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Who ordered the Beefcake, with a side of hot webcam?

So there’s this guy I’ve had my eye on for a while now. His name is Kyle, and I’ve seen him around campus a lot lately, and most recently he just transfered into my European History 101 class. But ever since then, I haven’t learned a lick about anything, from King Henry, to Napoleon. This guy’s got me hypnotized  the second he enters the room, and it’s all because he’s one of the best built, most muscular guys ever to walk the halls of my University.

andy muscle cam hot muscular stud

He reminds me a lot of Andy, from, a guy I’ve also had my eye on for a couple days now. There’s just something about a sweet guy with a bodybuilder body that makes me want to get on my knees and let the worshipping begin.

andy muscle cam hot muscular stud

This frisky little French beefcake (of German Decent) is the dictionary definition of amateur porn. With a webcam he’s set up himself in his bedroom, you can really tell Andy loves to flex and put on shows for anyone who wants to watch. He does everything – from fun with his fleshjack, to showing off his smooth, tan stomach, the guy does everything. It might not beat going to class, but who says I can’t have both, right?

andy muscle cam hot muscular stud gets naughty and noir with a twisted 5-way gangfuck

“Film noir” – If you’re anything like me, when you hear this term, you’re about as lost as a gay guy in an all-girl strip joint. So when I noticed the term floating around’s latest feature, I decided it was high time I learned a little more about this new and oh-so-naughty word.

alley cats 5 way gang bang randy blue

My buddy put it to me like this: “Think of it like Basic Instinct. Only, instead of Sharon Stone getting interrogated, it’s Reese Rideout’s ass getting cross-examined with a billy club.” With an all-star cast (rough and tough Chris Rockway plays a smooth and smoldering detective –yum!), they’ve put together a bit of plot for their latest update, and we’ve got to say it’s pretty refreshing to see the Randy boys mixin’ it up. They’ve pulled out all the stops – murder, deception, and the whole thing builds up to one of the most intensely seductive 5-way gangbangs we’ve seen in a long time, all in that 1940’s style that adds a touch of class to all the ass pounding these boys so gladly engage in.

Alley cats rough guys prison gang bang

Of course, you’re going to have to visit the site if you want to find out who the real culprit is in all these bad behavior, but we’ll give you a hint in the meantime: more than one in this cast of characters gets the shaft in the end. alley cats jail group gay sex

Put it in, pump it up, and get ready to wish Grandma the happiest birthday ever?

Now here’s a toy we came across last week and definitely had some fun with; so much fun, in fact, that we had to throw it up here at JuciyGoo and sell it ourselves.

butt plug vibrating inflatable swell guy

So my buddy Tommy took this thing out for a spin this weekend. Being the curious guy he is, Tommy’s always up for anything – especially a challenge, and I had the perfect one in mind. See, all week Tommy had been bitching to me about how he had to spend the all day Saturday at his parent’s house to celebrate his Grandma’s birthday. Not only was it going to be way totally lame, but it was going to ruin his weekend completely – I mean, when was he going to find time to find a guy to get down and dirty with?

I had the perfect replacement. I dared him to take the Swell Guy – an expandable butt plug of nearly 5 inches of pure backdoor pleasure – and keep it up his ass the entire day Saturday. See, the controls (that make it vibrate, ect.), are really discreet, so, as the site says, “you can get dressed and walk around with it”. Well, that’s exactly what he did, and judging from what he told me, he’s was all smiles all day long! Best birthday party ever! Now I can’t wait till my next family get-together!

Spread your cheeks and get ready to start barking: Why Doggiestyle is so doggone tops

Reverse Cowboy. The Helicopter. The Angry Mailman. When it comes to sexual positions, the list has got more crazy, ridiculous names than a chinese phonebook.

absolutely male interracial twinks fuck doggiestyle

Now feel free to call us old fashioned, but when it comes to gettin’ down and dirty, we like our lovin’ in one position and one position only – doggie style. That’s right folks, if you plan on getting in our bed you’d best be ready to start barking! Seriously, there is no better feeling than spreadin’ your man’s cheeks, grabbing him by the hips, and thrusting into him long and hard while he buries his head into a pillow in pleasure.

absolutely male interracial twinks fuck from behind

At least we know someone out there agrees with our woofy preferences; the latest duo over at is more than just a sexy mix of black and latino deliciousness – they’re a testament to the beauties of doin’ it doggiestyle. If there’s one thing we can all learn from watching these two homeboys go at it, it’s that you can truly do anything you want, as long as you put your back into it.

absolutely male interracial twinks fuck in ass

Thick, full, dick sucking lips are the real key to a man’s heart

I’ve always been a strong believer in the fact that the ability to be an amazing kisser can get you pretty far in life. For real, if you’ve got a pouty, plump, pucker, and – most importantly – know how to use it, a person can be pretty persuasive in getting whatever he wants. Just look at Angelina Jolie; the world feel in love with her luscious lips the second she left onto the big screen, and now she can kidnap adopt kids from wherever in the world she wants and make them her own. Now that’s power. kevin cody suck dick

Some guys, however, don’t even have to kiss to exploit the power of their perfect lips, and Cody and Kevin from are perfect examples. The second they showed up to the shoot, it was obvious they were extremely sexy guys; all it took was for Cody to roll his tongue across his own mouth and playfully bite his lower lip and Kevin was hooked.

code kevin naked models randy blue sucking dicks

Of course, with thick, full lips like Cody’s, it only makes dick sucking that much more enjoyable. Isn’t there a word for that? D.S.L., right? Dick Sucking Lips. Hmmm, maybe it is time to get those collagen injections afterall…

hot randy blue models suck dick kevin cody

VideoSecrets new Cam to Cam chat feature is hot and addicting

We’ve got a confession to make: We may just be a little bit addicted to the hotness that is See, ever since they updated their technology to include this new Cam to Cam interaction feature, it’s brought their live video chat site to like a whole, entire new level. An amazing level that nobody should ever go to.

one on one interactive live sex gay chat videos

See, this Cam to Cam chat feature is way personal. Using it, not only can you interact using your web cam with the star you’re watching live, but they can interact with you. It’s almost like hiring a hooker – only the two of you never touch, and you don’t have to be in the same room. It’s cyber prostitution, and quite frankly, we can’t get enough of it.

one on one interactive live sex gay streaming chat

Of course, everything is legal here, and everything goes. As a VIP member, you get to pick the guy you want to cam with, and the two of you can do whatever you want from there – talk, stroke your dicks together, or just sit and smile. The possibilities are literally endless – and so is the time we’ve spend using the thing! Quick, somebody shut our webcam off before we use all our minutes!

video secrets live interactive one on one sex chat cams

Kurt Wild and a bang so bangin’ it will make everyone blush.

Typically, guys with bangs just really aren’t that hot. Something about that really short haircut, with an extra long set of tips dangling in a guy’s face just never quite does the trick. It’s all just too “Did you cut your hair yourself?” for out tastes, and quite frankly, hair is pretty important when you’re determining how hot someone is, right?

Super Big Tool Pile Driving Twink

Well, we have to make an exception when it comes to super cutie Kurt Wild, who currently getting the beejezus pounded out of him at This rising star’s adorable-yet-borderline-tragic haircut may not get him top billing at a hair shows anytime soon, but to be perfectly honest, the second this kid disrobes and jumps on his back, it’s the last thing on our mind anyhow. Super Big Tool Pile Driving Twink

The best part about this kid is how red he turns every time he’s taking the big ones; you can almost see the blood coarse through his veins as his cheeks get all rose-colored. Even his sizeable testicles start turn a cherry shade whenever he’s rockin’ and rollin with some guy’s dick deep inside his ass.  Oh great, now we’re starting to turn red….

Super Big Tool Pile Driving Twink anal fucking

Rough and Ready to Rumble with a scruffy fucker at

Rough trade lookin’ guys – with that dangerous good looks and thuggish demeanor – are always such a turn-on. Something about that way you’ll never know if they’re about to snap, or spooge all over makes them not only endlessly exciting, but that much more unattainable.

dick show rough looking guy tatoos finger nail polish pink
’s latest update is a guy who’s just that; and despite his slender frame, this kid looks rougher than rough, and he’s got a killer bull-style nose ring to prove it. Yeah, he’s a bad ass all right – until this tattooed kid strips off his jeans to reveal a smooth, uncut cock and thick, curly bush of hair. Looking at him then, it’s all too clear that this scruffy fucker has been exposed, and it’s that moment of vulnerability that’s truly hot about watching him jerk his meat.

dick show hughe cock guy painted nails

Where they find guys like this, who knows – but one thing’s certain: he’s more than willing to let another guy slurp on his pole long and hard as he holds their head and shoves their lips deep against his crotch. Yeah, it definitely brings a whole new meaning to likin’ it rough.

dick show big penis finger nail polish gay tattoos

Rising Star Damien bursts on the scene – and all over

There’s something about Damien Rios that we can’t get enough of; his smooth dark features have been driving us wild lately, his soft, sweet red lips are amazing to stare at, and that crazy unique tattoo he’s got draped over those broad shoulders of his are so hot that his pictures really should start coming with a warning label. Caution: contents may sporadically burst into flames they are so fucking fierce!

randy blue damien ass’s stolen the crushworthy Damien away from all the movies he’s been making with the big studios (Have you see him in Ridgeline film’s “Beyond Malibu” yet? He’s so hot he makes us want to jump on the 101 freeway and drive straight up the coast to find his ass. Oh wait, he was probably only in Malibu to film the movie, huh? Anyway…) to feature him on their site.

randy blue damien cock

Of course, beyond being so charming and sexy, Damien’s got a perfect size dick, and a pair of ass cheeks we’d love to play the bongos on all night long. In case you can’t tell already, we’re expecting big things from this kid, so consider this little preview a sneak peek of some great stuff to cum.

randy blue damien underwear

Aussie stud Derrick and his dick are down for anything – and up for a lot more!

“I’m a very take it as it comes kind of person.” It’s the first words out of Derrick’s mouth as he steps foot on his set for his first jack-off video, and quite frankly it couldn’t be more foreshadowing of the slutty business that’s about to go down for this Australian newbie.
Sure, it’s only his own dick he’ll be taking as it comes for now, but we have a feeling that this open-minded stud from down under will have a lot more to show us in the future.

young australian boy twinky derrick

There’s just got to be something in waters down there in the world of Oz, because the men they produce never fail to get our engines roaring and ready to go. The guys on are always so rugged and natural looking, and that’s just how we like ‘em.

They’re just so laid back and casual with everything – like jacking off on film is no big deal. Just another day in the life of Derrick. What’s that? You want him to get hard and rub one out for you again? He’ll totally do it.

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