drinks that shit up!


After some hot and heavy blowjob action including a little bit of 69 action, Jeremiah slips on a rubber and slips his cock into Mason’s eager hole. Mason groans with the excitement of having the stud he’s wanted inside of him for such a long time.


Jeremiah’s one of those guys that can’t enjoy shooting a load if he has to take a piss. Fortunately for him, Mason is still thirsty and opens wide for another warm stream.
After relieving himself all over Mason’s tight little body, Jeremiah busts a nut all over Mason’s face. In the end, the two of them are covered in piss and cum, and Jeremiah helps lick his splooge off of Mason’s face before they both cleanup. Let’s hope we’ll be seeing more of these two nasty boys real soon.

What To Do With Your Cum After You’ve Orgasmed

You Love Jack is always serving up cute hot boys for us to gawk at, and their latest model does not disappoint one bit! Meet Tyler Biggs. He’s hung, adventurous, and has a cute tattoo over his right nipple. Did we mention he just broke up with his girlfriend?


It’s clear that whomever Tyler was dating didn’t appreciate all his talents — especially the one between his legs. How else would she have been willing to break-up with such a cute, intelligent guy?


One thing Tyler isn’t afraid to do is explore his body, even if it does mean taking a futuristic looking dildo and shoving it where the sun don’t shine. We’re certain Tyler’s tight hole enjoyed every single inch of his penetration just as much as we enjoyed watching it.


Like most guys who discover their own G-Spot, Tyler was convinced he was going to shoot his load any second and flipped onto his back and got to working on his flagpole. Too bad they didn’t clock just how fast his jizz came shooting out. We figured it must have been at least 135 miles per hour.


There are people who will save a cork from a bottle of wine if it was particularly good, for Tyler this rule also applies to a good orgasm. After he had milked his shaft out of every little drop, he picked up his cum with his fingers and ate his own man-juice, savoring every last drop.

Joshua Ballman on Jake Cruise is a Huge Grower!

The latest stud over at is Joshua Ballman — a young and hung surfer/skater looking stud who could do us any day of the week. Before he stripped down, Joshua said a few words in his JO video. The cute dirty-blond stud seemed really confident without being obnoxious, and we realized why once he had dropped his pants.


Joshua is absolutely huge! Like, you’re going to need several other hands to help you whack off that monster. Huge! His cock veins were pulsing the entire time he played with himself. It’s not really any surprise, since it must take gallons of circulating blood to keep that sucker erect.


Sometimes you can look at a picture and just admire it while other times you actually imagine yourself in it. When we saw the picture below we pictured ourselves on our knees holding his tool firmly at the base and slowly trying to stuff as much of it as humanly possible down our throats. We can picture Joshua throwing his shaggy head back and slowly thrusting his hips back and forth — feeding us his ginormous member.


After that was done maybe he’d want to worship our cocks for a bit, or maybe he would want to continue where we left off. He sits on the couch and grabs it at the base giving it a couple of shakes, raises an eyebrow and waits to see what we will do next. What would you do?

huge-fat-gay-cock.jpg Offers Up Hot Studs For Your Pleasure

Gabor — no relation to the cop slapping Zsa Zsa — is a 25-year-old hottie who hails from Berlin Charlottenburg, and loves playing football and basketball. He had never done any type of modeling before, but was eager to see what all the fuss was about and allowed the dudes over at Berlin Casting to pop his porn star cherry.


Gabor is exactly the type of guy I would want to wake up next to every morning. His trim body, light hair on his chest and face stubble is the type of thing that drives me wild. Just by looking at him, it’s easy to see that he has a very laid back attitude. It also doesn’t hurt that he reminds me of Shia Lebeouf.


During his shoot, Gabor was completely unafraid of bending over and showing off his ass and even went as far as to spread his cheeks to the camera for those who desire a closer inspection. He also enjoyed stroking his meat — looking very sexy while doing it — but the real clencher was when he finally released his load. There are guys you watch and then there are those who you would actually want to hook up with after seeing them in action, and Gabor definitely falls into the latter category.


Gay Orgy XXX Brings You The Hottest Little Three-way You’ll Ever See

If you’re like us — and we have a feeling that you are — you love watching three guys exploring each other’s bodies and jockeying for the top or bottom position. These three guys lucked out because two of them are hardcore tops and the lone bottom would shove a fire hydrant up his ass if he could. We jest, we jest.


The dude in the middle has the kind of look you’d expect to see from people who have won the fucking lottery. Of course, if we were in the middle of these two cocks our eyeballs would be like saucers from all the eye candy coming at us.


Not only is the dude on the right smoking hot, but he’s got a big cock to go along with his hot ass body. Don’t let his pretty boy looks fool you, because guy must have been a jock or something because he aggressively feeds his cock to the guy getting rimmed without even worrying that he’s gonna make him choke. Some people only think of themselves — but then again he could choke us any day of the week.


The hungry bottom boy finally gets his man-pussy poked after begging and begging for it. It’s not that the other guys weren’t ready to pounce on his ass like a starving man wolfing down a meal, it’s just that they wanted to build up the anticipation to the point where the bottom was practically trying to back into them with his ass. At least he got it in the end!


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