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Young Sexy Twinks @ Doggy

DoggyBoys at their best!

Hey guys, I hope your long Memorial Day weekend was restful and filled with lots of fun and porn – mine was! During a quick trip to Chicago I was racking my brain of what HOT sites I haven’t told you about yet. Coming up with nothing I was at a bar when a fan of this blog randomly approached me at a bar and mentioned the website This middle-aged gentleman told me that he was a big fan of the twink site and that it had a lot of cute boys that did dirty things. Of course I finished my beer and high-tailed it to the nearest computer so I could check out the site. After cruising through the site and checking all the good shit they had available I wholeheartedly agreed with “John” that the site provides a different kind of twink experience.

Quite pleasantly the boys on this site are filled with smiles and positive energy. The one thing I hate most about porn amateur sites out there is when the models get on camera and have this major attitude and play the “tough guy” role or think they are too “straight” to smile – I’m over the false pretenses. DoggyBoys does the exact opposite. The guys on the site are excited and genuinely eager to be jerking their cock, getting fucked or exhibit any other talent they have that they think you should know about.

DoggyBoys at their best!

Currently with over 100 twinks to marvel at, and lots of streaming video, stories, polls and a guestbook their content will not get old – guaranteed.

So who is my favorite? Klopik and Willy have two distinctly different charms to them that make them both mysterious yet sexually thrilling.

Becoming a member of DoggyBoys is surprising not expensive and with the different membership packages available you won’t necessarily “break the bank” by being a member.

Enjoy DoggyBoys guys!

Tyler and Brett from!

Meet Tyler & Brett! The sexy photos of these two studs going at it immediately caught our eye when we decided to try If you like the photos of Tyler and Brett (which were just added this month), just wait until you see the video clips! Tyler is one of the newest discoveries at Get Your Fixxx and he’s quickly become one of their favorites to work with. He’s always hard and horny and he loves getting off on camera now that he’s discovered the joys of exhibitionism.

Teaming up sexy Tyler with steamy Brett was a stroke of genius. These two ended up being so into each other that they started sucking each other off before the cameras were even rolling. Tyler likes to be in charge and he quickly took control by ordering Brett around and telling him what to do. Luckily, Brett didn’t mind taking orders and he was more than happy to ride Tyler’s big dick until he shot his load!

Tyler and Brett are amazing, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg at Get Your Fixxx – where you’ll find dozens of hot guys, featured in both photos and video clips.

A couple hotties named Luke and Patrick are the creators of Get Your Fixxx and they’ve come up with a site that’s overflowing with sexy, real guys who they’ve picked up off the streets. They bring home all different types of guys, from 18 to 35, who range from complete amateurs and straight guys to porn stars. You’ll be amazed at the guys they are able to seduce into performing on camera, and it’s never long before the clothes come off and the no-holds-barred sex begins! At you’ll find solo and action videos, loads of exclusive photo galleries, and lots more – with new updates added weekly. So go have a look and Get Your Fixxx for the day. But be warned – this site is addictive!

Super Gay Mega Site

If you enjoy the beautiful, steamy photography that fills the pages of glossy magazines like Men, Freshmen, Unzipped, and [2], then you’re going to love The folks that bring you those magazines have created their own pay site which features exclusive access to hardcore content from their magazines – as well as a whole lot more.

More than just a rehash of print material, MenMachine features thousands of never-before-published images, plus custom gay chat rooms and tantalizing reading material. These are some of the most gorgeous men on the planet, and as a member you’ll gain access to:


  • Tons of pictures – uncensored and in your face!
  • Unpublished photos of your favorite models from Men, Freshmen, Unzipped, and [2]
  • A personal folder to store your favorite models, galleries, and videos
  • The ability to create custom slideshows of your favorite guys
  • Pistol Media show feeds from SexGames and Rear Stable
  • NakedSword MovieBox, which offers 2 new full-length movies each week
  • Chi Chi LaRue’s Live and Raw!
  • Erotic fiction, in-depth video reviews, and stimulating feature articles from Unzipped, Men, and Freshmen

The exclusive images at MenMachine are presented in full screen, high quality, high resolution format. Any gallery can be viewed as a variable speed slideshows – and you can collect and save your faves for quick access. And there’s no need to rent videos anymore, since Naked Sword’s MovieBox presents two of the hottest new full-length films each week. And with three different live sex feeds, you’ll never be without something new and exciting to watch!

Besides the fact that it’s a great value, you just won’t find higher quality content anywhere else. This is the best gay photography in the industry – the stuff you drool over at the newsstands each month. You already know the publisher and the type of content you can expect, so it’s really a no-brainer. If you’re looking for a member site to join, you can’t go wrong with MenMachine!

Hot Military Men at Active

These are the Active Duty Boys

It is a little known fact that I used to be in the Armed Forces. ‘Straight” out of high school I realized that enlisting in the Marines would be the best thing for my future. Of course at the time I had no idea that I was gay, the only “gay” experience I had was taking showers with the other guys in locker room – yah, I guess that is homoerotic but not very gay. Now that I’m older, I look back on the times I had abroad serving the U.S. and it makes me want to go back.

Anyway, I am always on a never-ending hunt to find a site that reminds me of the olden days in the service. There are a bunch of great sites out there – don’t get my wrong, however last night I was searching the web and came upon this site called Active Duty. I’m not too sure about how long this site has been in existence but looking around on the site they have a lot of fresh material of the kind of boys I like. Yes indeed these are all-American boys that have equal parts of “Momma’s Boy” in them and “I can kick the fuck out of you!”

Barrett Long Above!

The movie Long Deployment is the movie I just ordered this morning…minutes before I started writing this blog. Upon seeing the cock in this film I knew was a must-have and with porn star Barrett Long in the mix I’m sure the film will deliver. Not quite aware of whom Barrett Long is? As if his name doesn’t say it all, his enormous uncut cock is what stands out on this young man. I’m not sure if he ever served in the U.S. Military but from the previews I see on this film it looks like he has!

Another movie that Active Duty has that I will probably order this coming Friday (payday!!) will be Platoon Party 3. Just from the previews it looks as if it’s littered with tattoos, ass eating and hardcore fucking!

If you are into the fetish of REAL MEN who serve our Country then definitely check out Active Duty – my pick of the week!

Johnny Castle – Straight Guy for Gay Eyes!

Johnny Castle from Hot House Studios
Photo of Johnny Castle courtesy of Hot House Studios

Irresistibly Italian – Hot House’s Backroom Boy Johnny Castle

Johnny Castle is a tanned and ripped stud who is now available for your viewing pleasure 24/7 thanks to Hot House Studios! Want to see more of Mr. Castle? If you want to see more, and you want to see it NOW – you can buy a hot clip of Johnny Castle in “Straight Guys for Gay Eyes” right here!

If you think Johnny Castle is the cat’s pajamas, then today is your lucky day – because he agreed to get up close and personal and answer a few questions! Here are the results of Johnny’s recent interview.

Are you gay or straight?
I’m 100 percent straight, but enjoy and encourage my fan base from both sexes.

Are you single?
I am in a relationship now and live with my girlfriend [Jenaveve Jolie] who is also in the adult entertainment industry.

How much do you go to the gym?
I work out every day. I never like to take the day off unless my body is extremely sore. It is my favorite thing to do.

How big are you?
I am about 8 inches… if you are referring to my penis!

What is your ethnicity?
I am mostly Italian with some Irish.

What do you do in your free time?
I’m always working out. I like to chill at small bars with pool tables and I like to go to movies and cruise on my motorcycle.

Who is your favorite porn star?
Well I have worked with lots of them. However, Jenaveve Jolie is my favorite, of course!

How can fans get in contact with you?
MySpace is a great way to contact me. I am also about to launch a johnnycastlexxx website, so stay tuned fans! Love you guys!

Johnny Castle from Hot House Studios
Photo of Johnny Castle courtesy of Hot House Studios

Dont forget – you can see more of Johnny Castle right now via AEBN’s flexible pay-per-view program. Catch him in “Straight Guys for Gay Eyes” right here!

FREE DVD of Public Sex Dares from!

No one else does it quite like Dirty Boy Video! If you haven’t already discovered this site, you’ll want to have a look at their crazy sex dares! Their roving cam wanders around New York, always ready to meet anyone who’s up for a sex dare!

The guy in the bottom 2 photos answered the Dirty Boy online ad, calling himself “Bond.” He felt he was up for the challenge of pulling off a public cum shot, but he wanted to do it someplace swank – as opposed to a subway platform (which Dirty Boy has also pulled off!) There’s nothing like an exhibitionistic sex performer with class, eh? Dirty Boy negotiated a $150 reward for the cumshot and the game was on. Dirty Boy met Bond at a 3-star (why not 4 or 5 star?!) hotel in MidTown Manhattan during the afternoon.

The videographer cased the joint and then Bond dropped trou, yanked out his big ol’ load dispenser, and started wanking away next to the urinals. After a couple minutes, an innocent guy walked in and they had to act nonchalant – but they resumed as soon as he was gone. Finally, Bond sits on a urinal and then he cums all over the stall divider before walking out.

The guy in the top 2 photos is Fabio. He works in a high-rise office building overlooking Times Square and he wanted to put on a nice show for the tourists below, so the Dirty Boy cams showed up and caught it all on film as he jerked off in the window. Once you’ve seen this clip, you’ll never enter a business district again without looking up!

Besides the trademark sex dares, Dirty Boy members also get access to:

  • Downloadable Videos
  • Live Guys Strip+Chat
  • Photo Galleries
  • Hardcore Amateurs
  • Porn Auditions
  • Frat House Boys
  • Surveillance Videos
  • Dollfuck Collection
  • DVD Discounts
  • Bonus Features

Dirty Boy Video is honestly one of my favorite sex sites on the Internet. The guys that run it have a great eye for what’s hot, and everything they do has an edge of intelligent humor to it – which only adds to the eroticism. If you like what you see, you should subscribe – because you won’t find anyone else on the web who does what they do any better.

Other sex dares they’ve done feature a guy jacking off in his mom’s minivan, a boy getting naked in the subway and taking a dildo up his virgin ass, straight guys auditioning for a porno, frat party and blow-up doll antics, public flashing, and dudes caught on surveillance cams jacking off in public (such as in an adult bookstore!)

For a limited time, Dirty Boy Video is giving away a FREE “Dared!” DVD compilation of all their sex dares. All you have to do to get it is to sign up as a member! The DVD features 8 of the hottest sex dares and sex stunts, such as Ricky jacking off in the porn shop for $50, Josh catching his older brother jerking in his bed (with a secret camera), and two boys working at a mall food court who get caught on surveillance tape giving blowjobs! There’s public sex, rooftop jackoffs and more! This is a $49.95 value – FREE – just for trying out Dirty Boy Video. Check out the site for more details.

Falcon Studios Exclusive Pornstars

Check out Erik Rhodes and Roman Heart!

I’m not sure about you guys but I love the weekend so I can go home, lock my door and watch hours upon hours of endless porn! Speaking of the weekend and porn, last weekend I was going down my list of sites that I haven’t visited in the last few months. I try to keep a list of sites I must frequent and I noticed that Falcon Studios has been overlooked for two months now.

I know, I could hardly believe it myself. When it comes to boys with big dicks and smooth chiseled chests no one can compare to Falcon – they truly fill that niche.

If you are not caught up on Falcon’s latest stuff well I spent all weekend researching their amazing member site to keep you abreast – and believe me when I say the site is worth joining!

Let’s first talk about Erik Rhodes – I will try to contain myself. This beefy boy from the East Coast is an incredible hulk like stud that is smooth, tattooed and UNCUT! Yes, I still can’t believe that a white boy like him has foreskin. Love it, love it, love it – if there was only one reason to join the site Erik Rhodes would have to be it. If you are interested in checking out his movies may I suggest “Driver,” “The Farmer’s Son,” and the soon to be released “Basic Plumbing 3.”

Now if there was a second reason to join their site I have two words for you – ROMAN HEART! While definitely newer to the porn world than Rhodes, Heart has made a name of himself, taking the porn world by storm. This young model in his early twenties has a sculpted body that is smooth in all the right places. Attached to his god-like body is a cock that is near perfection and must be seen to be truly appreciated. If interested in seeing Roman at his best I’d recommend “Dripping Wet,” in which he graces the cover and “Basic Plumbing 3.”

Other Falcon Exclusive must-haves is the Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush and Derrick Vinyard.

Trust me, the membership is not expensive for what you get, and if you’re like me you will renew yours over and over again!

Peter Jerking Off at!

You Love Jack is one of our favorite new porn sites. And this week’s update features our favorite new exhibitionist – Peter. He’s got a great young body and a cute smile, but that’s just the beginning.

In Peter’s homemade clip, he starts out wearing a muscle shirt and a pair of jean shorts, but his clothes don’t stay on for long. That’s one of the things we like about these do-it-yourself porn stars: they get right to the point!

Peter seems a little shy as he starts to wank on his big dick, but before long nature kicks in and Peter is in his own little world, leaning back against the couch and hungrily jacking his cock with his head thrown back in pleasure. After a while he seems to remember that he’s filming himself, because he sits down and kicks up his feet on the coffee table to give the camera a nice good look at him as he gets closer to cumming.

Finally he lays back on the couch and he gets ready to cum. You can see his face tensing up and hear his breathing getting heavy as he gets closer, until finally he starts letting out little moans while beating his cock faster and harder…

It doesn’t take much of this before you can tell that he’s ready to shoot. He stands up and positions the camera so that his cumshot will be in full frame. It just takes a couple more quick strokes before he’s shooting his hot cum all over the glass table. Then he grabs the camera and gets us a nice shot of the cum that was still dripping from his happy dick. It doesn’t get any more real than this. This is true homemade porn and – as usual – it’s fucking hot!

Besides having the hottest homemade content on the web, You Love Jack also lets you download all of their clips – with absolutely no DRM. So you can fill up your iPod with homemade porn and then get ready to jack – anytime, anyplace!

Click here for a free clip and free sample pictures!

Yuri & Fabio – Free Clips from!

MEMO: Re – the latest update at BangBangBoys

Well – I called them up. And while you were out, we had a meeting about you. We decided that you deserve a raise. Not a pay raise, though. We were thinking more along the lines of a raise in your pants! To that end, meet Yuri and Fabio – and then get ready to pitch a serious tent in your trousers! If these sexy hunks can’t get you hard, then nothing will!

Free Trailer Video of Yuri and Fabio!
More Free Videos of Yuri and Fabio!

Yuri and Fabio are both bi. Yuri is 28-years-old, 6 feet tall, and has a nice 6.5 inch cock. Fabio is 26, Latin, 5’10” tall, and wields a big 7 inch dick.

It’s nice to see guys who are brave enough to label themselves as bi – ‘cuz in our experience, almost any guy will gladly accept a blowjob or a handjob from a buddy if they get horny enough. And it’s especially nice when we are able to capture such an event on film!

This was Fabio’s first time doing something on camera with another guy, but he seems completely relaxed. Yuri is more experienced (and a great bottom!) so it was a match made in heaven. You can see the chemistry between these two guys, and the action between them is explosive. Check out the free trailer clips for some great scenes of hungry cock-sucking, close-up rimming (with moans of pleasure) and lots of intense, hairy-assed fucking!

It’s all there for you after the break, so click on through and rearrange yourself in your undies so that you’ve got some room to grow, because you’re going to need it!

There’s plenty of action in the free clips to get you off, but if you’re as into these guys as we were, you’re gonna want to see more. There are links to the main BangBangBoys site right on the page with the free clips, so you can just click through them to find out about all the great stuff you’ll get if you join BangBangBoys. These days, having a subscription with at least one amazing porn site is sort of a given. You’ve got the electric bill, the water bill, the gym membership, and your porn site! Just think of it as an investment in your sexual health! when it comes to Bang Bang Boys, you can’t go wrong. Members at Bang Bang Boys get:

  • Exclusive content
  • Hot guys – straight, bi, gay, amateur, porns stars, and more!
  • Steamy photo galleries
  • Nasty videos
  • Men-Live – the live cam network
  • Plus bonus access to 4 additional sites
  • That’s 5 sites for the price of one!

Before you click through to the free videos of Yuri and Fabio, we just couldn’t resist showing you one more guy from Bang Bang Boys. That’s him above. His name is Pete and he’s got an amazing, naturally smooth body – plus a hot cock and a gorgeous ass! He loves to show his body off, so they decided to shoot him in the spa. When they asked him what kind of sex he liked to have with his girlfriend, he said that he loved to fuck her in the ass – and that he loved it when she fingered HIS ass, too! Okay – here’s hoping that in his next video, Bang Bang Boys will manage to get a dick up that straight boy’s ass! Yet another reason to become a member!

Pierre Fitch is a One-Two Punch!

Pierre Fitch is hot, hot, hot!

Who is that tattooed youngster that has boy-like qualities but is over 18 you ask? Don’t get too down on yourself if are not aware of who Pierre Fitch is. Fitch has been in the porn industry for a few years now but hasn’t been over-exposed and played out like other stars we’ve seen.

Originally from Canada our boy toy is sex on legs, able to give virtually anyone an instant hard-on! Having all the right measurements, Pierre is a youthful 24-years old with a an 8 inch cut cock, standing 5’6” tall and weighing in at a slender 155 (yet muscular in all the right places!)

Even though Pierre is a Falcon exclusive he does a fantastic job at updating his site regularly for me his fans. With two webcam shows a week and plenty of pictures for you to jerk off to why wouldn’t you want to check him out? Oh yah, did I mention he has a hot boyfriend that makes frequent appearances on the site?

Ralph is a 10 inch uncut 20-something year old young’un who is also French Canadian. Ralph has boyish looks like Pierre but sports no tattoos – yet. You have to check out their scenes – so passionate and dirty! Don’t say you’re not into twinks – these two boys will be the exception to your “NO TWINK” clause!

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