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Joey and Rylan Fuck on Sean Cody and You Won’t Believe Who Bottoms!

Sean Cody has proven that perfection does exist. The two latest studs to grace the cock-swelling site are Joey and Rylan — two ridiculously good-looking dudes who have no reservations about fucking in front of a camera.


Before the action kicks off the two are driving toward Sean Cody’s place when Rylan hesitantly announces that he’ll be the catcher later on. The hung stud is clearly more adept at pitching — from the looks of his huge cock — which turns the conversation towards Joey’s own massive member.


After discussing it, Rylan admits that his hole is wide enough to take Joey’s piece. One thing Sean Cody points out, which Rylan doesn’t really consider, is Joey’s meaty, muscled thighs and rock hard ass. With those types of muscles Joey is capable of some fierce thrusting action that is sure to take Rylan by surprise.


The great thing about watching these two go at it is the force Joey uses to furiously guide his cock in and out of Rylan’s hole. Joey grabs the sides of Rylan’s hips with his strong hands and guides Rylan’s ass up and down his long shaft as he pillages it with all his energy.


One way to measure how much fun a guy is having is to see if he’s able to maintain wood while getting pounded. Rylan not only proves he can take a big dick, as well as any experienced bottom, but remains rock solid throughout. When his fat, veiny cock finally releases a warm milky load you feel like he’s really enjoyed every moment leading up to his happy ending — we know we did.

Randy Blue Dudes Know How to Smoke Large Poles

The latest duo to hit is Leo and Trent. Randy admits that when Leo first made an appearance on the site the comment boards went wild with postings. Of course, it’s easy to see why guys would be so fascinated with Leo — one look at his Roman soldier looks is enough to make any guy’s trouser snake stand at attention.


In order to put on a good show for his horny audience, Randy tells us that he had to partner the dark haired Adonis with a guy that not only knows how to suck cock, but can be called the definitive cocksucker. Finding him was easy, there’s no other guy that can give a blow job quite like Trent, and so the two studs finally met.


It’s clear to see that Trent is like an eager child on Christmas morning and can’t wait to unravel Leo’s package. The two can barely manage to stay on the couch after a nice warm-up make-out session before Trent has wrapped his moist lips onto Leo’s long, thick pole. One thing that’s hot about Leo’s package is that he doesn’t have what we like to refer to as “Powderpuff Balls” he lets his pubes grow in naturally without obsessively trimming them — so fucking hot!


Sucking on the studs cock can’t be an easy job — having to open one’s mouth impossibly wide and all — but Trent does more than just fine. Just look at Leo’s red lips parted in ecstasy, his head thrown back as he gets ready to shoot a warm load into Trent’s overworked mouth and ask yourself, which of the two would you like to be?


2 reasons why skinny boy Kaleb from is totally freaking our shit!

We’ll be honest: There’s something a little off about Kaleb from, and it has totally caught out attention. In fact, there’s two things we think are totally weird about this guy and his hip-hugging whitie tighties, and since he shows up quite a bit from time to time, we thought we’d air our feelings!

guy masturbating with both hands

First off, he has this strange way of masturbating. For lack of a better term, we’ll call it the two-hand clutch. See, just watch him. With one hand, he grabs the shaft and stokes up and down, and with the other he forms that little hook around the base and grips all so tightly. Weird, but effective.

guy masturbating with both hands

Secondly, he’s a total moaner when he’s pleasuring himself. Only, these noises are like nothing we’ve ever heard before. They’re almost like a high-pitched wale, mixed with a few deep grunts. It’s definitely worth a listen!

guy masturbating with both hands

Shay slips off his underwear, inhibitions at

Isn’t it hot when a guy gets so caught up while jacking his cock that he completely forgets where he is and who he’s doing it in front of? That was the case over at, with their newest boy Shay, who we’re told showed up on the set totally nervous for his very first shoot.

shay fingers boyhole

True, nerves are nothing new on gay porn sets, but Shay just couldn’t seem to shake his – until he slipped off his camouflage undies to show off his perfectly pert posterior and an amazing 7” untrimmed, uncut cock to match. I guess when you look that good naked, there’s really nothing to be worried about!

shay fingers boyhole

But it wasn’t until this young, blond stud started slowly fingering his hole that he was really transported into a whole new level of ecstasy; Shay got so into tugging at his cock that he lost all his inhibitions and started playing with himself just as he would if he had been home all alone, pleasuring himself however he pleased. Don’t worry Shay, we’ll try to not to interrupt you as we watch….

shay fingers boyhole

Grab your (sleeping) bag and your dick – is having a party!

Okay, so here’s what’s been going down over at lately, and it’s two of the hottest words you’ll ever read. Well, at least the hottest until you read our next post. Alright, are your ready? Here is it! Sleepover Party.

hot naked sleeping boys

Yes, sleepover party. See, what they do is invite a handful of their hottest, horniest studs, put them in a room, and tell them to go to sleep. No, just kidding. Actually, they tell them to do whatever the fuck they want – and what they want is to play with each other’s cocks all night long.

hot naked sleeping boys

Their latest sleepover party turned into an all night fuckfest. Seriously, these three boys could go forever without dumping their loads of cum all over the damn place. There was kissing, there was thrusting, there was humping – there was everything you’d expect would happen if you threw three horny guys on a bed and told them to have a party. I hear they’re going to have another sleepover party real soon –cruise on over to for all the details!

hot naked sleeping boys

Morning Sex at Way better than a strong cup o’ joe!

Waking up in the mornings can be hard. I mean, not only is there that whole getting up part where you actually have to drag your ass out of your big comfy bed and throw yourself in the shower, but if you a guy who’s as horny as me – or the twinks of, there’s also the matter of that pesky morning wood to deal with.

bareback boyfriends

In their latest update, featuring Sean and Cory, that’s exactly the problem that arises between these two shaggy haired boys; and Sean’s got a great way of tending to the situation. His solution? Burying his bone deep in Cody’s ass the moment he wakes up and realizes he’s got a rocket in his underwear that’s about to fire off. Good, quick thinking, boy.

bareback boyfriends

Of course, it helps when you’ve got a boyfriend as accommodating as Cody. No matter how early in the morning it is, he’s ready to open his eyes – and his mouth – and suck Sean’s dick for as long as it takes to get him to shoot that warm, sticky load. Talk about waking up on the right side of the bed!

bareback boyfriends

The cock close up: Large, hard, and in your face (Exactly how you like it, yeah?)

Here’s a topic we haven’t talked about in a while: The beautiful, big, cock close up. There’s nothing quite as breathtaking, is there? Especially when the photography is superb, and the dick is perfect – a combination which coalesces more often than not over at

big juicy cock

Their latest update – Forrest – is a prime example of a great dick in it’s more natural of states; just check out the hair on those balls! It’s like his balls have never even been touched by a pair of scissors; fans of guys who are totally scruffy below the belt are sure to love all of this stud.

big juicy cock

As for the waist up, Forrest has a face that’s just as beautiful close up as his cock is. Gorgeous brown eyes, soft, tan skin, and a smile that makes your heart warm and your crotch hot. Talk about a slice of perfection

big juicy cock


Marlon from – Super smooth and super cute, yeah?

Every job has it’s sacrifices. For super cute Marlon, from’s latest update, he works at night as a stripper, which means he has to keep his body smooth and hairless all the time. Yeah, that means he has to shave his ass, which is something he has to do all the time he tells us, as his rear can get pretty bushy.


Not that we mind a little hair on our guys every now and there, but it’s nice to look at a fur-free guy like Marlon, right?  This was you can see every throbbing muscle on his tight, lean frame, and watch as the sweat that’s built up from jacking his thick uncut meat begins to drip from his chest. Here’s a few screen grabs from his latest adventure, so you can see exactly what we mean!



Fashion, two straight guys, and a cock so pretty it could turn anyone gay!

Hot damn! Now those are some orange shoes! I mean seriously, it looks like the guy’s wearing two traffic cones on his feet, doesn’t it? Where the heck do you get a jazzy pair of kicks like that anyways? Do you think they glow in the dark? Things that glow in the dark are totally the best!

Fine, enough about these boy’s fashion…But it is always interesting to see what guys wear to their first XXX shoot. I mean, they know they’re just going to have to take it all off anyways, don’t they? That being the case, I probably wouldn’t want to wear my Sunday best, if you know what I’m saying.

Of course, the moment these two English studs from have their cloths piled up in a bundle on the floor, they only thing we’re able to notice are the one’s huge cock. Look at it in his buddy’s tiny hand; it’s a real beauty, huh? Almost enough to turn even the straightest guy gay…

One’s Bi, one’s Straight, and one’s Australian – How far will these guys go?

Every time a new update pops up on, we’re faced with the same question – Exactly how far will these boys be willing to go this time for a little cold, hard cash? This time we’ve got three guys – Gavin (who’s bisexual), Scott (who’s straight), and finally Trevor (who’s Australian).

If you ask us, a combination like that could go many, many different way. I mean, Gavin’s easily going to be willing to suck a little (or a lot) of dick since he’s bi, which really is just a stop of the big rainbow road to gay. Then there’s Scott, who says he’s straight, but really went to town on his eyebrows with the tweezers, so we’re guessing he’ll easily let another guy blow him –if not much more.

But then there’s Trevor, and as an Australian he’s a total wild card. You know how those blokes from down under roll – they could love sitting on everything in sight, or they could punch you in the face if you even suggest they remove their pants. You just never know with those Aussies! Anyways, we got a little sneak peek of what went down, so here’s your first look….

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