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You Love Jack’s JT and Tanner

These two don’t waste and time on formalities. The video opens with JT naked on the couch and Tanner quickly joins him (what, was he adjusting the camera?) and the start making out… their cocks growing with anticipation. JT leans tanner back and really gives him some tongue before popping up and moving Tanner’s legs so he can get at his cock. Tanner’s eyes are glued to his buddy as JT starts slobbering on his cock. Tanner doesn’t say a word and he doesn’t need to – he’s positively transfixed by the sight and feeling of his buddy sucking his cock. He’s just lays back with the hottest look on his face and lets JT go to town. Totally fucking hot! The switch positions and this time JT is holding the camera as Tanner gobbles up his cock. JT pans the camera to his face which tells the story of how much this little adonis loves the feeling of Tanner mouthing his rod. As he pans down his rock hard cock seems ready to burst! He keeps the camera fixed on Tanner as he goes to town on his cock – lubing it up with his spit until it’s glistening and straining to get even bigger. That will have to wait though – because JT has a mind to get fucked by Tanner. Now anyone who’s checked out any of Tanner’s previous videos knows he’s a first class bottom but he decides to give it a go. He slips a condom on his cock and JT climbs aboard. His face is pure pleasure as the blood rushes to his cheeks and he’s lost. Tanner grabs the cam and shoots him as he rides his cock and gets lost in the feeling.But Tanner has plans of his own and after a few minutes he pulls out and slips a condom on JT’s rock hard member. It’s been a while for Tanner and he’s super tight to start but he gets his buddy’s fuck pole in him without too much trouble and JT takes control. Lemme tell ya, this little stud can really fuck! He starts Tanner out on his knees and mounts him doggy-style. This ride lasts a couple of minutes before he flips his buddy onto his back and enters him on top.

you love jack

He can’t seem to take his eyes off of Tanner as he pounds his hole harder and harder. Tanner has the presence to grab the camera and get some shots of JT’s cock slipping in and out of his asshole. I think JT digs the attention because he has to stop for a second or he’ll cum too soon. He pops his cock out and they relax for a minute before wrestling for position in a passionate couch-based 69. It seems fucking his buddy really turned JT on because he stuffs Tanner’s cock in his mouth like it’s the first cock he’s ever sucked and even when Tanner tries to get up he keeps his mouth glued on his buddy’s fuck pole. Tanner does manage to get up though – just in time to dump a nice load all over JT. JT flips Tanner around and dumps his own load all over his new fuck-buddy. The camera is pulled back so you can see both of them sprawled out on the leather sofa that has been their love nest for the past quarter hour and you can see JT’s cumshot fly about 4 feet in the air before landing with a splat beside Tanner’s head. Tanner doesn’t even flinch! JT grabs the camera for some closeups of their mutual mess of jizz before calling it a day.

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Levi Green Returns to Randy Blue

Okay, I have to admit it. I have this fantasy about having a hot guy come to my house to paint my garage and end up having wild crazy sex with him. I don’t know where it comes from, Maybe some movie I saw or an erotic story I’ve read, but it’ been an interest of mine for some time now. And one reason I love my job so much is that if there’s something I want to see being done by a hot guy, I can just make it happen. Levi Green did such an excellent job in his last video, and he’s got that sort of tough guy look that I just love, so we played out a little scenario of him coming over to paint and getting a little sidetracked. He’s looking good and his body is better than ever. His smooth torso features a set of pecs you could eat dinner off of, leading down to nicely defined six-pack. His arms are just the right size, definition without being overly muscled. And the sexiest pair of legs. He’s really athletic and it shows. He keeps active and his love of sports, not to mention hours at the gym, keep Levi in excellent shape.

randy blue levi

He must also excersize that muscle between his legs pretty often because it’s big, thick and meaty, and the way he works it you can tell he knows how to make himself feel good. One thing that I really love about Levi is his far flying cumshot. I had hoped that he could live up to his last video and he sure as hell didn’t disappoint! I worry about anyone who might want to blow him, he’s likely to put an eye out! I had thought about having him paint the whole garage before actually jacking off, but decided that he would probably be too tired to get it up then. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to hire an actual handyman. Hmmm, maybe he’ll pick up on Levi’s vibe and my fantasy will really come true.

To see a free video of Levi Green, click here.

Jason Ridge, Ridgeline Films and Howard Stern

Is Howard Stern starting to fancy the gays? It is a rare occasion when shock jock Howard opens his discussions to gay topics. There have been only a few selected super gay stars lucky enough to frolic amongst his listeners. Jason Ridge has rapidly ascended to this status when he appeared on the show to discuss to start of his new production company Ridgeline Films. This is a scarce achievement in the porn world, much less the gay porn world. Lately I have been hearing of more and more porn actors wanting to take control of their careers and be more involved in producing quality adult entertainment. This neo-pornographic trend was started some years ago and was glamorized by straight porn star vixen, Jenna Jameson when she started her own company Club Jenna.

jason ridge

In addition to promoting the launch of his new company, Jason Ridge heated things up with Stern regular Joey Boots. Boots recently came out on the show and “proved” his homosexuality with the consensual molestation of Jason. What a man will do to share himself with the public. Jason’s blog has all of the in-depth answers that all of his fans are looking for. It is very open, honest and quite candid with not only his professional porn star life but his personal one as well.

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To read Jason’s blog and find out a little more about him, click here.

Frat Men TV’s Model Spotlight Conner

Conner is the latest hot model to come out of Fratmen.TV. He’s 19 and says he spends his summers working as a deck-hand on his father’s boat. He occasionally takes the boat out with a few of his straight buddies. Conner says that the bring along a couple of cases of beer and get completely shit faced. They all get naked and go for a quick skinny dip in the afternoon sun. Conner enjoys swimming around naked and says that he feels totally free, although, a few times his cock got nipped on by a couple of passing fish. Can you blame them, who would not want to take a chomp out of that dick. Before long all the guys are laying out (more like passed out) on the deck, sunning their naked bodies. From time to time, some of the guys woke up to a gentle breeze rolling across their dicks and popped a few hard ons. After some razzing from the other guys, they all walked over to the edge of the boat and pissed into the open water.

frat men tv

Connor is from the Virgin Islands and now currently going to college taking culinary arts in South Carolina. I cam see how he heats up the kitchen with his HUGE dick. It’s nearly 9 inches long and thick. The girls on campus go crazy when they see Conner walk by, especially when he is only wearing his sweat pants. His huge tool flops back and forth as he walks to his classes and the fleece from the sweat pants outline his thick, veiny cock.

You can see Conner live on Fratmen.TV later this week. To see more of Conner now, click here.

Randy Blue’s Evan Grey

Evan Grey is a hot muscle boy who attends college in Wisconsin. His milky white skin helps bring out out his gorgeous blue eyes. Yes, it was the eyes I noticed first but, when he took off his shirt my pants began to tighten fast. His body is broad and ripped- it is all I can do to keep myself from licking his abs over and over again. He has never done a jack off video before but, as he put “Why not get paid for something I already do all the time.” I think that is a very smart way to look at things.

randy blue

He has a very shy smile but, you can clearly see a little devil in him – It’s like he is constantly thinking all the dirty things he wants to do to me… Okay, I may be fantasizing a little but, Evan is one big walking fantasy anyway. He walked into the shoot wearing shirt that reads RIDE ME and I am more than happy to oblige. Oh but, it’s all work and no play for me so, I video taped him stroking his fat cock instead. You can tell that he loved showing his body and his cock off to the camera. Knowing that thousands of people will be watching him jerk it turned him on so much. That thought fueled the explosive cumshot the ended the video.

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You Love Jack’s Pierre Close Up

The video starts with him dressed in shorts and a t-shirt which quickly come off to reveal a beautiful tight little body. Fully naked, a little smirk spreads across his face for the first time. I wasn’t sure if it was nerves or if he was embarrassed at first. But it turns out he’s just having a blast doing this and can’t really keep his enthusiasm bottled up inside. He grabs the camera and points it at his favorite body part – his abs. I have to say, it’s my favorite body part on him too! This guy has a great little body. Not gym refined but toned and fit like you get when you actually play sports. 100% hot!

Once he’s got himself hard enough to poke your eye out he hops up and turns around to show off his ass to the camera. And a fine ass it is too! He flips around a couple times and gives us some excellent shots as he spreads his cheeks and reveals his asshole to the camera. He sets the camera up a bit closer and starts to stroke his rock hard cock again. Bright red and shiney with his own spit as he slides the foreskin back and forth over the sensitive head. It gets even harder and it gets even redder. Beautiful.

you love jack

Pierre makes one more adjustment to the angle so we’ve got a perfect side view of the action and then settles in for some pretty furious jacking that can only mean the cumshot is on its way. His face is intense with concentration as he stares at his own cock and works himself closer and closer to orgasm. His breathing changes and he starts to moan a little. Softly at first, then a little louder. Just as he’s about to cum he looks dead square in the camera and the jizz starts to fly. It’s amazing to be able to look into eyes as he blows his load – super personal stuff!

He grabs a few close-up shots of his load before scooping up a bit and licking the cum off his finger. A goofy smile follows as he sets the camera back down and relaxes. His beautiful body laid out on the couch as his breathing slowly returns to normal.

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Twink Mohawk Punk Boys Fuck

Mike and Alex are little punk twinks from the windy city. They have been together for 2 years and decided to celebrate their anniversary by getting matching mohawks. Once the boys buzzed their doos, they celebrated the old fashion way … by having a good ‘ol fuck. Mike bent down and grabbed Alex’s raging uncut cock. His mouth glided over the tender, young, veiny cock meat. Mike’s spit lubed his lips as he raced up and down the swollen shaft turning Alex’s dick head a rosy shade of pink. Mike got onto his back to receive service from Alex’s willing mouth. He pulled on Mike’s ball sack as he deep throated the stiffened rod, forcing the head of Mike’s cock to the back of his throat. A quarter turn from them both and they were 69ing. Dual mohawks were flying as they sucked each other off. Alex reached around and grabbed Mike’s ass. Rubbing his hand against the ass cheeks, he spread them apart in search for the puckering asshole.


They continued to suck each other dicks as Alex inserted his finger effortlessly into the gaping hole. One finger became two, then three. He could have stuck his whole fist inside, but tonight was reserved for his cock. Mike fell into position, lifted his leg to the side and mounted Alex’s cock like a well trained stallion. Alex pounded him harder than he ever had the past two years, forcing his cock deep inside Mike. His ass was taking a beating from the boy-pole and just when he thought he could not take it, Alex pulled out and came all over Mike’s hairless balls. Cum dripped to both side of Mike’s fully loaded scrotum and ran tiny rivers down to the expanded asshole. Alex tweaked Mike’s nipples, pinching then hard then rubbing them softly. Mike shot his load all over his chest as Alex bent over to kiss him. He rubbed the cum on his chest with the load from his lover, melding the two boy juices into one.

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Straight Guy’s First Time Gay Fuck

This update was a real strange one and has got to be the hottest impromptu videos I’ve ever done! Carson said he was all horny and wanted to come over and watch some porn and jerk off. Of course the photographer from Buzz West told him he could, but he had a little party going on in the living room. Carson stopped over and the photographer snuck him in the back and told him that he wanted to film him. OK, no problem. The photographer goes out to check on the party, and Max found his way around the back and into the bedroom where Carson was in. It really surprised Carson when Max entered through a sliding glass door and popped through the blinds. Carson tried to hide that he was playing with himself, but the porn was playing and Max knew what was going on.

buzz west

Max sits next to Carson, flirting with him and trying to grab him, but Carson pushed him away. Max could see Carson’s huge erection through his pants and told him that he only wanted to suck it and that Carson didn’t even have to touch him back. Carson was so horny, he decided to go for it. Max took that huge cock and deep throated it all the way down his throat. The photographer walked back in to find straight boy Carson getting a blow job from a little twinky gay boy. He convinces Carson to fuck Max’s tight ass and after some convincing, Max mounts Carson like a cowboy, Carson tells us that this is the first time he’s ever fucked a guy in the ass! Both guys shoot their loads and Max returns to the party energized.

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Twink Boarding School Spanking Lesson

Boarding school is a time for young men to explore all of their sexual desires. Boys who would never even think about touching another guys dick, find themselves to be exceptional dick jackers and suckers and even occasionally bottom boy fuckers. When you are confined with nothing but other boys all around you, you make the best of the situation and bend over whatever walks past your way, stick in your cock and shoot your load all over the school uniform. Some of these guys are bunked up 6 to a room. The smell of stale, cum stained bed sheets overpower the worst dirty jocks and sneakers. Cum is plentiful in the boy’s balls and it needs to be released as often as possible. Fortunately for these guys, the opportunity to take out your cock is all around. The showers fill up with hot, sweaty boys after practice. Row after naked row of athletic students lather up their firm, muscular bodies. They massage every aching muscle, clean out their sweaty foreskin and thankfully spend a little too much time cleaning their asshole as they look for someone to fill up their hole. Dropping the soap is just as effective hear as it is in prison.

twink boarding school

Discipline is a big issue on campus. There seems to be a line to get into the Dean’s office almost daily. The boys are scolded and reprimanded for their actions, which usually involves having sex with another student. Standard punishment for this offense is a spanking. They are asked to undress and bend over the Dean’s knee. He rubs the tender butt to get it loosened up before he starts whacking the ass cheeks with his hand. Red hand marks start to imprint themselves all over the offenders swollen ass. Sometimes, when he feels the students cock start to stiffen against his leg, he will insert a finger into the asshole as he finishes the punishment. Of course, the student usually finishes by cumming down his pant leg.

On campus, sex is plentiful with fresh, new young cocks and tight virgin assholes and the bond between each boy last for a life time.

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18 Year Old Straight Boy Ricky

Ricky is 18, and was referred to Broke Straight Boys by his brother Chris who did a shoot with them a long time ago. Chris was in the military and was one of the original shoots that they launched the site with. Ricky was broke and needed to come up with the money to pay a down payment for rent. His brother told him all he had to do was model, and so he was down for doing a shoot. In the shoot, he was told that he was going to do a solo shoot where he just jerks off. Depending on how well he does, they may have him come back to do some more work, only it would be with guys. He said that he would be down with that, because he really needed the money.

Standing up Ricky started to get undressed in front of the camera. I noticed that he had a nice farmers tan going on from working all day in the sun. He said that he works out a little, and he seemed to be in good shape from it. Ricky had a rather smooth body, and even kind of danced as he took off his clothes. Sitting down he went for the lube bottle as he played with his cock trying to get it hard. Pulling on his dick the blood started to fill it, causing his cock to fill up his grip. He started to change positions and got up on his knees. He moved his whole body as he jerked off, like he was fucking somebody. I noticed that with all the movement his dick got harder.

broke straight boys

He would moan and breathe as he stroked his dick at different speeds. He asked if he could cum, and they told him that he could blow his load at any time. He asked if he could try any position, and that is when he got upside down on the couch. He really concentrated on jerking off really hard, using all the muscle strength in his upper body. However, he just wasn’t getting close in that position after a while, so he went to laying on his back. They told him that maybe he should play with his ass a little bit. As soon as he stuck that finger in his ass I got the idea this wasn’t his first time of doing that. He moaned very loud, and I could tell that it was a good feeling for him.

As he got closer to having an orgasm his breathing changed, and so did his body movements. I was glad to see that he was getting close after a while. He finally came and his load went all over his chest, it was a clear color, so it was very hard to see. They told Ricky that they would have him come back to do another scene, and that next time they will have him do an oral scene with another guy.

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Seasons Malibu