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Kenny Cross Fucks Cody Fallon at

Randy Blue’s latest sexcapade involves hunky jock next door Kenny Cross and bad ass, foul mouthed power bottom Cody Fallon. You may remember Kenny from a killer live show where he was the first Randy Blue model to suck his own dick on live cam. A few months ago these boys hooked up for an incredible blow job scene. Now they are gonna fuck and since Cody is such a sexual powerhouse, it is certain that Kenny’s first time was going to be amazing. Everyone has their specialty and Cody’s is sex. Pure and simple, when that boy gets with another guy there’s sure to be fireworks.

randy blue models

As the boys begin to undress each other, you can see the boners bulging up in their pants, waiting to escape. Kenny Cross’s cock barely pops out before Cody zooms in and takes his dick in his mouth. Cody has performed may times on Randy Blue and is an expert when it comes to cocks and the look on Kenny’s face as his dick is getting sucked says it all. All the clothes come off and Kenny Cross sucks on Cody Fallon’s hard meat. Cody face fucks Kenny’s mouth until he can no longer breathe. Cody lies on his side and wait for Kenny slide his huge cock up his ass.

randy blue cody fallon

Cody Fallon’s ass is open for business and take Kenny’s big cock all at once. “Aw Fuck, Fuck Yah, Fuck Me” – if you know Cody, you know that fuck is his favorite word and he uses it a lot. He is such a dirty nasty little boy and we love him for that. Kenny Cross pounded his ass harder and harder, making Cody Fallon’s dick harder and harder. The best sight one could ever see is a hot guy getting fucked and maintaining his hard on the entire time. Cody, lying on his back, jacks off and shoots his load, while Kenny is still fucking him, landing hot jism all over his chest.

To see Kenny Cross and Cody Fallon’s dirty fuck video, go to

Aden Worth Fucks Brandon at’s Brandon was more than ready to show Aden Worth the ropes, and Aden sure did love it! Once Brandon had that thick cock in his hands, he could not wait to deep throat it, but he was even more eager to ride it hard. Aden showed us all that even though he is young and inexperienced, he sure can fuck the hell out of a hot bubble butt! Brandon and Aden fuck like crazy in this hot cock and ass vid!

gay college boys
frat boys fucking

To see the video of Brandon and Aden fucking, visit

8th Annual Cybersocket Awards

Who was the best gay adult pornstar this past year? How about the best gay video company? The 8th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards announced their winners of the best individuals and companies that have influenced the gay adult internet market. There are two categories, Industry Choice in which nominees and winners are chosen from people in the gay adult industry and Surfers Choice in which regular Joe Shmoes are choosing and voting for the gay porn-stars, video companies and internet sites that they feel has participated the hardest in changing the face of the gay adult industry. Here are some of our favorites …

cybersocket web awards

Best Video Company Site – Hot House

Best Amateur Video SiteSean Cody

Best European Theme Adult SiteBel Ami

Best Original ContentRandy Blue

Best New SiteWith Marcello

cybersocket web awards

Visit to see all the winners.’s Peco and His Big Fat Dick’s latest feature model is Peco. He is 18 years old from Argentina with a huge fat cock. This bisexual latin dude says that he is shy but when you see him during this shoot, you’ll have a hard time believing that. Peco also loves to have a hard cocks sliding in and out of his hairy asshole. As Peco begins taking off his clothes, you’ll be impressed with slender built body, which you would expect most 18 year old men to have. His dick looks normal, until he starts rubbing on it to make it hard. Peco’s hard on happens quickly, a true joy of being so young, and it gets fatter and fatter with every stoke of his hand. By the time Peco ‘s dick is full force it is the size of a soda can.

miamiboyz latin model
big dick latin boy

Peco also says that he loves to top older guys and with that thick cock I am sure that he has left quite a few guys with a smile on their face and a load of his cum in their ass! Peco’s hand barely wraps around the enormous piece of meat, but has learned a few tricks using both hands to masturbate to his fullest potential. Peco’s hands get pushed apart as he plays with his fat, uncut cock. It becomes ominous, like something out of a horror movie, getting larger and larger. His balls bounce up and down as he tugs on his thick shaft. Hot cum shoots into the air landing on his hairy stomach. He lets go of his cock and it slams onto his cum covered belly, splashing boy sperm everywhere.

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Bel Ami’s Jacques Brière

Jacques Brière is one of the horny boys in Bel Ami’s monster boy mash “Too Many Boys 2“. This insatiable European stud has a super sexy skinny build and an amazingly large uncut cock. Jacques is also an amazing power bottom craving large boy’s cocks up his talented asshole.

bel ami model
bel ami jacques-briere

Jacques Brière is up and coming super star and can been seen at Bel Ami.

Manny’s Huge Cock on Extra Big

Huge dick’d Cuban Puerto Rican Manny sports an astounding 10 1/2 inch large cock, making this baby faced 20 yr. old super hot! Manny is the newest modle at Girls can’t believe how big his cock is and want to suck it like a lollipop! He enjoys wrapping his hands around his fat penis but loves it more when he slides it in a nice warm pussy. With a dick his size, I am sure they are all tight, tight, tight!

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To see more of Manny’s big cock, go to

Gay Pornstars Honored at the GayVN Awards Show

Gay porn’s finest stars were honored at the GayVNs last weekend. From half naked bottom boys to well dressed dick suckers to hot little go go sluts strutting themselves down the red carpet in San Francisco. What a great society we live in that we can take a hot stud and have him receive an award for being able to suck someone’s cock the best or to have him take numerous dicks up his ass. The GayVNs bring the entire gay adult entertainment community together, showcasing the best of the best and honoring the most deserving gay sex actors, directors and writers – and don’t forget about fluffers – for entertaining us all with the hottest hardcore gay porn around.

gay porn award show

Here are some of our favorites.

Best Amateur Video: Edge Series 1 (Chaos Men)

Best Oral Scene: Joey Amis takes on the cast of Mating Season (Bel Ami)

Best Group Scene: Steve Cruz, Johnny Hazzard, Joe Strong, Matt Majors, Brendan Davies, Link: The Evolution (All Worlds Video)

Best Actor – Foreign Release: Jean Franko, The Men I Wanted (Lucas Kazan Productions)

Best Sex Scene – Duo: Ricky Sinz and Roman Ragazzi, GRUNTS (Raging Stallion)

gay pornstars
gay porn entertainment

Special thanks to Brandon and Rusty for providing pictures.

To see all of the winners go to GayVN and find out more information about the best gay porn stars, hottest gay videos and the best gay porn companies around.

Crazy James from Big Brother 9’s Gay Porn Past

If you’ve tuned into CBS’s Big Brother 9 this season then you’re already familiar with Crazy James. Crazy James is a playful reality TV star and has landed a place amongst Big Brother fanatics. However, this sexy tattooed mega hottie has a porn idol past and was smoking up screens long before his TV debut! Crazy James bikes everywhere across the nation. Somehow his bike adventure landed him on the door of Dirty Boy Video and straight into the asses and mouths of a few of the lucky boys in their porn stable!

big brother contestant james

In this espisode, watch Crazy James make out with Colin, a hot little boy from New York. In Big Brother style, Crazy James challenges Colin to try and get to the base of his massive cock in one of the hottest porn celebrity videos you will ever see. Actually better. There is no night vision, no unsteady wobbling, no blurry close ups. Crazy James just stands back, let a guy suck on his cock and shoots a massive load all over his porn boy toy Colin.

crazy james gay porn video
big brother gay scandal

After watching this video you’ll see for yourself that its more like Big Brother 10″! See Crazy James on Big Brother tonight and then watch him get his cock sucked on Dirty Boy Video tomorrow!  Click here for more!

Caleb’s Dildo Assplay from Dixter

Caleb is back with some toys from his adult toy box and he can’t wait to get his furry little bottom played with. Caleb is a master when it comes to the art of anal penetration. Loosening up his hole with his with his finger, then inserting and rotating a second finger to loosen up his hole. Caleb loves sticking his finger deep inside, as far as he drive them in. Once his pucker hole is all relaxed, he starts by playing with some anal beads. Slowly inserting the beads, going down each digit one by one. As he removes the pulls out, each bead is surround by Caleb’s hairy little sphincter. His butt hole clutching around every plastic pleasure ball.

anal bottom boy

Caleb then moves on to a large, long black dildo that seems to be one of his favorites. His moans intensify as he plows his ass with the huge dildo. He is pushing it in much farther and much faster than the anal beads and the smooth shaft slides in and out easily of Caleb’s satisfied ass. He then turns to his side, his rock hard cock is loving every minute of ass play. Taking out his third toy, Caleb turns on his vibrating dildo and rubs it around the stretched hole of his ass. As he inserts it, the sensations make his cock go crazy. Caleb fucks himself faster and faster until he finally explodes his load all over his stomach. With a deep sigh, he slowly falls asleep with all of his favorite toys around him.

gay butt toys

To see Caleb fuck himself, click here.

Straight Big Dick Euro Twink Hans

Meet super skinny European straight twink Hans who has a extra large, uncut cock. He is 18 years old and really keeps up appearances. He classifies himself as a ladies man. Hans had his girlfriend drive him to the photo shoot and made her wait outside, I wonder if she knew he was filming porn? He says that he only like chicks, but it is ok if other guys check out his body. Bit of an exhibitionist I’d say. Hans’ emo like black hair bring out the vibrant blue in his eyes. He has a very thin build and perfectly soft skin. Hans has a thin, fine layer of fuzz over his body which makes him look almost hairless.

british boy huge cock

Hans’ cock is about 8 and a half inches with a nice rosy cock head peeking out of his fleshy foreskin. He has low hanging balls which he admits that he loves to have tugged. He makes his girlfriend pull on them every time she is giving him a blow job. Hans mentions that his one favorite thing is to slide his cock inside a nice, moist pussy and openly admits that he has stuck his dick up into a few girl’s assholes. We hope this means that getting him with another guys is just one step closer. And of course, being only 18, super, sexy, twink boy Hans is filled with hot boy jism, which he says he needs to spew out at least 5 times a day! Straight, big dick twink full of cum – yummy!

straight english cock

To see Hans’ video, click here.

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