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Connor’s Gloryhole Blowjob at All Australian Boys!

Connor's Gloryhole Blowjob at All Australian Boys!
Connor's Gloryhole Blowjob at All Australian Boys!
Connor's Gloryhole Blowjob at All Australian Boys!

If you haven’t visited All Australian Boys recently, now is the perfect time. All Australian Boys has been introducing some amazing new guys this year – and Connor is just one of them! This hunky stud is originally from Ireland, but he now makes his home in Brisbane, Australia. He has a job in the hospitality industry and in his free time he enjoys cycling, running, and working out at the gym. Connor has a great body and he seems to be turned on by the idea of being filmed, because his big dick gets hard almost instantly. Best of all, he eventually winds up at the gloryhole being sucked off by another hot dude!

If you’ve never check out All Australian Boys, you’re in for a treat. It’s the largest and most awarded all-male website in Australia and it specializes in straight and bi-curious Australian sportsmen. The site received a Cybersocket Web award for “Best Original Content Site” and at last count the site had 733+ exclusive Aussie boys, 50,000+ exclusive, DRM-free, HD videos, and 170,000+ beautiful, high-resolution photos. Going strong for over 18 years, All Australian Boys now has one of the world’s largest collections of exclusive male models and videos.

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I am going for a run real soon and after that I am going to do a show maybe a group or a party,but thats up to you guys. I shouldnt be that long and I will be right back on and all sweaty for you guys to do a show, and party with you. If you need anything special send me a message on here or on twitter and we can get that done. I hope to see you later,but if i dont I will see you tomorrow I will be on at my normal times and you can come see me then. I think its goign to be a great show later,shouldnt be more than 20 minutes in my run. I am not working out so its nothing super labor intensive. I know its going to a long weekend so I hope you guys come by and see me online. I think its about time for me to log off and jump on that cardio band wagon and get in shape. I will see you real soon and I hope I do. See ya and if I dont I will be on all tomorrow and the weekend I will on all of it so see you thenm

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my orgia


Sweat sinuously glide through the wet body of Aaron, as athletes competing in a frantic race to get his ass upturned. Turkish steam sauna, covers the silhouettes of several naked men wrapped in sweat. Like ghosts in the mist, they approached with their hard erect cocks and excited towards that young sex thirsty body standing there in the middle of the sauna, will lewdly touching his hard buttocks, Orange voice whispering: – "screw me … destrozadme the ass bastards … "-Even without finishing the sentence, Aaron note as thick long-fingered hand caught with authority his hips, unable to react, is envestido mercilessly by the big cock of a husky male, who can not even see through the darkness and the filling the sauna steam. Feel great pain, as a tear in her anus and try to get rid of that Herculean prisoner who has his strong hairy hands. A deep voice whispers: – "Hold it whore … I’m going to fuck this vicious back until you fill my hot milk …" -.Gradually, the pain you feel in your ass Aaron, will you becoming an immense pleasure to be fucked by this thick and long phallus, without giving one breath and start panting … it is hot as a bitch. He wants to bite the makings of that stallion who is riding. But suddenly, note as a young mulatto body covered with dew, kneels before him, takes his hardened turnip to swallow slowly in the warm moist mouth, starting to suck with her full lips, as if it were a … he sucks religious ritual with true devotion that penis topped by a red bud, the frenzy drinking with his seminal fluid with tasty … other jet full of curly chest hair, masturbates frantically watching. At the same time a Nordic tourist, milk-white skin and deep blue eyes, nipples biting the velvet Aaron, absorbing as if manna promised. Suddenly a cry of pleasure breaks along the gasps that are mixed with the steam from the sauna … The male is fucking without regard to Aaron, you run like mad in their bowels, twitching with pleasure, cry: – "Take a bitch … take …" – even giving final envestidas … Aaron note as milk stranger who is penetrating like a wild, jet enters inside … The pleasure living in that moment is so much that seconds after himself, with cock stuck even to the eggs in the warm mouth of that mulatto monumental you are eating cock, also begins to spill his semen in the vicious face of that young brownish skin, which is swallowing the gluttony. While the nice features of his chocolaty face, are filled with white cum drops, ranging sliding down her cheeks. It’s a cumshot that pajeaba watching, trembling with excitement legs has stuck a monumental cum facial handsome mulatto when he swallowed like a real hungry semen At his side, oblivious to them, two strong men of full beard eaten eagerly mouth. Away sharply with his muscular arms to a third, kneeling before them, they want to lick the ass …

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take me to church


my words linger in the air as i say them. i’ve been meaning to say them for months, but it just wasn’t right. wasn’t the right timing. my words float like clouds over to your ears, as i feel the rejection coming. i love being beside you, having your body close to mine. your nipples are my favourite thing about you. your smile makes me smile. what we could be, a perfect team. i rely on you like you rely on me. a great team that no one could conquer. you beside me i feel human, only then i am safe. your arms around me, i feel like everythings going to be okay. i could do my laundry on your abs, your abs of steel. i could rub my tongue on them, feel them with my every part of me. your mind seems so fragile when youre around me. i cant stop smiling with your silly jokes, your silly smile, your silly face. you stupid face makes me melt. the creases that cross my mind continue to fold, but eventually the paper will rip, just like us. i wish you would just hold my hand, hold me close, hold me like you loved me.

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Pierre Fitch Bares All For Fans

Pierre Fitch Bares All For Fans at 2Gay4FB!
Pierre Fitch Bares All For Fans at 2Gay4FB!

Pierre Fitch Bares All For Fans at 2Gay4FB!

Believe it or not, Pierre Fitch has been active in the adult industry since 2003. And yet, he still looks like he’s about 22 years old. Maybe time flows backwards every time Pierre does a handstand, which is fairly often. That would explain a lot.

In recent years, Pierre Fitch has become increasingly well known for his DJ work. But he has never forgotten about his porn fans – and recently Pierre has been gifting them with some amazing nude selfies at a new free site called

2Gay4FB helps porn stars to post nude selfies to social media sites without breaking TOS rules – and Pierre Fitch is one of the first porn stars to start using it. For days, Pierre has been gracing his social media followers with sexy, impromptu, naked selfies – including some that were snapped in public!

If you’d like to see the uncensored, XXX versions of Pierre’s images, just click through to Pierre’s profile page at 2Gay4FB. It’s all free!

shower time with duke


so today duke went for a nice walk, and on the way home he hinted that he wanted to go to the green to play, so we let him over to the green and low and behold, AGAIN, duke decided that he would go for a swim in the same pool of muddy water as the other day,but not once did he roll around but twice getting completely covered in muddy water and of course a big smile staring back at me, let him run around to dry off, and then took him up stairs to get yet another shower so two showers in two days, and this time duke decided to fight back in the shower on sunday he sat quietly in the shower to be washed tonight, he faught me with all hes strenght me blocking hes way outa the shower he put up a fight jumped up on top of me, pushed me, the shower hose running with water destroyed the bathroom, and the shower head broke off, managed to get him back into the shower and sit him down and then he decided to lie down, and make things worse me trying to wash him ended up getting a shower myself haha just another reason why we love duke, thats twice now in two days he rolled around in puddles doing what dogs do, if you ask me he is doing it to cool down after hes run around, he has a thick black coat on him, so he does need to cool down, but in muddy water i think not haha an y way im online from 10am EST in the morning untill 8pm EST so do be sure to stop by and drop into my room for a chat or more, until thenlove huggs kisses brent duke ireland

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day five of…


hey guys hope you are all well. me im ok considering what i have to put up with, first of all may i wish a very happy mothers day to all your mommys, as it is mothers day here in ireland and the united kingdom, not once not twice nor three times but more like forthy times did i want to neuter my dog this morningwith no sleep well lots and lots of broken beauty sleep, he just wouldnt stop barking all morning i went to bed at 5am and by 7am i was awake, 8am, 9am, 11am and so on, so i crawled outa bed at 4pm with just a litle sleep from bark bark bark, and its not the bark, its the tone of the bark it was like, stay away i live here, this is my home you may not enter, to make matters worse is what he was barking at,,, birds outside the window, and the gate moving, anything to drive me crazy drive me to the point where i wanted to neuter him there and then haha so any ways a huge thank you for chats last night and show, and i only found out last night about these clovers for paddys day, so i have one, a long way i guess from the lead, but not to worry its all fun and games and harmless fun i guess,started last night a new style of party chat me in the shower so please do stop by when im in party tip tip tip and keep the party going, :) any way thats my rant over for today, hope to see you all soon in my room online, untill then, LOVE HUGGS AND KISSESbrent duke in ireland

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Wow, this is like the perfect amount of time, so let us see if we can do it, including taking nourishment in the time available. No time, no time for better things, no time, no time, no time…but, tonight we are going to have the time for the best thing, going in to my room with a pair of tight underwear and my singlet and my cock in its harness to entertain and perform with and for you…I am looking forward to my up coming interview slated for online or e-mail, but I hope to be able to sky it so that it is recorded and will be a little less easier for me than having to type it all, it will be better to see it in print after my recording is transposed…I have been very fortunate recently as far as the weather has been a bit rainy so as to not have had to spend time each day watering the yard…that much more time to spend in my room with you…Spandex, jock straps, thong, see through bikinis, hmm, I think that is the winner, black see through bikini for tonight and sox, black ankle height sox…what do you think, what do you request?

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how long I can wait for you?

From Flirt4Free

I read many things on the Internet; many people said that the love of his life was his best friend and I started to raise the same .. But after all he had done to my best friend did not want it or think. A boring night, I wanted to watch a movie and accidentally hit my best friend and asked if he recommended some. I ended up watching a show and talked about a thousand things every night as it was as if we had returned to be happy with each other … I spent the day thinking about him, but did not think it was possible. One night we talked and he told me he still loved me, and I confessed that I had fallen for him. After having gone very wrong with the "first love " I made it clear to myself that what I felt was right this time, and I had to try. He did not could not believe … He confessed that was four years old, I repeat, FOUR YEARS without giving up … I freaked .. I never thought I would have been able to import someone so much … They spent their days and nights .. And one of them … We started to discuss how ever, worse than the first time and everything .. I found me crying and very upset when he stopped talking and I still upset me … It took 5 minutes and asked me if I loved him, and I said I loved him more than anything in the world .. He asked me if we would be happy together .. And I replied that forever .. And just then told me I was going to say one thing for the fourth time .. I think that to change the subject I would say one of his typical phrases, threw my anger .. But instead asked me to go with him and I in shock not knowing that tell you answered yes wanted. They spent the nights and I felt a little abandoned .. not much .. Because He talked noticed and told me if I wanted us to see us and I said yes. On our first date we went to wander aimlessly .. Until we get tired and we came to a small sauce with a bench and sat there under. He gave me a somewhat old bracelet, black color with squares and stripes around. I asked for it and told me that if I did not sound anything .. I doubt I said no .. And he told me four years ago to his friend saw me walk into a store, try on watches, and immediately and let go. He, curious, bought it and told me that since that bracelet represented part of it. Since that day I carry every day bracelet, and while we are still young, I want to grow with it .. And I want to show every day of my life how much I love him, hoping that one day I can forgive me myself what of that disastrous summer last .. And to start a family with my beautiful beloved. I hope you have impressed or come at least a little history .. It’s my first story .. But still means a lot to me.

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From Flirt4Free

As you may have noticed I had to erase two days from my schedule this week and you can ‘thank’ my mom’s little puppy for that.The little beastie requires a lot of attention, so much even, that I haven’t got a minute to spare for myself and more importantly, for you.Jules, that’s his name, seems already bright enough to have devised a comple scheme to draw everyone’s attention completely towards himself.I woke up in the morning, to notice he had wet the entire floor and had his sleepynext soaked, so while I let him in the living room, where he isn’t allowed by night, I go grab a bucket of water and Dettol to clean up his mess, and of course while doing that I’m not giving him much attention so he barks a couple times, I turn around, just to see that he had been saving up all the rest, laying it neatly in front of the door. Nice.After cleaning that up, I let him out, he does nothing, comes back inside and sees the cat has woken, and the cat has a tail! He drives the cat insane by chasing him around the house, finally I get his attention with a toy, but he finds my sleeve more interesting to play with.While I’m trying to ignore it, I set up my computer and camera, but of course he thinkks of the camera cable as a nice toy to play with. I turn my back and he’s checwing on my webcam. I replace it with a toy and he bites my finger, it starts bleeding and I set off to repair myself.It takes only two minutes to get back and in that time he’s gone through the effort to pull the blanket off the couch and wet it again.This has been going on for hours today and so far it didn’t stop.I’m sorry, but because I love this puppy and because I want him to become a good doggie, I’m now trying to very patiently tell him what to and what not to do. This practically eats all of my time, though.On the BRIGHT side! Tonight I’ll be going to my own home again. It’s puppy-free, it’s safe. haha.So I hope to meet you all there; then we can enjoy a nice cozy evening in my couch.Love, Seth xx

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