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A Taste of Blue – Happy Halloween!

It was a dark and horny Halloween night. Cody and Blake are looking for some trouble to get into. It seems that trouble finds them, but it’s the kind of trouble that any hot young guy would want to get into. Setting out to attend a Halloween costume party, they approach a spooky old house. Who’s home is this? Where did that invitation come from? They have no idea, but a party’s a party. And what of this house? What if they’ve gone to the wrong house? Dark forces are at work, drawing them closer to a dark and sexy stranger who might steal their souls… among other things. A Taste of Blue is an adventurous new project by the gang at Randy Blue. Cody Fallon and Blake Riley play the spunky young hunks who stumble upon a mysterious old house on Halloween night. Chris Rockway is the vampire who sucks a lot more than blood. Derrek Diamond and Brent Diggs drop by in a special cameo appearance.

randy blue

They wanted to do something special for their members on Halloween and thought it would be fun to let the guys exercise their acting skills in this sexy comedic movie. But don’t think for a moment that with all the fun they were having that they skimped on the sex. They saved Cody’s first on-screen fucking for this project. And bottoming for Chris Rockway, something he had been looking forward to for a long time, made for one of the hottest sex scenes they’ve done. The sexual heat of this video is only matched by the humor and fun of watching them do their version of those wonderful late night b-grade horror flicks. Hopefully, you will have a frightfully good time.

randy blue

To see a preview of this spooky video, click here.

Enrique’s Bait Bus Adventure

Meet Enrique, a hottie sailor who just got off leave. He was picked up while looking for his lost iguana, but after Jessie flashed him, he forgot about his pet and decided to hop on the bus. One of the latest victims of the Bait Bus. The bait bus drives around picking up horny straight boys, usually with some hot chick inside, with the promises of a little fun. The boys are always blindfolded, and the girl turns into a guy, sucking the unsuspecting horn dog’s dick. After Enrique found out that Ryann was the one blowing him, he made a big scene making sure everyone knew that he was not gay.

bait bus

Jessie had calmed him down, somewhat, and offered him some cash. After they price was raised a few times, he fell right through. He leaned back and let Ryann grab a hold of his cock. Once his eyes were closed, probably imagining about Jessie, his cock started getting stiff. Ryann deep throated the long dick, almost choking .. almost. Grabbing his balls, Ryann was ferociously sucking, making Enrique’s cock hard and rock hard. He bent Ryann over and stuck his cock deep inside his ass. Cars zoomed along side the bus with the occupant’s staring in … watching to guys fucking. THis made Enrique more excited. He fucked Ryann’s ass harder, faster until he came all over the worn out boy. As he climbed out of the bus, Jessie thanked him for a memorable show. Enrique asked for his money as she closed the door. The bus sped off with Enrique chasing them. At least he was able to bust a nut.

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Sex Crazed Threeway at Randy Blue

Doing the Randy Blue three-ways must be one of my favorite things. It’s so much fun trying to figure out who is going to look the hottest in what combinations. Sometimes it’s a real trick, trying to match up a good bottom with a good top and maybe someone who’s all about sucking cock. Other times you try to go against the grain and challenge the guys to try something new, like a first time bottoming. They might try adding a guy who’s only ever done solos into a mix with two experienced guys so they can show him the ropes. And sometimes, you put three guys together who just fit like three perfect puzzle pieces. This is exactly the case with Blake Blake Riley, Derek Diamond and Dakota Rivers. They’ve always gotten along really well when we’ve done public appearances but I think this is the first time the three of them were together at the same time.

randy blue

They were all over each other before we even got the cameras set up, but sometimes you gotta cage the tigers before the show so they can unleash their fury after it starts. And boy, did they ever. You can see the excitement right from the beginning of the video. They waste no time in stripping off their clothes and getting their mouths around each other’s cocks, nipples and any other body parts they can taste, touch and lick. Dakota is so tall and commanding that it would be easy to keep him in the middle. That’s why Derrek took center stage for a while and let Dakota service him while he made out with Blake. A few suggestions like that were thrown in there, but a lot of what you see is their own ideas. When the energy is this high you can usually just let things just happen. Although, I know how much Blake loves to get cum on, so it was suggested to squirt their manjuices all over him.

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Fisting 101: Extreme Gay Fetish

It is time to take a break from the vanilla porn and go for something a little more hardcore … something a little more extreme … something on the lines of fist fucking. Not that I would personally ever get fisted myself, but there is some pleasure I find in seeing a burly, manly man getting his ass twisted and tortured. The slow pressure against his sphincter, manipulating the hole to stretch beyond its limits. Popping the knuckles across the threshold and easing the wrist through. White rolling hills of Crisco gather around the asshole while a long hairy arm forces it way inside.

fisting central

Once inside all hell breaks loose, well, at least his asshole breaks loose. Now that it has been widened, it is ready for for the real fucking. Some guys will use both hands, sliding in one and the the other until eventually, both hands are inside. Then it is time to go deeper, much deeper. Pushing his way through, the top shoves his arm inside until it reaches his elbow. As the arm slides out, so does the bottoms insides … sporting a shiny full rosebud. It pops back inside but sometimes the fister holds it out as a little extra bonus pleasure. Once back inside he is ready to get punch fucked, which is amazing to watch. Punch after punch the bottoms cry out in agony which is ended with an enormous smile.

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Hot Studs – A Barebacker’s Paradise

I was cruising through the internet last night looking for something to jack off to. I was in the mood for something young and fleshy, when suddenly I ran across a site that gave me an instant hard on. One of my all time favorites flashed right before my eyes and before my hand could get down to my boner, I was accessing the best gay twink bareback porn site ever … As I stared at the screen in a daze from all the gorgeous twink models, my cock was throbbing and pumping as if it was trying to get my attention. Telling me to stop staring at the young, fit, almost hairless boys and to start jacking off.

hot studs bareback

Well, it didn’t take me that long but my hand went down and my dick was a stiff as a rocket ship. The first clip I watched was of two cute blond boys. The thinner of the two starting sucking off the other one’s dick. My hand mimicked his mouth, as he went down on the long shaft my hand gravitated to my balls and slowly we both came back up spending a little extra time around the head of the swollen cock. The bigger blond boy turned him onto his back and slid his raw uncovered cock into the awaiting asshole. The glimmering hint of spit was shining off of the velvety cock as it poked itself in and out of the boy’s bottom. My veins were popping out and I new I had to come at any moment. The my opportunity came, literally, the larger boys popped out his cock and shot his load all over the other blond boys face, hair and in his mouth. I pulled out my last drop of man juice as I watched him lick up all of his partner’s cum, eat it and continued to suck his cock dry.

Needless to say, I watched 10 different scenes and came 6 different times. For the best in twink bareback action, click here.

Mark Wolff Muscle God Worship

Mark Wolff is one of the most recognizable faces on the net today. He has appeared on the cover of over 100 international fitness and men’s magazines, and has produced award winning wrestling, muscle worship and solo videos for the past 8 years. His video company and group of website features some of the worlds best athletic and muscle models. Original high quality content, and exclusive models of hot, naked muscle gods. Watch these guys pose, flex, oil up and jerk off for your pleasure.

mark wolff

Not only do these sex jocks have thighs that will crack walnuts and arms made of steel, but large muscle cocks as well. See them pumping iron and pumping their veiny, lube encrusted dicks as they power force load after load of hot white jism from their balls. See hot muscle on muscle action as the boys wrestle each for the joy of domination. Worship their raging biceps, pecs and glutes. Not to mention the most important muscle of all … the muscle cock that can make even the most strongest men cry with envy.

To see Mark in all his wonderness and meet other hot, exclusive muscle boys, click here.’s Jackoff Race Part 3

This week’s Fratpad Friday show will be the highly anticipated “JACK-OFF RACE III” where Ricky and Collin go head to head. This is NOT a pay-per-view event, it’s open to all members of The rules are simple.. two men enter, one leaves with the other guy’s cum all over him. OK seriously … the rules are this … two guys jack off and the first one to cum blows his load on the loser, which means that they REALLY have an incentive to cum first. The other Fratmen will all be there cheering them on. Straight boys watching other naked straight boys jacking off, encouraging it, screaming for it.

frat pad

What could be better than watching two hot, straight guys jacking off? Watching one straight guy cum on another one. Living together and running around naked as these guys do makes them a pretty tight knit group. However, they are still straight and no matter how close they are, another buddies man juice is not a territory that they want to go into. In previous races, some guys struggle to get a hard on and some get one right away and shoot their hot load onto the other guy before he even knows what hits him. It is all about the fun of the race, you never know who cock will stiffen up first and sometimes the slow one to start gets his dick hard at the end and spews his victory cum all over the loser.

To see the show, click here.

Jack’s Eager Ass Takes A Dildo

Once his clothes are off, Jack is quickly on his knees stroking his dick right up in the camera. He’s about 6.5 inches and cut. And yup, he trims his pubes – not barenaked and bald but short-short like all the twinks are wearing these days. Before you know it he’s got a dildo in his hands and he’s stuffing it up his butt. No prep. Just shove and grunt for this little blonde bombshell. Apparently he enjoys getting fucked because he can’t keep his mouth shut the entire time that fake cock is stuffed up his adoreable little hole! It’s easy to imagine as you watch this guy plow his own ass that he’s actually getting fucked… His noises, his expressions are so genuine that it’s a wonder the lens didn’t steam up. Fucking a-number-one hot as hell, I tell ya…

you love jack

The video footage is largely uncut as he spends close to 6 minutes fucking himself in various positions. Moaning and grimacing like there’s no tomorrow. Eventually he’s had all he can take and he reaches for the lube one more time. He slathers that water-based goodness all over his cock and lays back with the dildo still crammed up his ass. His hand is a blur as he beats his meat faster and faster. Closer and closer he gets to dumping that load. His eyes open one last time and he looks directly in the camera as he dumps a sticky mess all over his own smooth twink belly. Exhuasted, he manages to scramble to his knees to show off the mess dripping down his mid-section. He runs his fingers through his own cum as the dildo still hangs out of his ass. This one is done like dinner.

To see Jack fuck himself silly, click here.

Interracial Threeway at Randy Blue

Three-ways are always a lot of fun, especially when all three guys are really into it. Christopher Ashlee is so handsome, and has shown how sexy he could be in a solo, Randy figured it was time to get him in bed with some other guys. Kyle Hennessy is another one that he’s been wanting to see in a three-way. Being so damn hot in his solos and when paired up with other models, like Cody or Spencer, he goes from having that sweet boy next door look to being a hot and horny stud. Both Christopher and Kyle love to top, so he needed to make sure they had a good bottom to play with. The first name to come to his head was Derrek Diamond. Derrek loves sex and he knew he’d jump at the chance to bottom for two such hot guys.

randy blue threeway

All three of them are gay and the day they all got together for the shoot they all seemed really into it. The red tones in Kyle’s body look great against Derrek’s light tan hues, while Christopher’s luscious brown skin is a nice contrast between the two. And right from the start the guys couldn’t take their hands off of each other. Even though Derrek was going to bottom it didn’t stop Kyle from jumping in and doing a double suck-off to get things started. But it wasn’t long before Derrek was getting plowed by Kyle while sucking off Christopher. Nothing like a little piggy in the middle. And you can tell he’s having a great time by the look on his face.

Tpo see these guys in action click here.

Brad’s Bareback Rock Star Experience

Brad wants to be a rock star, little does he know that a journey on the casting couch will make him a cock star. He walks into his audition all cocky with attitude. He definitely thinks there is no one better than him. He walks over to the stage and starts belting out a Britney-Christina-Beyonce rendition. Thankfully the producer, Michael, stops him and tells him that strawberries will help to relax his voice. Brad walks over to him and kneels by his side. With one hand on his dick and the other holding the strawberry, Michael feeds Brad the ripe fruit. Brad smiles, watching the dick stiffening through his Armani pants. Brad begins to undress as he sucks Michael’s hard cock, forcing the rod down his throat.

bareback popboys

Brad is completely naked on all fours with all his attention on the swollen piece of meat. Michael takes another strawberry and rubs Brad’s asshole with it. Swirling it around his hole and suddenly, he mashed it inside the tight boy butt. Brad gives a little moan, not from the fruit, but from the fingers Michael also slipped inside. Stretching the tight pucker hole for entry, Michael get ready to mount the eager boy beaver. He slips in his raw cock and pounds Brad’s ass like he was in front of 50 thousand cheering fans. No lube, no condom, just skin sticking to skin. Brad feels like his inside are being pulled out and he loves every second of it. Michael pulls out his throbbing cock and shoots his load all over Brad’s face, rubbing the cum into every pore. Brad licks up the cum off of his face and finishes draining Michael’s cock from all the remaining cum.

To see these hot guys go at it, click here.

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