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Nathan and Neil: A match made in perfect cock heaven!

Nathan B and Neil – Could there be any crazier duo in the ever-tumultuous world of gay porn? Well, maybe. Feel free to leave you suggestions in the comment section. We have a feeling someone might suggest that much buzzed about scene between Matthew Rush and Zeb Atlas, but we’re secretly hoping someone comes up with our long-awaited Michael Lucas/Chi Chi LaRue sex scene we’ve always dreamed of. Yum!

Meanwhile, over in the real world of, we’ve got super-ripped straight boy Neil, and his gayer-than-gay (but still equally muscled) buddy Nathan B. Well, everyone knows opposites attract – and there must be quite a magnetic pull coming from Neil’s huge cock, because Nathan just can’t keep his lips away from the thick, uncut masterpiece.

Seriously though, it really is a great cock. See the way it arches upward towards Neil’s smooth abs ever so slightly? Yeah, that’s the way we like it, and so does Nathan, as he drives his head down deep into Neil’s crotch. It’s a shame straight guy Neil won’t be talked into doing any reciprocation to Nathan and his glistening package – but something tells me we’re only an update away from that jewel!

There’s two things every good Marines loves: His country, and a two-handed hand job

There’s nothing we hate more than seeing a XXX site you think is totally hot, and then being totally bummed out when they only update their super sexy material like once a month. Okay, so maybe we hate world hunger, earthquakes, and that line of over-priced leggings Lindsey Lohan is currently hawking online, but still; Right up there on our list of loathes are rarely updated porn sites.

Which is exactly why we are so crazy about Yes, it’s got tons of hot marines with weeks of pent-up aggression ready to blow their wads all over the place, but more than that it’s just got tons of content. Did we mention it’s updated every single day? Yeah, everyday there’s a brand new full-length adventure, featuring site star Bobby Garcia, as he seduces yet another (and sometimes multiple) marines.

The best updates are Bobby’s famous load blowing two-handed hand jobs. The buff marine with the flawless body will lay back and let Bobby work his magic – and typically it doesn’t take long before these military boys are firing off wet, sticky shots into their own face. Talk about some friendly-fire! Hey Bobby – when ya going to lend us a hand?

Ass-virgin Berke grits and bears his buddy’s cock in his butt for the first time at

Meet Berke, the latest hirsute stud from Well, actually, he’s only really hairy below the waist. Beyond that, he’s smooth and shaven in true Sean Cody fashion, but compared to some of their other buffed out hairless studs, Berke’s a bit of a beast.

But back to our introduction. You see, you probably haven’t met Berke before – at least in this context. That’s because Berke’s a full-on virgin. Yep, ain’t nothing big, small, or of any size has been in that tight hole of his before. But all that is about to change….

Of course, it wasn’t without resistance (in more ways than one). Apparently Berke had sworn he’d never bottom before, and if you have any doubt of his intentions to keep his ass unstuffed for life, just take a look at the wincing expression on his face as his buddy Fuller nails his butt – slow at first, but quickly picking up speed as he pumps vigoursly with his hips.

I guess it’s all part of showing Berke the ropes, and if it’s any consolation dear Berke, it’s going to feel a whole hell of a lot better next time you let Fuller pound the bejeezus out of your behind. And I’m sure we’ll be right there watching. Who knows, maybe this time we may even get you to smile!

It’s my party and I’ll jizz if I want to! Wait, that’s not how the song goes, is it?

So the latest update from –a site known for cock-starved twinks going crazy on each other’s dicks – is less of a giant party blowout, and more like a small intimate gathering. A very small, very intimate gathering, of two young, hot guys, to be exact.

Not to say that these boys don’t know how to celebrate. Oh, just the opposite – these guys know how to have a good time, and like the old song goes, it’s their party, and they’ll jizz if they want to! Okay, we know that’s not how it goes, but someone really ought to do a remixed version. Quick, somebody gives these boys a microphone!

That’s because cumming is pretty much the only thing on these young guy’s minds from the second this two-man shindig gets started. Just look at their eyes (which both happen to be perfectly blue and totally stunning), and you can totally tell that the only thing on these studs’ minds is dumping a load of boy-goo all over each other’s smooth chests. If that’s not enough to get you singing a happy party song, then we don’t know what is!

Fighting over English Blokes with Big Wankers

I once got in a bar fight with this big, ugly straight English guy who called me a “Wanker”. At the time, I didn’t have any clue what the hell he meant by it (Blame it on those damn tequila shots!), but I soon found out he hadn’t meant it as a compliment as he began tugging at my collar and shoving my face against the bar top….

As much as I’m sure you’d all like to hear how that story ends (it’s not a good one for Mr. Scott Roberts!), we’re glad the term “wanker” is being used in a much more pleasant sense over with the boys of Here’s it’s all about straight guys masturbating, and quite frankly watching these English blokes rub one out at their own pace is a lot more fun than getting your ass handed to you at your local pub.

Speaking of ass, however, to be fair we have to warn you that there’s not a lot of it, especially in their most recent duo update. But if take a moment (or two) to check out the size of these cocks, you’ll understand their extra inches more than make up for it. Let’s just say it’s enough to being out the dick lover in anyone – Oh yeah, wanna fight about it?

Weeds’ Justin Kirk’s crotch bugle: Talk about a scene stealer!

Okay, to be perfectly honest, we’re not all that sure who this Justin Kirk guy is, but damn if he isn’t the hottest thing we’ve see in a long time. It’s something about those mischievous, sexy eyebrows of his – the guy just looks like he’s got something up his sleeve – and something even meatier in his pants, if we’re lucky!

justin kirk naked

For those of you Weeds fans out there (I know, I’m like the only gay who isn’t head over heels in love with Mary Louise-Parker! Whatever.), you’re probably well aware of Justin and his fine body of work – especially if you caught that sexy scene where Justin stripped down to his whitie-tighties and let that huge bulge in his crotch steal the scene.

justink kirk naked

Sure, he’s a little bit dorky, but there ain’t nothing wrong with that by us. And did we mention he’s gotten naked on screen, which you can check out at Oh yeah, he’s got great pair of low hangers with a dick to match that make us think he maybe should switch to a much more XXX-rated career….We’re just saying!

Blake Riley: Bigger, beefier, and more horned up than ever!


For anybody who goes to the gym on a regular (or even irregular) basis, there’s no compliment greater than “Wow, have you been working out?”
Well, that’s exactly what we’ve got to say about exclusive Blake Riley, because hot damn this kid looks great. Sure, we’d still put him in that twink catageory, but judging from the way it’s going, he won’t be a little boy for long.
Check out those rock-hard triceps, not to mention some stomach muscles you could wash your laundry on. Combined with his lightly hairy chest, andfull, thick juicy lips, it’s no wonder his partner in this latest scene is all over him, eagerly stuffing his mouth full of Blake cock like it was going out of style! Oh Blake, you’ll never go out of style in our eyes!
blake-riley-gay-naked.jpg convinces College Boy Paul to show off his perfect package

Wow, I totally went to college with a guy just like Paul from Perfectly groomed, short hair, skinny as a railing, and with a wonderfully smooth chest you just wanted to reach out and paw whenever he took off his shirt. In other words, the total college boy package. Come to think of it, his name was Paul too…wait just a minute….


Well, while I’m rifling through my beer-soaked college memories for more about my Paul, you should totally check out this Paul, because he’s got quite a treat hiding in his loose fitting boxer-briefs. And it’s not even Christmas! I know!


That being said, we heard that in addition to his classic good looks, Paul’s a total sweetheart, who’s even a little shy – but not in the bedroom. Apparently that’s where he really looses all inhibition and his inner tiger really starts to purr. Oh Paul, we’d listen to you sit and purr yourself silly anytime!


Twinky Ricky has no sexual boundaries – he’s ready to be your bitchboy!

Boundaries: If you ask us here at, there’s noting sexier than a guy with no boundaries whatsoever. If you’re the kind of guy that will let us do anything to you – and we do mean anything – then congratulations buddy. We’re about to take your ass to the chapel and we’re going to get gay married, baby.


We know we totally sound like old fashioned romantics. But it simply can’t be helped. When a guy is open to try new things, it just make our pants stiffen and our balls tingle! And I think we may have just found the perfect guy to fill out unrestricted, boundary-less wet dreams.


His name is Ricky, and he’s one of the top models on, and after studying his profile very closely, we’re convinced he’s totally the guy for us, mostly because this smooth-skinned twink is down for anything and everything. Ropes and bondage? He’s tied up and ready to be your plaything. You’re into pouring hot, oozy candle wax all over his crotch? He’s already got the candle lit and ready to go.


Yes, it appears there may in fact be no end to the kink that Ricky from is willing to try; of course, we’ve got a few games up our sleeve that we’re sure even wild child Ricky has never thought of doing before. Anyone ever tried the Upside-down Flying Tokyo Helicopter Slam? Didn’t think so….


Pierced cock: It’s what’s for dinner (or at least what the boy’s are eating!)

You know that rule about eating all the food that’s on your plate? You know, the one that’s lead to countless cases of childhood obesity, and kept sweatpants in business for years? Well, there’s a similar rule in porn, only this one typically causes countless hours of pleasure, and often results in thick, volcanic eruption of man-spunk – both of which, we consider to be really, really good things.


The boys of know this rule about always eating the meat that’s placed in front of you all too well, as their latest trio demonstrates with their voracious appetite for cock. See how Brent and Xander claw at their buddy’s pierced cock like two ravenous coyotes, battling for a taste of its sweet succulence? That, my friends, is how you suck cock.


Anyhoo, if it isn’t clear from these preview pictures, this is one threesome who knows how to have fun – in a number of difference ways. Dildo thrusting, cock slurping, there’s even tons of that gratuitous spit swapping that Randy Blue’s so good at producing. All in all, these boys and their tools can whip up one hell of a delicious dish!


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