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Nude College Studs of Sean Cody

Meet the latest boys from Sean Cody. These athletic boys have amazingly hot bodies and unbelievable cocks. Some are straight, some are gay, but most all are willing to stick something up inside their asshole. All of these college studs love to get naked and jack off in front of an audience.

Sean Cody’s Carlton
-He is from the south, where he’s in his last year of college working toward
his finance degree.
-Carlton says that he is gay, definitely gay.
-He will be a top or a bottom depending on the guy
-He has blond hair – everywhere – arms, chest, eyebrows, even his pubes.

sean cody college men

Sean Cody’s Bo
-He is a 20-year-old college student.
-He is straight.
-He had never stuck anything up his ass before and when asked to do so on Sean Cody, he was quick to say yes.
-He’s got a nice hairy ass crack and his hole seemed to enjoy the attention.

sean cody college men

Sean Cody’s Brant
-He is 26 and has a boyfriend.
-Brant is pale and muscular, with dark chest hair and a cute face.
-He is a total exhibitionist!
-He has been doing gymnastics since he was eight.

sean cody college men

Sean Cody’s Harris
-He is a 19-year-old college sophomore studying criminal justice and wants to be a police officer.
-He’s on the college football team with a full athletic scholarship.
-He’s got a nice big vein running down the top of his cock.
-He has very big nuts!

sean cody college men

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Brandon from College Dudes 247

Brandon at College Dudes 247 has a hot gym body – he is the kind of guy you fantasize dropping the soap in the shower. His dick is picture perfect, and in his first solo vid, Brandon is eager to whip it out and show us what he is packing! After some really sensual dick stroking, Brandon delivers an awesome load!

college dudes 247

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Muscle Guys Max and Payne from Fratmen TV.

Max and Payne are the latest muscle studs over at These two straight buds are wild and full of energy, playing tricks on each other just like any other straight college jock their age would do. Watch the boys doing their stretching exercises, one of the guy’s holds up his legs while the other one simulates fucking the his virgin ass. Ogle over them lifting weights to try to build up their rock hard muscles. Veins popping out of their massive biceps and thighs that could take your head off if you try to go down and suck their cocks.

fratmen tv

After the workout, they head inside and find a straight porn video playing on the television. Max and Payne’s muscles weren’t the only thing beginning to get bigger and before long, each muscle jock was rubbing their ever hardening cocks. Conversation almost completely stops between the two of them as they concentrate on the hot chick getting her wet pussy banged across the t.v. screen. The boys silent groans are muttered out by the increasing speed of the lube wrapped hands curled around thick cocks, tugging on them intensely.

fratmen tv

Payne makes a vulgar sound standing up from the leather sofa he occupied with Max, clearly the blame was from the love seat and not him. He pulls on his balls while stroking his enormous dick, flexing all the muscles in his body. Max comfortably sits, stretching his legs, feeling he is about to unload his massive man juice at any moment. Payne arches his back and shoots his load first, sending a gooey white stream across the room, nearly hitting the t.v. screen. Max cums soon after showering the carpet below him with his load of hot semen. Payne flops back on the couch and both guys smile to one another while cum drips off their overworked hands.

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College Dudes Fuckfest and Facial

Hot, young guys from College Dudes 247. In this fuck scene, after Alex gets Darren’s ass ready with his tongue, he slides his cock in and goes to town while Darren begs for more! Then Alex drops a warm juicy load all over Darren’s face. This was Darrens first facial, and judging by the smile on his face, probably not his last!

college dudes 247

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Speedy’s Hairy Ass Gets Fucked at Circle Jerk Boys

Lying back on the bed, Rex and Speedy are both grabbing at their cocks and it was not long before they each had a handful of meaty cocks they needed to be taken out of play. Their shirts went flying, their zippers went down and laying shoulder to shoulder, the twin trouser tents soon appeared as both their hard cocks strained against the fabric of their boxers before they came down, the lube went across and soon both those poles were rock hard and leaking. There is no rubbing, caressing and kissing here – there are two guys doing what they have to earn their pay day and after seeing just how thick and fat Rex’s cock is, Speedy makes sure that long slab is well lubed as he knows where that fat throbbing cock is going next…right up his ass.

circle jerk boys

Rex cops a quick feel of Speedy’s hairy cheek like a man kicking the tires of a new car – to make sure it is solid enough for the punishment about to be inflicted. Speedy plants his ass on the blunt head of Rex’s gloved cock and bites his lip as he slowly feels the huge helmet force open the tight ring of his hole, wincing in pain as he lowers himself inch by inch down Rex’s pole. Bending Speedy over the chair, Rex grabs his thick cock by the base and stuffs it back and forth in an out of Speedy’s ass before taking a seat and having Speedy climb on one more time. Something is a little different this time as Speedy does the breeder bounce – his cock gets hard – and stays hard as his balls begin to tighten up. Did Speedy learn that maybe his hole is not just decorative after all? Who knows, but there is no denying the evidence because soon there is puddle on the floor below in the form of a thick white load. Yes – Rex literally fucked the cum right out of Speedy before depositing a huge load of his own.

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Rod Barry’s Night of Rough Sex

When Rod Barry is in the house, there’s never a dull moment. Just ask Alton Cox, who had the misfortune or should I say fortune… of being a little late with his rent payment. If your roommate is a good friend, he might spot you until you can pay him back. But Rod Barry demands immediate payment or you’re likely to be out on your ass, unless you have an ass like Alton Cox. Not even Rod Barry can resist an opportunity to give tough love or is it lust when it cums to tapping Alton Cox’s assets. First Rod gags Alton repeatedly, ramming his huge cock down Alton ‘s throat. His huge cock stretches Alton’s mouth apart, trying to shove his balls inside the wet, willing mouth. Alton begins to gag, Rod’s cock is too much for him to handle.

mike hancock

Then Rod Barry makes Alton do something he’s never done before … eat another guys ass! But Rod doesn’t take no for an answer, so Alton munched away at his furry butt hole. He licks Rod’s ass crack up and down and starts sucking on Rod’s pulsating pucker hole. But Rod must have been doing something right, because Alton was begging to feel Rod’s wrath deep in his manhole. Rod gave him what he asked for and Alton learns the true meaning of rough rider. Rod loves his sex rough, really rough. He turns Alton over onto his side and sticks his huge, fat cock right inside Alton’s unsuspecting manhole. Rod positions him over and over, stomping on Alton’s face as his finale fuck makes his hot man cream shoot out of his cock.

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Chaos Men’s Jayce Serviced in High Definition

Hot, blond, muscle boy Jayce over at gets serviced in High Definition. Chaos master Bryan gets down on his knees to pleasure this studs rock hard cock and blond hairy asshole. He fingers Jayce’s willing hole at the same time he blows his boner making Jayce shoots his load!

chaos men

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Gay Masquerade Orgy Sex Party at Local Bar

Brand new gay orgy party pics and gay porn videos from the Guys Go Crazy Masquerade or should I call it ASSquerade, Ball Gay Sex Party! They’ve invited a bunch of lucky new boys from Hungary and Denmark to come party with them and everyone’s decked out in funny, sexy, or just crazy costumes to come celebrate at the club, play some games, and maybe even win some prizes! They start off with a “Best Costume” contest, where contestants shake their stuff on stage while showing off their outfits. Then things heat up with “The Great Dildo Suck-off”, where the dudes simulate fellatio on each other by sucking whipped cream off of dildos … just a sweet taste of things to cum.

gay sex party orgy

Before you know it, the hot euro twinks and toned hunks are rubbing each other’s cocks, getting hard and popping their boners out of their pants to get sucked by the closest cock-hungry stranger, or friend — they don’t know, and frankly they sure as hell don’t seem to care. For some in the crowd, watching this simulation got them right in the mood for the real thing, and they started to undo each other’s pants, pop out their friend’s boners and go to town on their rock hard cocks, giving them some hot wet mouth service. Your cock will be rock hard by the end of this round of hot gay sex party pics and vids. All of the boys cocks in this crazy cast of characters’ are out and getting the knob-gobbling they deserve!

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English Lad Army James’ Cannon Load of Cum!

James is back after a stint in the army and stopped by English Lads, he is looking as buffed as ever! It has been a very long time since this hot boy has gotten laid and he is hornier than ever. He is looking forward to beating off his cock properly and spewing a heavy solid load of cum everywhere. One thing is certain as he pulls down his combats his army issue long johns are bulging! He pulls the material tight round the bulge and there is no missing his pulsating erection. James gets such a thrill from showing off in front of the camera and in no time his cock is out and getting some attention. He tugs on his long uncut cock, pulling his foreskin way past the head of his dick.

english lads

For all those ass lovers, James shows off his hair free crack in all its glory. Spreading his cheeks far apart making his sphincter lips stretch left and right. His cock gets harder as he shows off his ass. Once back into some serious wanking, James gushes his load all over his t shirt in what must be one of his biggest and strongest cum shots that really flies. His moans soften and his body trembles as he lies in a pool of his own spooge.

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