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Australian Uncut Boys Down Under

I ran across an old favorite,, the other day and it made me long for the boys down under. I may not be able to travel down to Australia as much as I would like, but it is nice to know that I just need to cruise on over to to get my fill when I am unable to be there in person. This site is filled with hot, young Aussie boys. The models are very athletic, most of them are surfers, but all the models have amazingly fantastic bodies. My favorite part about this site is that the majority of the models are actually straight. They go down to the beaches, find a couple of hot guys surfing and offer them a few bucks to video tape them jacking off.

All Australian Boys

Since most of these surfers don’t have jobs, they take them up on their offer and we get to see young, tanned guys jacking off their uncut cocks and shooting thick loads of creamy cum which gets mashed into their forest of curly, untrimmed pubic hair. Being as athletic as these guys are, every muscle in the bodies plump up and pop out as they stretch and strain themselves to pump out their sperm loads. Most of the models are shot right their at the beach. The have sand up the ass crack and will bend over to prove it, then they walk down to the surf to wash the cum off their bodies. Their dicks flop back and forth from the waves as their cum washes into the ocean. I guess that is why the water is so salty.

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Straight Boy gets Fucked for Money!

Taking off their clothes they returned to their positions on the bed. To get things going between the two of them I asked them if they would do a little dick sucking. Anthony leaned over and took Jacob’s limp dick in his mouth and started to suck on it. Jacob was trying to relax, but was having some issues getting hard. I think the main problem was that he wanted, Anthony to go faster. In doing so, he placed his hand on the back of his neck and pressed down at the speed he desired. BINGO! That was it; we had a rock hard penis ready for action. I was glad to see that we were able to get him hard, and enjoying the blow job. I asked if they would want to start the fucking, so I showed them where everything was. Putting on the condom, Jacob got into place ready to fuck the virgin ass for the first time. Getting into the doggie style position, Jacob added some lube to Anthony’s ass then got in behind him.

broke straight boys

Pressing his throbbing cock into Anthony’s tight asshole, it was met with great resistance. However, once inside, Jacob was able to pick up some speed fucking him in the ass. Anthony was trying to just go with the flow, however when Jacob got too deep that is when he took control of the situation. Bouncing his body off the bed, he really started to ride the cock. Turning over, they tried to roll over and keep the cock in but the dick just didn’t want to stay in. With Anthony on his back, the two started the fucking again. Jacob was very good at talking dirty and was making it clear that he was enjoying the tight asshole that he was getting to pound. Pay close attention, because Anthony says that he enjoys it, but that it still has some pain that he has to get used to.

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Bel Ami Exclusive Adrian and Jason

Bel Ami has brought together two of the hottest European guys for an amazing fuck scene. Adrian Kinski and bottom boy Jason Paradis are paired up for one of Bel Ami’s latest exclusive video shoots. The boys hit it off right away, you can see the chemistry between them. They start the scene off lying in bed, being playful with each other. Adrian slowly pulls the sheet off of Jason revealing his completely hard cock. Adrian grabs it in his hands and starts to jack the solid piece of meat, tugging on Jason’s foreskin with every upward motion from his hand. His mouth envelops the cock fully, shoving the huge wang deep down within his throat. Jason loves the blow-job he is getting, but wants a piece of Adrian’s uncut cock for himself. The boys devour each others hard ons as Adrian’s hand moves down to Jason’s hole.

bel ami

Jason moves onto his back as Adrian spreads open his legs, revealing the pink pucker hole shining in the sunlight. His tongue dances around Jason’s ass, loosening it with every lick. The tip of his tongue penetrates the quivering boy hole making Adrian’s dick swell up to it’s full thickness. Adrian slides next to Jason and slowly starts to insert his massive dick into the willing bottom boy. Jason’s hole sucks in the cock completely, leaving only Adrian’s balls showing. The excitement starts to build as he bangs Jason like a machine gun being fired. Both boys moan uncontrollably as the fucking intensifies. Jason tells Adrian to get on his back. He positions himself above him and sit straight down on the erect cock. Jason’s ass bounces off of Adrian’s pelvis. Their skin makes a velco sound each time they pull apart from the drying lube running out of Jason’s ass. Jason’s dick flaps up hitting his stomach and back down hitting Adrian’s balls. Jason jumps off as they both explode their load of steamy cum onto their bodies.

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Fuck My Gay Hole Raw at the Disco!

Four nameless strangers meet in the back of a retro 80’s club. Disco balls and hectic neon graffiti surround the room. None of the boys are over twenty and are a little anxious in their new adventure. As they start to undress, their hard ons start popping out of their jeans straight up into the air. Young and full of cum has never proven its point better. They forget the formalities of kissing and go right for each others cocks. The younger of the four get dominated right away as they are pushed to the floor and made to deep throat the cocks as far down as their throats will allow. Both boys are troupers and take every willing inch of boy flesh the can suck on, making sure to grab some foreskin on their way back up the cock shaft. The boys end up on their backs getting the asses played with.

chill out boys

First one finger, than two, stretching the boy butt just enough to stick the head in. They slide forward slight and getting ready to be mounted. They can feel the raw, uncovered cocks pushing against the holes. A little spit helps the monster dicks find their way inside these warm, fleshy bottoms, barebacking the boys into total pleasure. The strangers feel connected as the skin on skin ass action continues. They pound the asses harder, faster trying to decide where to cum. Should they shoot their loads up their asses or make them eat every ounce of their boy juice? Both pulled out at the same time and shifted up towards the young angelic faces. They both had their mouths open and their tongues out. Cum came flying out at full force and both captured as much as they could. They swallow the cum that landed in their mouths and search for any more that they had missed.

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Tommy D’s Bisexual Fourway

Meet Tommy D, Tyler, Ruby and Mia having a bit of fun after dinner at Tyler’s place. The four start off playing in the kitchen where they strip down and go at it on the counter top. The guys both eat out their partners, the smell of snatch is making them harder by the second. The girls are hot, but come on, it is all about the boys. This 4 way turns into a bi way when Tommy grabs Tyler’s hard cock. Tyler smiles uncomfortably and grabs Tommy back, this is Tyler’s first time touching another man’s cock. We love it when boys are no longer virgins with other boys. Before long, Tyler lets Tommy get into a 69 position with him and Tommy starts going down on Tyler. For a straight guy, Tyler maintains his hard on very well for having another guys lips all over it. The girls are there … doing something … I forget.

next door boys tommy d

All four move into the bedroom, where they romp around. A little more sucking, a little more licking and they are ready to fuck. The boys put the girls in a whole lot of different positions. Facing each other, away from each other and practically on top on one another. Then, while Tommy is fucking Ruby, Tyler, self proclaimed straight guy, grabs Tommy’s ass and starts working it with his fingers. Looks to me like Tyler may be wanting some of Tommy’s ass. We will have to see what this develops into. Tommy squirts Ruby in the face with a high pressured cumshot, and Tyler dumps his load onto his girl Mia’s face.

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Luke asshole fingering obsession

When the camera is in position he leans in and introduces himself. He’s cute as a button but he’s still a little uncomfortable so this intro is short but sweet. After a couple seconds of feeling himself through his jeans he whips off his clothes and lubes up that dick. You can already see how big his cock head is. It’s BIG. Big as in, “Is that the mayor of Lidsville in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” big. Once it’s all glistening and slippery he sits back and relaxes while his slowly massages his sensitive shaft. He proceeds to go to town on his butthole. Driving his fingers deeper and deeper in his ass. This is one of the most erotic displays of self-fingering I’ve ever seen. There’s total connection between Luke and the camera. He’s almost hypnotized as he shows off this super-personal side of himself. And the pleasure is evident on his face. He likes it! He pulls the camera back and we get to see a better shot of him laying back on his chair with his feet stuck up in the air as he keeps fingering himself. He pulls them out and massages his ass cheeks for a second – his butthole still gaping open. A quick smirk and he’s on his way again.

you love jack

His mouth pops open just a little bit and a tiny bit of cum oozes out of his rock hard boner. This is followed by a huge flow of cum that drips from that big cock head and lands on his legs. Luke keeps stroking himself long after the cum has stopped making you wonder if he’d ever stop fucking once he started! But eventually he drops his head back on the chair and with a sigh, he relaxes. He sits there for a second before popping his head up to take a look at the mess he made. Without thinking he reaches down and runs his fingers through his cum then licks them clean before relaxing one last time. This rockstar look-a-like is spent!

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Randy Blue’s Noah gets a new toy

Randy Blue’s hunky surfer guy is back! And this time he’s learning a whole new bag of tricks. Randy asked Noah Driver if he wanted to take the next step and try out some toys. He said he knew he was going to ask and that he was not sure at first, but after the last video where he did a circle jerk with Brent, Joshua and Vinnie, he was feeling adventurous. Since he loves outdoor sports they figured the best way to shoot this scene would be to put him in surroundings that he would really like, so they found a great spot by a fountain and he looked perfect in it. He was in a really great mood the day he came in for the shoot and they knew he was ready to play. Randy loves watching Noah explore his body. He knows just the right places to hit, letting his hands roam over his smooth skin, ducking behind his designer briefs just long enough to produce a nice sized bulge.

randy blue

Then he drops his drawers and primes his pump, getting that thick little beast of his nice and hard. My favorite thing about having him turn around and expose that beautiful ass of his is that he’s got these low hanging balls that you can see dangling under his perfectly rounded cheeks, so it’s like a double treat. He fingers himself, plunging his digits deep into his hole, getting it ready for some heavy traffic. For an added bit of fun they threw a massive dildo at him, way too big for his first time, just to see what he would do. Without missing a beat he wrapped those sexy lips of his around it and went to town as if it were a manhammer hanging off his favorite sexual fantasy. Then we gave him the real deal, a nice compact vibrator which he took to immediately. You can see the pleasure on his face as he works his new toy deep into his ass, alternately stroking his cock while teasing his G-spot. He’s shooting sensation throughout his entire body and it shows. He works that thing slowly in and out, making sure to hit just the right spots building his sexual energy up until a massive climax.

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Sean Cody’s Gage Fucked for the First Time

Gage is a hot straight boy who has worked for Sean Cody before. Every time he sees Gage he asks when he will be willing to give up his virgin hole and let a guy fuck his ass. Gage came up with excuse after excuse. Then unexpectedly, Gage caught Sean online and invited him into a video chat and showed him his new found talent of a butt plug in his ass. Straight boy Gage must have been practicing for quite a while since he was fucking himself like a pro. The stage was set and Gage was ready to get fucked by another man for the first time. The only requirement that Gage needed was someone without a huge monster sized dick. A few weeks later, Sean hooked Gage up with Danny. Danny is also straight and even though his cock is not monster huge, it is pretty damn big. The two started kissing, kind of awkwardly. But soon, both were relaxed and the clothes came off.

sean cody

Gage laid on his back holding his legs up in the air. Even though he had a great big smile, he was unsure and a little uneasy. Gage took a deep breath and before he knew it, Danny starting pushing his dick through his virgin asshole. After a few pumps, Gage relaxed quite a bit and allowed Danny to make him his bitch. Every thrust of Danny’s cock seemed to invoke a side of Gage he never knew he had. Before long, Gage took control and was riding Danny’s cock like all his girlfriends had done to him in the past. Gage’s balls and cock bounced off of Danny stomach as his butt bounced up and down the stiff rod filling his manhole. Danny turned Gage onto his stomach, pounded his ass a few more times and squirted his load all over Gage’s back. Gage was willing to except every drop Danny had to offer. Gage still likes girls, but is more open to other options.

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Boykakke – Swimming in Boy Cum

I was chatting with a friend and told him that I was looking for something a little different, a little out of my norm. He suggested to me a site called Since I had never heard of it, I decided to check it out. Holy shit! I am going to have to thank my friend by giving him a blow job for pointing me in the direction of this site. Boykakke is dominated by young, skinny, Asian twinks, 18 – 20, 21 if your lucky. All these boys have great tanned bodies, very lean and muscular, who all seem to enjoy having sex and lots of it. All the models are very cute, very horny and willing to do just about anything to get their nuts busted.


My favorite scenes are when the Asian twinks are with this tall, white German who happens to be packing a 10 inch thick cock. They all huddle around it like it is a box of candy and everyone can’t wait for their first taste. The lucky ones who get plowed by the massive meat, have a look anguish and pleasure by having something so big being thrusted so deeply into their tight butt holes. But they take it like men and enjoy a pounding of a lifetime. My absolute favorites are the money shots and all of that cum. The site isn’t called Boykakke for nothing. (Boykakke – Bukakke – get it!) Cum shoots everywhere on the site, someone is always squirting out cum whether they are being sucked or fucked and it is always landing on someone’s face or in someone’s mouth. These hot Asian twinks lap up the cum like it is water, sucking down every drop they can get poured into their willing and waiting mouths.

If you like boys swimming in sticky, salty cum, click here.

Alvaro will steal your heart and release your soul

Alvaro is a sexy young athlete who has boundless energy for long sessions on his live webcam. He can go on for hours and release multiple times with ease. There is something about being on cam and being the focus of male attention that gets him as hard as a rock.

Once you experience an erotic session with Alvaro, you will become addicted. His body is perfectly natural and made for providing pleasure. His playful personality and sexy bedroom eyes are the window to his hedonistic soul.

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