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Rico’s Massive Latin Cock

At 6’, 19 year old Miami native, Rico is quite an eyeful. Tall, sexy, muscular & unmistakably latin, Rico looks like one of those guys you’d see hanging out with buds on South Beach chasing the females. This hot Columbian Papi is packing broad shoulders, deep brown eyes & thick full lips a thick 7” uncut meat!

latin cock gay

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Rough Man Eric from Randy Blue

Eric Blaine has a way of catching you off guard. On first site you might think he’s a handsome guy and not think any more of it, but when you see him sprawled out on a couch working his cock like there’s no tomorrow you realize how incredibly hot he is. You might think he’s a really tough guy and that you wouldn’t want to mess with him but the minute you engage him in conversation you find what a bright, friendly and interesting person he is. His southern drawl is so sexy you just want him to talk dirty to you. He’s done adult work before and you can tell that he’s very comfortable in front of the camera. I love his hairy legs and the wisps of hair at the center of his chest, especially when he playfully pulls at them as he’s playing with himself. And speaking of which, he’s got a cock that many guys would love to have.

straight man randy blue

Long and slender, not too thick but a good handful, with a nice pair of low hanging balls that bounce playfully when he jerks off, running his hands up and down the length of his shaft. Since he has so many sides to his personality I wanted to put him in a setting that would reflect that, and the location we found was perfect. Antique paintings hang on the wall, the occupants of which seem to look down at the real life work of art before them. Eric reminds me of a vision of a college guy on a school trip to an art gallery taking some private time in a quiet corner to relieve himself of some pent up sexual frustration while his classmates wonder where he is.

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Straight Julian’s Gay Massage

It wasn’t too long ago that Julian Stiker came through Mike Hancock’s door, a bright-eyed newbie who wanted to get into the porn biz. His enthusiasm was overwhelming and his nice, tight body was undeniable. Mike was so impressed that he didn’t wait to assemble the video crew. He just took Julian to the studio immediately and shot audition footage himself. Julian was proud of his hot body, and had no problems showing it off. But what was surprising, was how comfortable he was playing with his ass. They definitely saw promise.

mike hancock straight boy

Like most straight guys, Julian said he was open-minded sexually, as long as it’s with a woman. Having been down this road many times before, Mike invited Julian back to do a massage video to ease him into having another man touch him. It was no surprise to them that Julian was able to relax so much under Mike’s massage that his dick got hard just from being grazed. Now if that’s not a sign of comfort, I don’t know what is.

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Virgin Twink Lucas from

Lucas is an 18 year old twink boy who wants to get his ass pounded. He is ready for a daddy to show him the ropes and teach him how to handle huge cocks inside his virgin hole. Lucas craves a man next to his firm, hairless body.

virgin twink gets fucked

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Aaron Copper’s First Time Butt Plug Experience

Aaron whips out his gorgeous 7.5 inch uncut cock and coats the head with a shitload of lube. Even though he’s uncut he prefers to jack off with lube and seeing his glistening cock slip between his fingers I’m not going to complain. His cock leaps to attention and develops a gentle upward curve. He hops on his knees and leans way over to expose his hairy hole. You gotta love twinks who don’t shave – his naturally hairy ass seems the perfect compliment to how cute he is! Once this hot little stud is on all fours, I get him in the perfect position and he scoops up some of the lube that spilled on the bed and rubs it liberally into his crack and hole.

aaron cooper

Next up is the buttplug! Again, Aaron is not used to having anything in his ass so taking a buttplug is major news! He drenches that thing with lube before bringing it tentatively to his asshole. With some gentle urging his pushes it slowly into himself and tries to relax…
He’s in quite a bit of pain so he pulls it out for a second and relaxes. The second time’s the charm though, and he takes the butt plug all the way to the base and leaves it there. This is where it gets interesting – turns out Mr. Top is also way into his own ass. As soon as that butt plug is buried deep in his butt his cock literally leaps to attention! Like it or not, this one loves it! The bed is covered in his jizz as he gently strokes his softening cock. He sighs one last time and relaxes as he checks out the mess he made.

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Straight Boy Hunter Plays with Landon

Hunter, a hot little straight dude, gets his first experience with another guy. Who better than Landon to show Hunter the ropes? Hunter is not nervous at all. THe begin after some heavy muscle kissing and foot licking. Hunter is beginning to enjoy this and Landon has him on the edge. Hunter smiles coyly as Landon’s hand jerks off his massively huge cock. He enjoys the feeling of another dude’s touch as his dick swells out and his cock veins pop out. Hunter daringly reaches over to grab Landon’s hard on and begins to beat his meat as well. This is one straight boy who never thought he would touch another cock … and enjoy it.

college dudes landon hunter

Landon cannot hold out any longer and need to start sucking on that cock as fast as he can. He reaches over to Hunter and swallows his rock hard rod. Quickly, the aggressive side of Hunter comes out as he shoves Landon’s pretty face down on top of his dick. Forcing it down his throat and making him gag on his powerful penis. Landon begs from Hunter to fuck him. He was that straight man’s cock deep inside his asshole. Landon isn’t quite willing to go that far yet, but to prove he is not all that shy, Hunter shoves a dildo into Landon just to give a little back. Landon, even though wishing for the real thing, enjoys the pseudo fucking from the straight boy. Hunter enjoyed the fuck a little more than he expected also, as he blows his load all over Landon’s face and mouth, then licks it back up.

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Toe Gasm Twink Dustin’s Foot Fetish

Young, twink Dustin is just 19 and is a natural in front of the camera. He’s got a great body, super hairy legs and a big black bush resting above his dick. He has really sexy feet and the way he rubs his rock hard cock makes his toes curl.

toegasm dustin foot fetish

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Isaak the Furry, Brazilian College Stud.

Isaak is a furry Brazilian stud, working his way through school in California. He arrived in the U.S. about 4 months ago and is majoring in English at one of the local universities. He is definitely a big man on campus having all of the sorority girls dropping to their knees (literally and figuratively) at the site of this hunk. He likes the beaches, surfing, and hot girls. He is in the right place. Isaak has an amazing body, perfect skin, a gorgeous smile and a nice layer of fur encompassing his muscular body. Isaak admits he has never been with a guy, but has had his ass played with by a girl and though it may not be his first priority, he would definitely let a girl fuck him.

buzz west isaak furry brazilian

Being Brazilian, this young man is horny as hell and has a hard on all of the time. He says that his sex drive is very high and that he can fuck all day long. His cock curves slightly and it is very meaty and veiny. When jacking off, all of the bumps and ridges make his dick even harder. To him, it is al about the enjoyment of masturbation, not just the chore when it is necessary. Even if he needs to rub one out before class, he makes it the best experience he possibly can. Isaak loves tugging on his uncut cock’s foreskin. He also admits to eating his own cum. He says he works so hard to push his jism out of his balls that he doesn’t want it to go to waste.

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Tony Capucci the Italian Sex God

Meet Tony Capucci, the ultimate Italian Stallion. With his rugged chiseled looks, he appears to have walked off of a Michelangelo statue. Tony enjoys life to the fullest and loves getting his rock hard cock serviced. Jake, who just happens to be an expert cock sucker, is the lucky man for today. Tony’s cock quivers as Jake approaches him. Tony’s dick is growing larger, turning his shaft into a rich, dark mocha. His cock head glows with a pink hues as it waits for the approaching mouth. Jake takes Tony’s cock down his throat in one movement. His lips wrap around the shaft tightly, tasting every inch of Tony’s musky scented cock. Tony’s laughs as Jake’s beards tickles his shaft as it moves up and down.

tony capucci jake cruise

Jake’s chin bounces off of Tony’s balls and he forces the thick man meat deeper into his throat. Tony’s dick pulsates against the throat muscles causing jake to choke for a moment. But of course, the expert that he is, makes him work Tony’s penis even more,giving Tony a full erection. Jake slides his tongue up and down the shaft as he plays with the man balls in his hand. Jake turns Tony around and spreads his ass,, exposing his puckering hole. Tony bends over as Jake wiggles his tongue around the man crack. Getting his ass eaten proves to be overwhelming for Tony. He grabs his cock and starts pumping up his white goo. Jake takes control and starts jacking off Tony ferociously until finally he explodes his white hot load into the air. Droplets of cum rain down to the surrounding area with the sexy Italian boy smiling from ear to ear.

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Cody Sucks A Cock For The First Time!

cody springs sucks dick

Randy Blue’s sexy newbie, Straight boy Cody, sucks cock for the first time ever … and he loves it. He may like pussy, but Cody can take a guy’s cock down his throat like a pro. Cody Spring is an expert cock sucker on the very first try.

cody springs sucks dick

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