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Cute Couple Alert: Tristan and Cade get romantic and raunchy at

How adorable are Tristan Mathews and Cade of Seriously, if it were high school, these two twinkilicious studs would easily win the award for Cutest Couple. One’s tall, the other’s all tattooed up, and together they make for the perfect compliment to each others hotness. Gosh, I can practically see the yearbook photo now.

Tristan and Cade gay cute couple gay porn

Lucky for us, Tristan and Cade have long since graduated from the halls of high school – and are now free to explore each other’s halls with their tongues, which Tristan wasted no time before diving face-first into Cade’s extra juicy ass. Even better, judging from our initial look at‘s latest update featuring the two darkly handsome hotties, there’s a certain chemistry between the duo as they lick, slurp, and gulp up every inch of each other’s smooth, tan bodies.

gay couple on bed kissing jerking off passionate gay sex

Of course, the real fun starts when Cade throws tiny Tristan on his back, and takes him for a ride that leaves quite an impression – on you and on the bed sheets the two are tossing around on. Now completely uninhibited, Tristan and Cade end up lusting after each other’s lips as they jack themselves into euphoric bliss; it’s the kind of action that will keep you flooded with memories for a while to come. Check out all the cute guys in hot gay porn flicks at!

sucking cock asshole ready to get fucked Tristan Cade Buzz West gay porn video

Behind the scenes: Cameron and Xander’s secret fuck

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes druing shoots? Are there models messing around in the background while a guy is doing a solo show? Is the camera guy naked? Can you join in with the fun? Well, we can tell you that none of those things happen. However, that’s not to say that other things don’t happen in the studio when other’s aren’t around…

hot blonde curly hair gay twink Cameron Michaels during live show shoot at Randy Blue

Cameron Michaels has been hanging around RandyBlue’s studio a lot lately and they’ve had a lot of fun shooting his videos and taking photos of him. He’s so adorable and has such a hot body, the camera just loves him. Here are a few pics from a night when Xander Scott dropped by while Cameron was doing a live show, trying to play it off like he was just popping in to say hi. He finally confessed that he wanted to watch Cameron in action.

Cameron and Xander gay handjob and blowjob foreplay

These guys are so hot together, and the sound of their combined moans of pleasure are almost musical. The sex is so hot from the beginning kisses to the dick sucking and butt ramming, all the way through the flood of cum that Xander unleashes all over Cameron’s back, shortly before he gives up, for the second time that night, a frothy load of his own jizz. More hot gay videos are waiting for you here.

Athletic young dark haired stud Xander fucks angel looking gay twink Cameron at

Ty Carver fucks Ian’s willing college ass during job interview

The time comes when college is over and you have to start looking for a job. Ian is fresh out of school and here is a little preview of his first ever job interview. Trying to look his best, Ian entered Ty Carver’s office and shook his hand very firmly while looking into his eyes. Immediately sparks flew and both guys started having wild ideas about each other.

Ian seduces Ty Carver from

They tried to keep things professional for a while, but failed miserably. Ian was the one who made the move by putting his hand on Ty’s knee. From then on all went down hill. A few minutes of passionate kissing and undressing were followed by some of the best blowjob action I’ve seen performed at an office on a Monday morning.

Ian sucks Ty Carver’s hard dick whipped out of his office suit

It didn’t take long before Ty laid Ian on the table and started fingering his asshole and slowly making his way in with his fully erect cock.

Ty Carver fingers Ian’s ass and fucks him later

Check out how the story ends by logging on If job interviews were this much fun, I’d be blow-job-hunting all the time.

Innocent twinky boys like pissing on

Is your mouth watering for some kinky action? Quench your thirst at – the place to go for all your piss drinking, solo peeing and watersports needs.

boys pissing watersports gay twink videos

I’m a big fan of hot young-looking twinks that are not afraid to let go and engage in some of the wildest watersports action I’ve ever seen on video. Hairless models on this site look almost too innocent. But I guess that is what makes it so much fun to watch. Check out some of the free samples on

blonde twink drinks piss on

Finger Licking Good: Uncut euro twink blows a load on

Boys, true it is, on, they’ve got what you want: cock sucking, butt fucking, ass stuffing, hardcore movies! Most of the time, the twinks step to the side for the muscle daddy studs, tatt covered MEN with big cocks who know how to fuck and suck. Learn, boy, there’s years of sex-exxxperience for you to perv on He he, except this one time … just sent me this clip and it popped: the boy’s a boarderline twink, European.

Besides his floppy cock — better than McDonald’s sausage & twice as nutricious, EuroBoy proves experience isn’t everything. EuroBoy can teach you, too, how to improve your cock stroking stroking, booty fingering and nut busting skills. He even demonstrates how to clean it all up!

Euro Twink massages uncut cock

EuroBoy sits alone, shirtless, looking at DVD cover art — exciting stuff! — he shoves his hand down his jeans and starts massaging his cock. how big, uncut, what???

Euro Twink Jerks Uncut Cock

Ditching the porno, Euro Boy runs his hands over his amazing body: tight and tan with abs we’d be touching all day, too, if we had them!

Euro Twink Gets Naked

Shortly, our curiosity’s satisfied: Euro boy stands up, shucks his jeans and pulls off his tiny g-string undies.

Euro Boy fingers butt hole

Euro Boy lays down on the couch, slicks up his fingers, massages his hole and busts a nut…

Euro Twink Eats Cum

Finger licking good!

These are just the highlights. If you really want to see the full affect, bust your wallet and buy the dang video. You’ll be glad you did! Hits Capitol Steps, Sells Gay Sex, hits capitol steps, sells gay sex,

Jeremy Hall ( works it. Athlete, porn star, adult video content producer AND webmaster, Jeremy Hall doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Literally. Heading down to D.C., Jeremy recently hit the streets of the US capitol. Jeremy stripped down to his jock strap and posed for a series of eye catching pix to announce the launch of Jock Bucks (a Club Jeremy Hall Affiliate Program powered by CCBill.) hits capitol steps, sells gay sex,

Jeremy described the Capitol Hills shoot, “I was almost arrested on several occasions, and my photographer threatened to quit several times.” When he’s not creating a scene on the Capitol Hill steps, the twenty-five year old Canadian college stud, is one of the busiest gay porn models around. Beside running his own site (, performing and generating unique site content (, Jeremy’s chalked up three nominations for the 2008 Grabby Awards for Best Supporting Actor (Little Big League 3 Bottom of the 9th), Performer of the Year, and Hottest Cock of the Year.

On Jeremy’s home page, there’s a clip from “Blue Balls.” Jeremy (and another stud, Luke) are football players who hit the locker room after a sweat drenched game of ball. Their eyes lock across the locker room and, as Jeremy says, “Luke & I just had to fuck.”

Jeremy’s a tan, lean, athletic type with a big, suckable cock. Luke’s a meaty blond jock with a hot bubble butt.

Blue Balls opens with the camera looking up — literally. Positioned on the locker room floor, I was psyched, peering up under two straight dudes’, with a butt hole eye view of their extra large cock swords battling it out. I could totally perv on seeing this duo’s cocks duke it out, watching kissing and swapping straight man spit.

Talk about sports fucking … Luke gets down on his knees, swallowing Jeremy’s straight dude cock. Jeremy returns the favor, licking Luke’s jock strap, flipping him onto his back and tonguing his sweet butt hole, finally — yeah, Luke, take one for the team!!! — sliding his big dong into Luke’s jock butt. Jeremy’s up for some hard-core sport fucking. Holding up Luke’s leg, Jeremy starts pumping his big knob, drilling Luke’s ass.

Want more?‘s the place to see Luke Live! Scroll down the left tool bar to see when Jeremy does his live show. If you’re looking for today (March 18, you’re in luck: Jeremy’s booked himself a show today). Check it out!

Straight Twink Boy Jerks Uncut Cock, Busts a Nut on

Amateur British men in action, over on have been featuring models since 2005 who are always hot-to-the-touch. These are truly fresh faced blokes — most of ’em are white (as in, tan free) — so if you’re into that milky white skin look,‘s the site for you! With lots of couple action,’s serving up skinny boyz with big uncut cocks fucking other skinny boys plus the good, solo stuff that let’s you step into the picture and imagine yourself working out your nut with a cutie. And check this out: you’re not just busting a nut, you’re feeding an orphan! donates 5% to charity.

First up on the home page, there’s Bradley (a blond cutie you’d see out at a club). He totally caught my eye. But then I zeroed in on David. He’s the boy in’s newest solo feature. One look at the foreskin hanging over David’s cock and I popped a boner. I’m posting some pics from the video but you should really get online and check out David’s video: it’s nineteen minutes long and worth every solo jerking second.

straight twink uncut cock

Right off, I can totally tell David’s a straight dood: he stands there the way straight guys do. Totally confidant, he stands there with a “What the fuck are you looking at?” face, holding his uncut weiner. Don’tcha love how those lines cut down from his waist into his groin? You can just tell he enjoys a good wank (English for jerking off).

straight twink jerks off uncut cock

Woof! For me, there’s nothing — I mean nothing — like foreskin. I mean, I should move to Mexico or anywhere the boys still got their hoods. David’s really casual how he slides the foreskin up over his boy cock, so high you can only see the head peeking out (and his piss slit!) England, ahoy!

David bust nut shoots jizz

‘Kay, I’m in math class and I shouldn’t be looking at porn (anyway!) but this other dood’s looking at me weird so I reached down into my pants and adjusted my cock. Dang! David shoots his wad and … fuck me, if I don’t bust a nut, too. How am I gonna get from my desk to the bathroom without anyone knowing? I bet they can smell my cum scent. HELP!!!!!

Berlin Studs Blow Gushing German Goo on Twink

My friend Ted can’t get enough jizz. He thinks it’s better than Kellogg’s (except Kellogg’s doesn’t drip all over your nose). DougieDOOGOO rates today’s photo set 100% nutritious, packed with essential vitamins & minerals, gallons of goo … dang, hella better than chewable Flintstones! Here’s a taste.

german twink sucks uncut cocks

You’ll love watching this German twink get down on his knees, and suck off big Berlin Mahn studs’ thick uncut cocks. I dig how you can see his mouth on Daddy Mahn’s meat AND the foreskin pulling up over his buddy’s cock head. the krauts call it “soggy cookie,” a game when two or more guys stand in a circle around a cookie masturbating and the last one to cum on the cookie has to eat it.” Sport!

german twink drinks cum! Berlin Mahn’s cock spurts a fountain of cum into German punk boy’s open mouth. It’s wicked hot how the white load hits the punks tongue and blue stud ring. Rave on child!

german twink cum facial

Yummy cum facial … don’t you wish you were a german twink?

Teen Surf Slut Bares Hot Ass!

If you like Aussie twinks and athletes, has been packing their site with them since 1999. You’ll find over 300 original models, 90,000 original images, 1000 video clips and new models, 24/7. “Free” can be good but it’s like they say: you get what you pay for. What I like about is all the original content you won’t find anywhere else. From rodeos in the outback, to the beaches, to sporting venues, you’re bound to find the right cock for you.

I hit up for some new pics & they sent me their surf stud. You can see from his near naked tan body and board shorts, he’s the “Real Thing”.

naked surf stud nipple ring

Check out his nipple ring. I bet this surf stud would be into some stud on stud action.

surf stud gets naked

Then the sexy surf stud reaches down and opens his board shorts…

slut surf stud bares ass crack

Sexy surfer stud stands up, teasing you with his white butt and a little bit of his ass crack.

Yo! Ho! Spitzers Salacious Sex Scandal!

SPITZER UPDATE: daddy spitzer quits. Turns out the gov’s not the 1st “moral crusader” 2B brought down by some snazzy snatch.

Spring time, everyone’s cumming up… sex workers! I saw this on a news site First it’s Gov Spitzer, now its Kendall Coffey. he was on CNN givin’ some (talking) head but someone forget to i.d. him as glenn garvin. as “glenn” or coffey (so many names … is HE a hooker?) had to resign from gov job, 2 — yup, thazz why they called him “former” us attorney — for running up a $900 buck bill at a strip club.

lesson learned? hang out in a cat haus, ur gon’ get fleas (& flea bit!)

yo! ho! d’ja hear ’bout eliot spitzer, ny governor whos gone lost his job for hiring hookers?

me & my friend over at, brandon were talkin & he sez, “its craaaaazzzzy that he got caught.” (more ’bout this later but u should check out rentboy’s “hookies,” the ‘scort awards)

hookies cum to hollywood

i decided i’d call up david forrest cuz hes went down for pimpin’ ‘n panderin’ a whiles back (now, he runs this sorta “dating” service called “meet the stars” tha hooks up fans wit their fav porn stars … but its not — nOT — pimpin’: all forrest provides is contact info.)

anyways, forrest had a lot to say about gov Spitzzer. “He’s like any oversexed man who’s in a marriage. He probably likes to have an occasional different gal than the one he sleeps with every night. He didn’t realize that whoever he was dealing with was being watche. The biggest problem with this is the Feds. They’re tough to deal with. Because it was done on line and there was a crossing of state line.

just this morning forrest was in court, ge told me he bumped into Anthony Booklier (the lawyer; last night he was on NightLine with Heidi Fleiss), “And we were talking about it. The fact that here’s a public figure who’s being caught in a Federal Wire tap sting. And it’s very embarassing because he’s a Governor. Regardless if he was just Mr. Spitzer, he wouldn’t have been singled out. That’s what I don’t like about it.”

course, im wondering, is the gov gon’ do time? forrest sez, “Nope, nothing will happen to either of them. They don’t about them. They only care about the madam. Unless he gets all flustered and decides to resign. I mean, who cares?”

heidi ho disses gov spitzer

theres a funny quote from heidi fleiss (she got busted in the 90s for pimpin’ some high end snatch) i found over on “You pay people right, you treat them right, you don’t have a problem. It’s so easy to not get caught.”

& all that stuff ’bout the gov being ‘difficult’ wit demands one hooker sez, “things that, like, you might not think were safe….” (heidi sez that prolly means, “I’m sure he wanted anal sex without condoms.”)

take from a ho whod know, heidi dont think much ‘o the Gov, “I think he’s an arrogant prick and he thinks he’s above the law; no one likes a hypocrite.”

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