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I ran across today. This site features the hottest young boys, 18-21, hitting their sexual prime. Most of the models on the site are exclusive only to and for most of the young lads, it is their first time ever getting fucked on film. If you ever wanted to see what an 18 year old virgin’s face looks like the first time he gets a long, hard cock pushed inside his ass, this site is the place to be. There are tons of images and videos to help your fantasy along.

teen x boys

These boys will drive you crazy. They have been gathered from countries around the world to gratify your sexual desire … your lust for hot twinks. Young studs doing everything that you desire. Jacking off their hard stiff cocks, fingering their pink tight assholes. Forcing dildos and toys into asses that have not yet been stretched and ravaged from years of ass play. And most importantly, the beauty of two fresh, young 18 year olds sucking and fucking the shit out of each other.

teen x boys

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Outdoor Public Sex from Football Buddies

It seemed like a normal day when Xander Scott and Brent Diggs went outside for a game of touch football. Just a couple of friends throwing around some ball with no shirts on. It was warm when they started and all the running around got them very sweaty. Then something happened. The musty scent from their dripping bodies started to overtake them. The game of “touch” football got more touchy as they both began looking for a chance to grab each other more than the football. One good tackle and it was all over… well, the game anyway. Xander tackled Brent, decided he won the game and decided to claim his prize, right then and there. Suddenly, the wind picked up and Xander planted a big one on Brent’s full lips. Something must have been in the wind that day because after getting a good look at his hot ass, Xander surprised everyone by going down on Brent’s thick throbbing cock.

randy blue

He’s never gone down on another guy before but the chemistry between them was so strong that Xander later said he couldn’t help himself. And of course, Brent was hardly going to say no. Then things got really hot with Xander being a little more aggressive than you’re used to seeing him. He decided he wanted Brent and he was going to have him. Watching these two kiss is so hot you almost don’t need anything else, but they’d never leave you hanging like that. They go from mutual jackoff to a 69 that’s sure to get your rocks off. And after Brent shoots his load all over Xander’s chest, Xander shoots and shoots and shoots. Sweaty, sticky and spent, the two of them hop in the pool to cool themselves off. They’ve been hanging around a lot since we shot this video and I think they’re become great buddies.

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Dirty Slave Nicky Blacklock at You Love Jack

He pulls off his hoodie and strips to his boxers in what seems like one motion. His cock is already hard in his pants and by the look of that pup-tent it’s a big one. After a bit of rubbing, his cock pops out of the leg of his boxers and it’s not only big, it’s thick too. And curvy. What an interesting weiner this guy has! It flops around, hanging out of his boxers for a second before he stands up to remove his gitch. As he pulls his boxers down, his cock gets caught in the waste-band and is forced down until the boxers pass his head and his cock snaps back up against his body. Rock hard and raring to go. He sits back down and starts to tug on that monster. He’s cut but he doesn’t use any lube… just hand on cock in the private way only he can manage. That perfect blend of smooth touch and friction that gets to the root of the matter! Gentle changes of expression wash across his face as his hand becomes a blur on his rock hard member. He catches a glimpse of himself in the video camera’s LCD monitor and this prompts him to hop up and shove his raging hard cock into the camera lens for some amazing close-up stroking. His cock is as hard as it can be and you really get to see how fucking big it is.

you love jack

Satisfied, he sits back down and his hand moves instinctively to his ass. He rubs his hole for a second before he pulls his legs up and out of the way. He makes himself comfortable as he gently fingers his hole, opening it up slowly before plunging another finger in. He massages his ass and gets himself closer and closer to getting off. It’s time, so he flips back onto the couch and starts to work on that thick cock. His eyes are locked on his meat as he quickens his pace and beats himself with purpose. His face is almost angelic as he inches closer to orgasm… Harder… Closer… Suddenly he lets out a soft moan and leans his head in and opens his mouth. He wants that cum in his mouth! His cock lets loose a torrent of jizz – stream after stream coats his black t-shirt leaving him glistening and spent. It’s a good look for him! He didn’t manage to shoot his load into his own mouth but he’s hungry for that cum, so Nicky grabs his shirt and licks his load straight off of it. Big, wide-tongued laps as he gorges himself on his own jizz. He swallows it down then relaxes back on the couch. He’s still hard but he’s spent, so he lets go of his cock with a little sigh. Then gives a knowing look to the camera before the whole thing comes to the end.

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Phenix Fucks Blaze at Mike Hancock

Not many straight guys would come into the world of gay-for-pay porn and willingly take Ryan Andrew’s thick dick up his ass for his first scene. But with a lot of lube, Blaze did it. Rather than cowering in a warm bath of Epsom salt, Blaze studied his performance and the performances of other models to make himself better. He says he’s in this game to win, and if he can push through the pleasurable pain of being fucked, he’s going to be unstoppable. Like most of us, he’s his own worst critic. Bound and determined to better his cock sucking skills, he watched lots of straight porn at home, and he checked out some of Mike’s blowing videos to see the “Hancock Method” in action. Mike definitely got a kick out of seeing Blaze mimic some of his stroking actions once Blaze got into the heavy duty dick sucking.

mike hancock

But Blaze has his eyes set on being the next power bottom, and if he does it one scene at a time, well that’s just fine with him. Although he’s learned the pleasures of anal play, he says it doesn’t cum easily for him… yet. Like anything worth having, there’s a bit of pain involved. But he’s down for the challenge and knows it’s just mind over matter. Phenix Saint was the perfect partner. It wasn’t too many moons ago that Phenix crossed the line, getting his first blow job, fucking his first man-ass, and finally sucking his first dick. Phenix looks back on those days with amusement, and he understands the process that Blaze is going through. But that didn’t stop Phenix from pounding Blaze’s nice tight ass the way that his fans have cum to expect. Blaze said that once he was able to relax and get beyond his pain threshhold, he was able to just sit back and enjoy the ride. With that kind of attitude Blaze, you’ll make it to the top… of the bottoms… in no time!

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Straight Guy Gets Fucked For The First Time Ever

Rocky Houston is always looking for an adventure. It seems like just yesterday he was doing his first solo and wanking his crank for the Randy Blue cameras. Since then he’s been taking each new step with excitement and enthusiasm. He jumped right into the Summer Heat Stroke circle jerk, getting really buddy buddy with Xander, Kenny and Spencer. After hanging out with Cody at a public appearance he was more than ready for him to help with his first toy experience. And who wouldn’t want Cody to be at the helm of a hot dildo session? He’s sucked cock and gotten his cock sucked, enjoying both like he was born to do it.

randy blue

So when the idea of James Hawk fucking his virgin ass for the first time came up, Rocky gave that high-spirited smile of his and simply said, “Okay, let’s go!”. You can tell just by looking at them in the first few minutes of the video that they are going to have a great time together. And what a hot scene this turned out to be. Rocky is very vocal and really gives in to the moment. He specifically didn’t do any kind of practicing to prepare because he wanted to give you the most real experience you can have. You are seeing Rocky Houston get fucked by a guy for the very first time. And James had the time of his life popping Houston’s cherry, as it were, and he showed everyone how much he enjoyed it by spewing a huge load of hot steamy jizz all over Rocky’s hot ass.

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Buzz West’s Straight Boy John

John is a really quite guy. He’s 6′ tall, nice muscles, and nice big dick. John’s a big party boy, and just likes to have a good time. He kinda reminds me of a rough version of Prince William. The puppy dog eyes, pale skin and a great big smile with his nice full lips. John has admitted to messing around a few times with other guys, saying the girls just don’t suck his dick for a long enough period. With the size of his cock I can only image why. When completely hard, John’s cock is a rigid meat of flesh. The head of his cock gets a massive red hue which gentle fades down his shaft merging with his soft pale skin. As he grabs his cock, the veins running down the sides of his cock pop out, pulsating.

buzz west

One of John’s other favorites is having his balls played with. Whether jacking of or getting a blowjob, he tugs and pulls away at his cum filled ball sack. John goes nuts, literally, whenever he gets someone to suck on his balls. Always making sure that he forces both nuts into his partner’s mouth. He has also admitted that he likes it rough, getting his balls slapped and he jacks his giant piece of man meat. The last time he received a blowjob from a chick, he made he lick his asshole. She didn’t care for it, but he really loved her tongue around the rim of his asshole.

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Sean Cody’s Danny Fucks Billy

Danny and Billy are show offs! They had gotten up early and eaten breakfast and decided to go out on the lake for some fun. At the lake, the boys kept taking their swim suits off, there were a lot of other boats on the water that got an eyeful of hot, young cock and ass. Danny and Billy found a little secluded spot where the rocks were all warm and sunny. Billy moved in close to Danny and knelt before him like a servant. Danny smile and dropped his shorts. Before the shorts even touched the ground, Billy had Danny’s hard cock in his mouth. Grabbing his balls, Billy sucked the long hard cock all the way down the shaft. Spit dangled off the sides of Danny balls left by Billy’s over excited mouth.

sean cody

There were too many people around and Billy wanted to fuck. They went back to the condo where their clothes came flying off and Billy went straight for Danny’s cock once more. Billy was on all fours now sucking Danny off. As he began to tug at his swollen dick, Danny reached around and began playing with his Billy’s puckering asshole. Craving for a tight hole, Danny flipped Billy onto his back and inserted his steel rod into his willing companion. Billy cried out at the enormity of the cock that just slide inside. Once Danny started pounding, Billy’s anus started loosening up and the experience was becoming more enjoyable. The boys fucked over the next few hours in many interesting positions until finally both exploded cum shots into the air. Billy may have walked away a little crooked with the as pounding he just received, but cannot wait for another round with Danny.

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Boys Pissing Party in the Backyard

Earlier this week Shane invited over his boy toy friends Jeremiah and Zach to lounge by the pool and soak in some rays. After hours of drink beer, Zach had to take a leak really badly. Shane wasn’t about to have him waste any of his precious piss by watering the plants with it. He told Zach to give it to him as he laid down in front of his two best boy pals. Zach whipped out his cock and started spraying Shane’s face with his stream of lightly golden urine. Zach’s piss pounded against Shane lips, begging to enter his mouth. Shane, of course, obliged and open his mouth wide grasping on to every drop that fell from his hot friend’s dick. Before long, Jeremiah and to expel his refreshments and took out his cock to drown Shane with his hot and steamy piss.

boys pissing

Both boys were bombarding Shane with what seamed like an endless stream of beer powered piss. You could see Shane’s nipples getting erect from the cool breeze through his piss soaked shirt. Jeremiah continued to hose dow Shane after Zach stopped. However, all of these exposed penises were making him quite horny. Zach’s cock starting getting hard uncontrollable. He jacked off watching Jeremiah’s piss dancing all over Shane’s body. Shane took out his own cock and started pissing up towards his face. Watching him drink his own pee made Zach extremely excited. Zach pumped out a hot cum load onto the side of Shane’s face and before he could take another breath, Jeremiah shot out a load on the other side. The boys went in for a threeway kiss, mixing the cum and piss as it smeared all over Shane’s face.

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Barebacking Charlie’s Internal Cumshot

Meet Santiago and Charlie. Two young studs who became boyfriends about, oh let’s say, 5 minutes ago. They had instant attraction when they saw each other on the subway car. Santiago was on one side and Charlie on the other. A smile was exchanged, a quick glance to check the other one over and a dead stare at each others crotch. Charlie initiated the move by rubbing his bulge on the outside of his jeans. Santiago’s gaze grew as Charlie’s bulge began to grow. With only a few people on board, Santiago felt confident enough to whip out his cock and started to masturbate his long uncut cock for Charlie’s pleasure. They got off at the next stop, both tenting their jeans as they walked across the platform. Once up to Charlie’s apartment, they leaped out of their clothes faster than they could close the door.

internal cumshots

The woman across the hall in 2B caught a quick look as Charlie’s mouth devoured Santiago’s rock hard cock. Charlie was known for deep throating with ease. He moved along Santiago’s shaft like a well oiled machine. They moved over to the makeshift sitting area filled with bean bags. Charlie plopped down, spread his legs and arched his ass up into the air. The blond hairs surrounding his pulsating asshole sparkled with spit as Santiago’s tongue swirled around his crack. He inserted his uncut, uncovered cock into the pink hole. He pushed his dick in until his balls reached Charlie’s ass and held it in for one moment. With a little smile as he looked down onto Charlie, he pulled his cock out and then slammed it hard into Charlie’s ass. Fucking him with all of his might, Santiago kept repositioning Charlie for every maximum pleasure he could give. After an hour and a half, Santiago dumped his hot juicy load inside Charlie’s well pounded ass. As he was jacking off, he expelled his – now boyfriend’s – newly deposited milk from his hole. As he shot his load upon his chest he could feel Santiago’s cum run down his ass. They gave each other a deep passionate kiss and fell asleep on top of the sex soiled beanbags.

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English Lads Kallum and Troy Fuck

Kallum and Troy are back for some more duo fun. These boys not only have a lot of history, but they also have a lot of chemistry together. Kallum’s cock is rock hard and waiting for Troy’s warm mouth to glide down his shaft. With one gulp he takes in the entire cock tower forcing it down his throat. Kallum trembles with excitement as his dick pulsates inside of Troy’s throat. Kallum can feel the cum wanting to explode out so he switches positions to munch on Troy’s cock. Troy’s cock and Kallum’s tongue come into contact. Kallum spits on Troy’s meat and gives him some great head before he fingers up Troy’s hole.

english lads

Troy positions himself as Kallum slides in his 8 inch uncut cock into the tight asshole. Kallum starts off slowly, enjoying the expressions on Troy’s face and he pumps his cock in and out of him. The he goes quicker, stronger and harder. The boys are fucking really hard and Troy tries to hold out from shooting his load. HE enjoys Kallum’s large cock so much that he explodes a big load as Kallum rams his fat cock hard inside of him. Kallum pulls out and dumps his own load all over Troy’s face.

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