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Get High and Tight with Kaden and the boys of

You know that haircut all military guys always tend to have? They call it a High And Tight, and it’s that almost completely shaved look, with just a little bit of length on the top so they don’t look like a total skinhead. It’s short, hot, and feel great to rub your hands all over – especially when you’ve got a marine in your lap, blowing you into pure orgasmic ecstasy.

boys of group orgy gay porn pictures

Well, the haircuts aren’t the only thing high and tight about the latest update from the guys at These boys – dedicated to serving and protecting – have some of the most perfect posteriors of anyone out on the web. Supple-yet-firm, these young cadets – which includes soon-to-be breakout XXX superstar Kaden Saylor – are as clean cut as they come, not to mention they give head like nobody’s business!

boys of group orgy gay porn twinky asshole

Speaking of Kaden, his ass is definitely the highlight of this foursome’s roll in the hay. The boys can’t take their eyes (or lips) off of it, and it isn’t long before they’re all fighting for a turn to plunge deep into his hole. Who will win? Well, you’ll have to go over to to find that one out…

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Patrick Dempsey is getting naked, and we’ve got the exclusive pictures

There’s a few things in life that we’ll never, ever do. Wear white after Labor Day, have sex with a guy who shares my same first name, buy an Ashlee Simpson CD. You know, just little things I have no interest in ever doing.

Patrick Dempsey hot male celebrity nude feet

And right at the top of that list is watching Grey’s Anatomy. Sorry friends, hospital dramas with sappy music and Sandra Oh are just not my flavor. Lately, however, there’s one thing that’s starting to change my mind about the whole situation, and he goes by the name of Patrick Dempsey. Oh yeah, this stud with his amazing locks of curly hair and piercing gaze is really starting to get to me.

Patrick Dempsey nude shower scene

Maybe it’s because the town is covered in flashy billboards advertising that new romantic comedy Made Of Honor, in which he stars as a shy guy with a crush on some dumpy brunette that should really be played by me. Maybe it’s because no matter how old the handsome hottie gets, he still never looks a day over 30. Whatever it is, I need to get me a piece of that delicious man meat, and fast. Thank god for – You’ll absolutely flip when you see all the hot pictures of Dr. McDreamy. There’s even a few nudes that are so hot, they might even end up putting you in the E.R.

Lucas Bangs Brady Hard and Fast at

Ah, the great outdoors. Birds chirping, the sun shinning – and two well-built studs giving each other sloppy, open-mouthed kisses. Okay, so it’s not your typical outdoor adventure, but in the land of, it’s all too common.

Corbin Fisher Lucas Bangs Brady hot gay models

 Here, you can’t move an inch without knocking into a straight-from-the-gym hunk with a cute face and a sexy set of bangs (I know, it’s strange, but there’s something about the boys on this site and bangs. They fucking love them! Perhaps it’s a Midwest thing, since most of the bros are corn-fed country guys?)

Lucas fucks Brady hard and fast at

Of course, hair isn’t the only thing banging with their latest duo of newbie Brady and fan-favorite Lucas. According to Corbin, Brady was curious as to what it’s be like to have a hard, fast fuck with one of the site’s most popular models (and someone Brady had had a crush on for a long time now), and Lucas was more than happy to oblige. lucas brady hardcore gay sex free porn preview

 You can totally tell in just a few preview shots we have here that Lucas is going to be in total control of this sexy session, the way he holds Brady in place with his thick, musclar arms and his intense gaze.  Brady, consider your wish Lucas’s every command!

Lucky’s all smiles as he gets rocked and rolled at

Isn’t Lucky’s smile absolutely infectious? No, not the kind of I was sort of drunk and slept with a homeless guy and now I have a staph infection that I just can’t shake infectious way. No,  this one is more like the infectious that’s so good you don’t want it to go away type of way. The stay-around-as-long-as-you-like infectious way that we positively adore.

randy blue gay porn branden lucky

Just take a look at the latest preview clip from and you’ll know just what we mean. First of all, the sex scene looks way spicy. You’ve got your typical beefy slice of perfection with Braden, but then you throw Lucky into the mix and things start looking absolutely amazing. smile gay porn free preview

Not only does he voraciously gulp down Braden’s stiff dick, but he’s all smiles as he’s rocked and roll in every different position with Braden tearing apart his ass by the armful. Keep smilin’ Lucky – We know we’ll be as we’re watching this on loop all weekend long!

Randy Blue hot gay porn models Lucky and Braden

Diamond-studded neon underwear – Don’t leave home (or the clubs) without it!

It’s summer, and I think we fellas know all too well what that means – Underwear parties. Yes, if you’re anything like us boys here at GooGabber, you have a list of Underwear parties a mile long that you absolutely must attend in the coming months.

disco sex underwear swarovski diamond gay underwear party briefs

To be perfectly honest, there probably won’t be a single weekend before mid-October that we’ll be able to go to a nightclub, event, or party without first being demanded by some flamey coat check boy that we remove all our clothes (shoes too!) before taking one step further. I know, it sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Tis’ the cross we must bear…

That’s why, when it comes to cute AND wearable underwear, we’re like total pros. So what’s our pick for the summer’s cutest and coolest underwear? Baby, 2008 is all about Disco Sex Underwear. Not only does their name combine out two favorite pastimes (Disco! Sex!), each pair is studded with Swarovski crystals. Yes, you read that right – it’s diamond emblazoned neon underwear! Wow, I think we got hard just thinking about it. And for only about $25 a pop, you can totally afford to grab a few pairs – just to mix it up, right? I mean, there’s only one thing worse than wearing the same pair of undies twice to an Underwear Party – and that’s not wearing any diamonds at all. Do that more than once, and your summer itinerary will be clear in no time! More diamonds!

9 inches of erect Asian Cock at – No Joke!

I’m sure there’s a great explanation as to why the cocks of look so insanely huge. Too bad we here at GooGabber could only figure out two. Our first guess was that the guys must be really tiny in size. Like just small and diminutive in build. Ya know, like if you were to stand shoulder to shoulder with them, they’d only come up to your waist level, or maybe mid-chest if you were lucky.

asian cock boys hung oriental gay twinks

Of course, guys that short (or, to put it more gently, “height-impaired”) are usually the perfect height for doing some pretty serious dick sucking, if you ask me. I want the head of my cock pointing them straight in the eyes, that’s how I like ‘em! It does, however take a pretty open-minded guy to bring a guy who’s 4’5” home to meet Mom and Dad.

asian cock yellow tails

But worry not, friends, because all the boys of are sure to be hits with parents, as well as meet your entire dick sucking needs. That’s largely due to the other reason that these spicy Asian lover’s sausages look so meaty; because they really are that gigantic. In fact, most of the boys are average to above average height, and just as the home page boasts, you really will get to see “a real 9 inches Asian cock in action!” Sure, it may not be setting any records, but it’ll definitely have you looking differently at that Chinese waiter the next time you’re ordering egg rolls at Fu’s Palace!

asian cock asian cock stars

An Ode to Dawson, and his firm, round, bubble butt at

Oh Dawson. You’d have to be bat-shit crazy not to be completely gaga over this giggly, boy-next-door hottie. With his juicy bubble butt, and grin that could keep you smiling for days, he’s truly the kind of stud that dreams are made of.

corbin fisher Dawson Brent athletic gay studs

 That’s why whenever comes out with an update featuring Dawson, we’re all over it like cum on a stripper. I’m not really sure who he’s playing with this time – I guess some guy named Brent? Who knows, who cares! I really can’t take a moment of my attention and devoted focus away from our amazing Dawson. Brent Dawson hot gay muscular young guys

Watching him close his eyes and slowly lick another guy’s hard, form chest with his wet tongue is one thing we could do over and over again. And as long as Dawson’s around, we’ll also be doing one other thing over and over again.

Corbin Fisher bubble buys washboard stomach beautiful boys

Opposites attract at when tan flesh meets soft supple ass

You couldn’t find a duo more oddly paired than Taz and Tristan; On one hand you have Tristan – a hot and hairy guy with a natural tan and an appetite for sex that is, well, insatiable. Yeah, this guy’s an absolute monster in the bedroom, and let’s just say this kid is not apologizing for it.

Blake Mason gay porn Tristan Taz

 Then on the other hand, you’ve got Taz – small, skinny, and soft to the touch, you couldn’t find a more gentle, demure, and affectionate guy than him. Be careful with this sensitive stud – he’s a sucker for hugs and kisses, and loves to be held for long periods of time. Aw Taz. Come to Daddy!

blake mason gay porn blowjob Taz Tristan

Of course, the good blokes of know that if there’s one hard and fast rule in porn, it’s that nothing can get as sexually steamy as when two opposites attract. And just like that old Paula Abdul song, when Taz and Tristan get together, it just all works out. Only here the thing getting worked out the most is Taz’s creamy white ass cheeks. Watch as Tristan aggressively spreads ‘em, as he plunges his finger deep inside, much to Taz’s pleasure. It’s the kind of action that could have you singing from the top of your lungs – and maybe even bustin’ out a few old school Paula moves, if you dare.

Tristan fucks Taz in his white ass on blake mason

Shane gets pounded and served Cain’s cum on

Oh Shane and Cain – I think we all know the story by now. Let me guess. You two are coworkers, and decided to have a couple round of drinks after work. One thing leads to the next, you end up on Cain’s couch, and Shane claims he’s too drunk to go home and needs to take a just a brief rest. Before you know if, Shane’s head’s in Cain lap, rubbing against a growing bulge that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

jizz addiction shane cane couch orgy jizz drinking

If I had a nickel for every time that’s happened to me, I’d have…well, you get the picture; it’s a pretty tried and true scenario. If you ask me, however, the boys of are a breath of fresh to this scene.

jizz addicted cum drinker ass fucking

Not only are they really hot, but holy crap- they fuck like a couple of rabbits on speed! Cain obviously can’t wait to get pounded, and when Cain squirts a condom full of cum into Shane’s mouth, it’s really quite literally, just icing on the cake (or rather, the cakeboy). Hmmm, and I thought you said you were tired Shane! shane cane drinking cum from condom

Cohen is sportin’ some major hard wood for us at

There’s something extra hard about the guys and their dicks on I know that sounds strange, but hear me out on this one. First off, it’s pretty rare that you’ll ever come across a guy who’s not erect when visiting their site. Take the newest addition to their brotherhood, Cohen, and his dick made of steel.

Fratmen Cohen rock hard dick made of steel

It’s almost as if that throbbing hard-on he’s got bursting from his khakis is hard all the time. I can imagine it now! From the minute this fresh-faced freshmen wakes up in the morning, to the time late at night when his head hits his pillow, he’s been sportin’ wood and making the rest of the male population insanely jealous. Just a little bit.

Fratmen cohen engorged cock

Of course, we’ve got one idea as to how we could deflate that of his, even if it does just spring back up all stiff and hard a few moments later. And I bet your ass Cohen knows a sure-fire way to thank you for giving him those precious few moments of release – I mean, relief. Oh, the price a hot youngster will pay for helping him blow off some steam every now and then. . . Cohen naked gorgeous youngster erect penis gay porn site

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