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Crush Alert: Nick from UK and his thick, meaty thighs

To what lengths are you willing to go to have guys worshipping the ground you walk on? If you’re Nick from, then you’ll strip down to your birthday suit while scaling scaffolding just to get the attention of your fellow men – and quite frankly, he’s got our notice. He’s so cute we just want to scoop him up out of that basement dump that he’s posing in and bring him to our bedroom to show him how a real man should be treated.

Nick UK Naked Men

Regardless of his surroundings, however, there’s no denying that Nick would be one hell of a hot fuck. I mean, check out those thick, muscular legs! Who wouldn’t want those meaty thunder thighs wrapped tightly around their waist as they’re pumping his ass full of cock?

British Bloke with Big Cock

All too often muscle men are so busy working their biceps and triceps that they forget the how damn sexy it can be to have a great, strong pair of stems to pull it all together, but not Nick! Now if only we could make him grow some hair on those legs – Quick, somebody take away this guy’s Lady Schick!

Big Mushroom Head Cock

Brent gets what he wants – beefy bodybuilder Jeremy’s dick in his mouth!

Randy Blue Brent Jeremy

Nothing makes me happier than watching Brent Diggs spread open his perfectly plump cheeks for me to peek inside. Seriously, the little guy has it all – great smile, stunning blue eyes, and tight, muscular frame that you just want to pick up and toss around your bedroom.

Randy Blue Jeremy Cock
And then there’s Jeremy – the butch, older guy, with crazy hard pecs and a set a biceps that could rip a horse in two. Leave it to the geniuses at Randy Blue to pair this seemingly odd couple together for an adrenaline-fueled roll in the hay!

Jeremy’s Ass Randy Blue

Well, the truth is, Brent and Jeremy couldn’t have been a better match for each other. Jeremy still says he’s straight (I know! He’s fucked like a zillion guys, and can still claim to be 100% all-ladies man! No fair!), and Brent is gayer than a clutch purse on Tony night. Needless to say, Brent was in big bottom heaven to have the chance to lick all up and down Jeremy fine body of work. And Jeremy, well, this guy just loves to show off his amazing physic – just check out the photos. Talk about an attention whore! It’s okay Jeremy, we’ll watch you flex your muscle(s) any day!

Bang Bang Boys give a lesson in the art of the perfect fuck!

There’s a definite art to fucking someone properly, and if anyone has it mastered, it’s the beefy boys over at Take a look at Bruno – a guy who not only loves to fuck, but can teach all of us a thing or two. Watching him is like a lesson in being an amazing lover, and it’s one seminar we’ll bring our pencil (and paper) to anytime.

Latin Twink Sucking Cock

He starts by doing a wet, sloppy nosedive into his man’s rear; this time, as you can watch him do with his scene partner Claudio. It’s like a drug dog sniffing out Whitney Houston at an Israeli airport, right? Bruno licks every smooth, sleek inch of Claudio’s hole – which he’s going to need if he’s going to be ready for the pounding Bruno’s about to give.

Gay Twinks Fucking

No here’s the best part: Bruno may like it rough, and isn’t afraid to pound away with his powerful hips, but it’s all about the finesse he maintains with every thrust and plunge. He’s got a magic pelvis I say! Once he finds his rhythm, it’s all Claudio can do to stop himself from splooging all over the place and for that, Bruno is totally king. Boys, take note!

Teo – and the story of how a Gay Porn Star comes to be!

Ever wonder where gay porn stars come from? Well, the short answer would be frat houses and homeless shelters, but if you’re looking for a happier, more enjoyable story, then look no further than Teo – the newest hot cake that has cooked up for our enjoyment.

chaos men teo upcoming pornstar gay boys

You see, when straight boy Teo – with his retro brown locks of shaggy hair and killer smile – first clumsily stumbled onto the gay porn scene, a simple jack-off show was as far as he was willing to go. Any further would be like so totally gay, right? Well, it wasn’t long before he was letting another guy rim his cute little bubble butt – and squirming in all to un-straight pleasure all the while. The week after, he was sucking his first cock – and jacking off his buddy in the process, which was way totally hot.

chaos men teo upcoming pornstar gay boys

 And look what we have now – Teo’s first time fucking another guy is here, and although his awkward thrusts and uncomfortable kisses make it all too apparent that he’s never done this before, that really just adds to the charm of it.  Everyone’s got to have a first time, right?

chaos men teo upcoming pornstar gay boys

 So what’s next for Teo? If we were a betting man – which we totally are – we’d be putting our money on seeing Teo get pounded by next week. God, I can’t wait until next week!

Sick or super hot??? YOU decide!

Alright, so I need everyone’s opinion about something I did the other night.  I’m not sure if it was just really super hot, or like sick, nasty, and just entirely wrong.

jizz addiction twinky boy model

 Ok, now before you all start thinking I did something really crazy – like sit through the entire telecast of the Tony Awards  (Me do something that gay? Never!), let me explain. It’s sort of something I saw this cutie from do the other day.

jizz addiction twinky boy model

So it was late on Sunday night, and I was all horned up from watching Cheyenne Jackson strut around stage in those short denim shorts for his number from Xanadu during the Tonys (I swear that was the only part I watched! Honestly!), and quickly and easily jacked off all over my chest.

jizz addiction twinky boy model

Still fully turned on, I was ready to go for round two- only this time, I realized that the only lube I had left in the house was the thick pool of cum I had just squirted all over my chest. Without thought, I quickly scooped up my own jizz and used it to coat my cock. A moment later, I was completely soaked in another load of spunk.

So I guess that’s my question – Is is cool to use your own jizz to jack-off with? What do you think?

Hairy bushes, beefy bods, and frat boys – What more can you ask for?

Can we take a brief moment to thank for their latest onslaught of guys with wonderfully wooly bushes of hair below their belts? Sure, there’s nothing worse that ending up with mouthful of tiny curly hairs after you’ve been sucking you’re boyfriend dick all morning, but for some reason we’d gladly shove our face in his hairy crotch anytime. I think it has something to do with that long, pointy cock their boy Dan’s got hiding in the thick coat of hair; well, not so much hiding, as proudly pointing it toward the sky.

frat men dan boy muscle

 More than that, the guy’s got a hot, youthful exuberance to him, and delights in showing off his muscular frame. With killer triceps like that, can you blame him? I mean, those are some pretty massive guns he’s got – just watching him flex makes us want to run out to the gym and find a some all-American boy with a addiction to barbells to fuck around with. Now who’s up for some squat thrusts?

frat men dan boy muscle pretty cock

Joshua’s got pert, perky nipples – and loves having them played with.

We’ve been hearing from a lot of our buddies lately that there isn’t enough talk out there about gay guys and nipple play – and I have to agree. A good nipple tweakin’ can be way hot, and to overlook such a hot act is just plain criminal.

joshua jeremy roddick gay nipple play

If there’s one guy who should be locked up for having such dangerously amazing nips, it’s Joshua from – and who better than Jeremy himself to give those perky pecs the attention they deserve? He starts off with a little gentle licking, lapping his wet tongue over each pointy nipple, until he’s eventually sucking with full force. All that suction only serves to get Joshua even more turned on, and it isn’t long before he’s grabbing Jeremy by the neck and shoving his mouth over his cock.

joshua jeremy roddick gay nipple play

 That doesn’t stop Jeremy from maintaining a firm grip on his nipples as he dives face first into Joshua’s smooth, great tasting cock. The best part is that all that tugging and yanking barely seems to faze Joshua. Hmmm, something tells me he’s done this before!

joshua jeremy roddick gay nipple play and blowjob

Clamp down and give you sex life a bolt of excitement!

There’s not a lot of sex toys out there that I’d consider to be terrifying. Well, actually that newly released  11” Ben Andrews dildo is a little chilling, but far from completely frightening.

gay electric clamps

These, however, just scare the hell out of me. Especially the part in the description from the site that says, “They can stimulate great pleasure if used correctly.” Um, and what happens if they’re not used correctly? Hot damn, I hope these things come with more than just an instruction manual. In fact, I’d probably prefer it if they came with a horse hung hunk who actually knew how these tiny little shockers work – you know, just in case. Nothing is worse than, well, being electrocuted. Especially when all you’re trying to do is shock your boys downstairs into having a little fun.

Still, if used with discretion, I’ve heard these Electro Sex Clamps pack quite a powerful punch. And hey, if you’re not quite ready for hooking these bad boys up to your car battery, you can still get a kick out of wearing them alone without any electric surges. When put that way, it’s actually not that scary at all.

Sex is so much better with audience participation, ain’t it?

Have you seen the latest trailer over at What the fuck! This shit is insanity. It sort of reminds me of the last frat party I went to, only like not as gay and with less cock sucking. That’s not to say there’s not a whole lot of dick slurping going on this party – that takes place in some type of well-lit sex club. Actually, that’s more a comment on how gay that fraternities are at my college, but that’s another story.

guys go crazy gay orgy party

Anyways, it never fails to astound me how they get so many good-looking guys to just loose all their inhibitions and just strip down and start fucking the nearest hole they see. These guys hold back absolutely nothing; it’s like everywhere they turn, their cocks just slip into another hole, or some dude’s mouth who’s on his knees servicing the entire crowd. There’s nothing better than getting fucked, and having an entire throng of hotties yelling and cheering you on. Talk about motivation to go the extra mile!

guys go crazy gay orgy

If you ask me, sex should always happen in front of an audience. I mean, if you’re going to put on a show for your partner, why not let everyone else marvel at your amazing deep throating talents while you’re at it? That way, if your fellas gets tired anywhere along the way, you’ll be sure there’s a back-up fuck right there next to you. Now, for this next trick, I’ll need a volunteer from the audience.

guys go crazy gay orgy blowjobs

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Cole Ryder and the dangerous allure of The Golden Girls?

Total shot in the dark here, but who’s seen that episode of Golden Girls were Blanche gets a prison pen pal? The one where she starts writing erotic letters to some inmate she figures she’ll never meet, and then out of the blue he shows up at her house and the next thing you know Sophia is tied to a chair with duck tape over her mouth and the ladies are in fear for their lives? Yes, that really was an episode. We swear. Look it up.

cole ryder realistic painted penis

Anyways, the thug from jail looks just like Cole Ryder – the husky, hirsute hottie that’s been a Rascal exclusive for years. So every time we see the episode of Golden Girls replayed on Lifetime, it’s like the biggest turn-on in the word! It’s almost like when we see Cole, we’re so frightened that our dick has no choice but to get hard. Cole’s just so dangerously dazzling!

That being said, we often wondered what it’d be like to have Cole Ryder’s thick, veiny dick shoved deep between our checks. He just exudes masculinity, and the mere thought of being roughed up by this tough guy is more than we can take. Sorry Sophia, but we’d gladly let Cole tie us up!

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