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Guest users blocked.

From Flirt4Free

Today I had to do something I did not think I would and that, as you can easily presume from the title of my post, is temporarily block guest users from chatting with me during my broadcast. I would have preferred that they have just as much opportunity to talk with me as anyone else but I have found them to be rather distracting for the most part and other than just filling up the empty space between performances, for now, I feel that they do not contribute much to the show. I’m not sure how long I will keep the ban in place but it feels appropriate as I work to focus my attention on the users who are more serious about enjoying the site and it’s models, namely the VIP and Premium members. Maybe within a few shows I will allow the guests to participate in my room again… we’ll just have to wait and see how it evolves. I have had the experience of more than a few admirers who bring in a positive energy during the low tides. But for now it just doesn’t seem worth it. Hopefully, I won’t have to do the same thing with basic users. The thought has momentarily crossed my mind, but we’re not quite there yet. Maybe that will be tomorrow’s post. Just kidding! Sort of.

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Thank you


Hey guys wanted to chime in to really express my gratitude for the warm welcome back I got yesterday! I had my biggest night yet thanks to your support, and I could not thank you enough . I will be back on everyday from now on to make you cum over and over again! I hope that everyone who came in to check out a show enjoyed it to the fullest! My dick was so fucking hard, and when I finally blew my load if you saw then you know it was a massive one! Great news! My dick and balls are restocked and waiting for a hard dude or two or three or more to cum with me! Great thing is I can finally do group shows again and soon I will be able to do parties to please everyone! Today is labor day treat yourself to one of the most hung dudes on this great site! Always remember to say hello and I will see you soon! Remember there are great deals all weekend long take advantage of those deals to come and spend some time with me one on one it is the best opportunity to get the most bang for your buck!Yours always

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From Flirt4Free

I am finally moving from NY to Florida on Thursday! I couldn’t have done it without all of you lifting my spirits and giving me the motivation I needed to succeed. I can not put into words how thankful I am that I have so many awesome friends here. I hope you all have enjoyed talking with me and hopefully you enjoyed my shows.

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It is always some thing, I swear to the high heavens, but it is always awesome to be able to deal with it. So, let us get on to the entertainment at hand. Now, that project is taking a while to delete, but I can continue with this one. Smile. I do need and want to get going within the next ten minutes, though. I am running, now, about fifteen minutes behind schedule, but most of that is due to completing a project I planned on doing tonight.

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things i hate to do…

From Flirt4Free

They are piling up to an unacceptable mountain of filth and part of you is like, maybe I should just throw them all away and get new dishes? No. That’d be crazy, right? But they have grown mold colonies and you don’t want to even get close, let alone touch and scrub these things you once ate food off of. Better to just get this over with than to let it keep growing until it becomes sentient and starts mocking you from across the kitchen.

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one night with uncle

From Flirt4Free

We were still drunk , of course. I laughed. He approached and feinted as if to catch something on the table on which I was leaning . His towel fell to the floor and saw his erect cock, with purple and shiny head. I did not think much. I bent down and started to suck, I liked it from the first moment, loved and kept sucking my friend sat on the bed to watch a movie I imagined such a cock sucking, and then they put me in the ass, and while I was still nursing…

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Las Vegas Marathon


I signed up for the Las Vegas marathon in November. I would love to do the Boston marathon but that maybe a bit of a stretch so this is the next best thing. I’ve never done one and couldn’t be any more excited. Going to be out there for a week. Booze, hot guys, gambling, and running. Couldn’t ask for a better mini vacation. :p

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hey guys


hey every one how is every body doing i am have a great day to day i have the best thing on my house you have to know about what happened to me today i am so excited i think i found the best thing in the world it is so sweet guys a little puppy oh it is so cute i am doing well today i have the best thing in mind for his name i will call him jerry…

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The game can begin!

From Flirt 4 Free

Hey man … fulfill my sexual fantasien.ich make you the happiest you this world.I want you to sit on my face and squeeze me your asshole deep into my eat tust.ich want to absorb everything and connect from you in me my cock around your giant kümmern.ich want to feel your cock deep inside me I befor him suck you out , drop down to the last…

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be on in a few

I just have to finish up some school work and come on for a lil bit. Its getting cold here again, awful. I don’t mind it when its raining but cold in Florida, is awful. I am almost done here, just needed to take a break for 2 seconds and come and say hi to you guys. I came on earlier,but I don’t think I came on at a good time. I love to do party chats on saturdays,but I will try and hit up a group first and see if we can’t take it semi private.

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